In addition to the excellent steamer, there is a very simple and economical way to steam. This is ideal for those who do not use this type of cooking very often, but occasionally do not mind relishing some vegetables cooked with this particular technique.

First you need to buy a steam cooking basket, the size of the normal pot that you will use for this type of cooking. The cost is quite variable, but we are sure that the expenditure will not exceed INR 700.

The preparation

How To Steam Vegetables Without A Steamer - The Preparation

Based on how many vegetables you want to steam; it is essential to choose a pot that is high enough and above all with a diameter sufficient to insert all the vegetables you want. At this point it is necessary to fill the pot with about 5 centimeters of water. Then make sure to add the vegetables to the steamer basket only when the water comes to the boil, which should happen very quickly, given the small amount that goes into the pot. This ensures that the heat is constant during the cooking time and that the food is cooked with the even, moist heat of the vapors.

Once the vegetables have been inserted into the steam cooking basket, you can cover the pot with a tight-fitting lid, perhaps transparent to better see the degree of cooking. Obviously, you can steam more than one type of vegetables, placing them in the basket even in layers. The important thing is that the vegetables chosen require the same cooking time.

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Or, if you want to eat vegetables with different cooking times, it is best to start cooking the ones that take longer and then add those that are prepared in less time. For example, start with sweet potatoes (which take 7 minutes to steam) and cook them for 2 minutes before adding the broccoli (which take 5 minutes).

Important things to pay attention to

How To Steam Vegetables Without A Steamer - Important things to pay attention to

It is very important to stick to the cooking times of each vegetable and try not to get distracted by a phone call or leave the kitchen for some other business, no matter how short it is. These shortcomings can mean several minutes of unwanted cooking, enough time to spoil the vegetables.

Preparing vegetables in this way is a good reason to include vegetables in your diet that otherwise, with other types of cooking, would not be ideal. Steamed vegetables are a quick and easy side dish and almost all of them are suitable for this type of preparation. Among the most suitable are undoubtedly: broccoli, carrots, zucchini, spinach, asparagus, cauliflower, pumpkin and the inevitable potatoes.

Steaming vegetables and fish together

How To Steam Vegetables Without A Steamer - Steaming vegetables and fish together

You can easily steam a variety of vegetables with a nice piece of salmon or other fish that are well suited to this type of preparation. This is a perfect way to have a simple and healthy meal, using a normal saucepan and taking very little time.

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It is always better to remember that steam can be deceptive and above all dangerous. As soon as the time comes to stop cooking, the temperature is certainly still very high and it is important to pay attention, remembering to open the lid of the pot so that the face is not on top. The steam that is released into the air can in fact easily scald the parts of the body that are nearby. Just lift the lid carefully, wait a minute or less, remove the vegetables from the basket and serve them to the table.


For those who occasionally may want some vegetables to purify themselves, it is possible to steam cook using a normal pot and a special basket.

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