Clothes are something we might have an abundance of. If you have this issue and your closet it full or you don’t own one, Khojdeal lists tips on How to Store Clothes Without a Closet.

There are certain hacks and tricks you can use to make storing clothes without a closet easier and maybe even a better option. From using racks and shelves to more drastic approaches like make shift pole hangers can do the trick.

How to Store Clothes Without a Closet

Stuffing your overburdened closet is not suggestible. If you don’t own or have a cabinet or closet or a wardrobe, we have suggestions for you that can immensely help you with all you storage needs and requirements. It is even possible to save closet space with our ideas, tips and tricks. Some tricks are workarounds, while others might even help you living space look more aesthetic, warm and lived in.

Here is How to Store Clothes Without a Closet.

Add a Shelf

A rolling shelf, or one that hangs or is bolted to a wall work really well to store your clothes. Especially casual, night wear, socks and stuff can easily fit on a tiny shelf that would cost you almost a fraction of an actual full sized cabinet. A smart workaround for your endless clothing storage problem.

Under the Bed Storage

If you are really running out of space, you can use small baskets to store clothes and socks under your bed. A perfect solution to save space and it is really convenient as well. Some beds are actually made with storage under them, that way you can take full advantage of the space that you have.

Re-purpose a Bookcase

Bookshelves are perfect for clothes too. They have enough space, plenty shelves and are sturdy enough to store a large chuck of your clothes. Simply set a bookcase you own at the side of a room and use it as a storage for your clothes.

Rotate Clothes Out of Season

This is a a way better way to save on closet space and if you don’t own a closet, it saves you space that you could use for more relevant clothes. Simply switching your visible clothes to ones that make most sense and you would wear in that season is the best way to easily find the clothes you are looking for, as well as saving space. You can easily basket your winter clothes in the summer and vice versa, until you need them again.

Use Poles as Make Shift Hangers

Simply getting a used out pipe or a pole and hanging them in the corner of your room from the ceiling can help give you a better space for all your suits and shirts. Some clothes you cannot really fold, and this trick comes in handy when you need to make most of the space you have. Even scarfs and mufflers can be hung on this make shift hanger.

Use a Rack

Simple racks, like the ones we use for laundry or even storing kitchen utensils can be re-purposed into working clothes storage. You can get a few of these, pack them with your clothes and stack them one on the other, saving a tonne of space and making things a little more convenient for yourself.


Although closet space is a real problem with some, the others might not even have to store their clothes in and are making do with what they have. A wardrobe or a closet is essentially a reliable and convenient space to store your clothes, but if that is overflowing, you might have to try something else. One of them could easily be to donate clothes you don’t wear to those who need them, or something more workaday from Khojdeal’s list of How to Store Clothes Without a Closet.

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