Now that summertime is upon us, everyone is utilizing their ACs in full swing. You might even have noticed water leaking from your AC. You may wonder ‘how to solve water leak from split AC’? Fret not! We have put together all the information you need regarding water leaks from split ACs so you can fix any leaks in your appliance!

How to Solve Water Leak From Split AC

Installing a split air conditioner in your home might help to alleviate the pain caused by the heat throughout the summer. In fact, many people are seeking to invest in the best 2 ton split AC in India to beat the heat. It is essential to remember that these systems work with independent units, and external units and internal ones can cause problems in some circumstances.

An air conditioner is a piece of equipment that allows you to have a much more comfortable temperature in your home. Because they are so popular in the house and business, they can be found in various settings.

However, just like any other appliance, it must be adequately maintained to function correctly.
It must be remembered that, because air conditioning is such a commonly utilized piece of equipment, it is usual to experience operational difficulties. The loss of water is one of the most common problems with an air conditioner, so we recommend that you review as much information as possible. Below you provide you appropriate information on both, why AC’s leak and how to solve water leak from split AC!

Why Do ACs Leak?

What’s the deal with your air conditioner leaking? This is a common question, especially during the summer months, when our air conditioning equipment produces more water due to the increased humidity in the air.

Before you learn how to solve water leak from split AC, you must identify why and where your AC is leaking from. Look after your split AC by keeping the following in mind:

The Air Conditioner Is Leaking From the Front or the Inside

There can be various reasons why a piece of equipment leaks from the inside; thus, for better knowledge and understanding, we’ve divided the causes into distinct sections, so you can simply identify the answer at first glance.

1. Poor Installation

The machine was uneven because the technician may not have taken the measurements right when installing the A/C. As a result, the water can puddle in the drainage tray, causing it to leak from the front instead of traveling down the drain.

How do we know the air conditioner is leaking due to this? Well, it’s simple since the installer will begin throwing water from the front shortly after departing. The problem can be solved by adequately leveling the machine.

It’s also possible that opening the hole to the street to pass the pipes hasn’t given the water enough inclination to fall by its weight, causing it to start falling from the inside.

2. Drain is Plugged

Because the air conditioning throws the water by its weight, it is natural that over time, if we do not maintain our equipment properly, the drain tray will become clogged with tiny particles of dust and other debris. A small plug of dirt will form, either in the tray or in the same pipe that leads to the street. If this occurs, our equipment will almost certainly leak from the inside.

The best solution is to clean the drain pan and the tube that leads to the outside. Because we are in danger of being involved in an accident, it is recommended that it be done by someone knowledgeable about the matter. Keep in mind that the appliances are powered by electricity, and we’ll be fixing a water leak.

To avoid this problem, clean the conditioner filters of the top 1 ton split AC regularly to ensure that dirt does not reach the drain pan. You may also view the many varieties of air conditioner drains and the most prevalent problems.

3. The outer bottle or bucket is full

This may appear absurd, but nothing could be further from reality. There are instances when we are unaware of it, and the drainpipe on the street almost touches the bottom of the bottle or bucket that we use for water. This implies that the same water acts as a plug as it fills, causing the water to stream inside. As a result, it’s best to either cut the tube and leave it at the container’s height or be cautious and empty it once it’s complete.

4. Filters that are clogged

If the unit’s filters are blocked with dirt or dirty, our air conditioner will almost certainly leak from the indoor unit. This occurs when we do not steal the cold from the gas that goes through the exchanger by not flowing air through it, resulting in a drop in pressure and temperature.

This implies that a coating of ice will form on top of our air conditioner, causing it to freeze and leak inside as it begins to melt. It is critical to have clean filters for this and many more reasons.

Why does the exterior unit of the air conditioner leak water?

The materials that induce condensation and liquid accumulation usually display symptoms through the console, so an air conditioner does not discharge water through the exterior unit.

However, there are two primary reasons why the exterior unit of your air conditioning installation can be leaking water:

1. Incorrect installation

Labor costs are slightly higher in large-capacity air conditioning installations, such as those used in refrigerated warehouses, cellars, and wine cellars. If you don’t have the requisite skills, you risk problems like water loss.

A faulty installation, in which the proper arrangement of the tubes and hoses and the connections between them are not observed, might result in far more significant consequences than a leak.

For example, if there is an obstruction when connecting the indoor unit’s drain outlet to the outdoor unit’s tray, the water to be disposed of will build in the unit, producing dripping. This, in turn, would impact the proper operation of other top 1.5 ton split ac components.

2. Inadequate drainage

When the heating mode is turned on during the winter, the air conditioner outside the unit drain is primarily used. However, because air conditioners are typically used to generate cold air, it is possible that the drain outlet was not built, either because the technician was careless or because it was incorrectly assumed that it would not be needed.

When the air conditioning heat pump is turned on, the inverted cycle causes the water to be ejected solely through the outdoor unit, and because there is no drain, the liquid will pour wherever it can.

How to Solve Water Leak From Split AC

Read below to know how to solve water leak from split AC:

  • Clogged Drain: If you have a clogged drain, we recommend you contact an accredited professional who can provide you with all the necessary safety assurances. Otherwise, you’ll have to handle a sequence of components with extreme caution to avoid causing more problems.
  • Filters Clogged: If the filters become clogged, lift the front cover and cleanse the filters without using chemical agents if the problem is with the indoor unit or Split. To avoid unwanted odors in the air conditioner, replace them after they are completely dry.
  • Gas leaks: contact an air conditioning repair specialist because handling gas can be deadly if done without proper training.

It is possible that after a general review of the equipment, you are unable to locate the problem or simply do not know how to resolve it. Some professionals specialize in repairs and can significantly assist you. They will also check the entire unit to ensure it functions properly, which can be especially useful if your equipment is already a certain age. You have not given it the proper review.

At the same time, if you buy air conditioning online, you can install it yourself if you have the necessary knowledge and air conditioning tools. Still, you will always get a better guarantee if it is done by a specialized technician familiar with the components., its proper disposal, and even the type of maintenance you can do to extend the useful life of your device. It is also good practice to check whether your device is still in warranty!

How to Solve Water Leak From Split AC- FAQs

How to stop your split AC from leaking?

The first step is to find out where the leak is emerging from. You can then follow these steps of ‘how to solve water leak from split AC?’ accordingly:
1. If your drain is clogged, we recommend contacting an accredited professional who can give you all the required safety assurances. Otherwise, you’ll have to handle a series of components with extreme attention to avoid generating additional issues.

2. If the problem is with the indoor unit or Split, lift the front cover and clean the filters without using chemical agents if the filters become blocked. Replace them after they are completely dry to avoid odors in the air conditioner.

3. If you have a gas leak, call an air conditioning repair technician immediately since handling gas without sufficient training can be fatal.

Why does water leak from AC?

There can be several reasons for a leak in your AC. These include, improper installation, the outer bucket is full, clogged filters among others. If you wish to know about all possible reasons for a leak in greater deal, make sure to read the blog above!


Considering how hot it is outside, usage of air conditioners is a must! But it is also essential that you look after your device, especially if it is facing any water leaks. In this blog we have explained why leaks occur and how to solve water leak from split AC, so you can learn about the issue and implement any changes/fixes that you may require. Keep your device running for a long time by ensuring any such issues are swiftly fixed, and enjoy your summetime carefree for years to come!