Boat Airdopes are some of the best TWS under 2000 in India. They have quite the range of earbuds in this range and Boat has really made strides in this industry by manufacturing high audio fidelity, easy to use earbuds that are frankly quite affordable to purchase. The Airdopes series from Boat is easily one of the best the brand has to offer. With tons of different options to choose from at varying prices and multiple colors, Boat really has made something for everyone. However, they frequently run into pairing issues which can actually be easily solved by resetting them. We are here to answer the question – how to reset Boat Airdopes.

Let us see what can we do in case your Airdopes fail to pair or function.

How to Reset Boat Airdopes – How to Factory Reset Boat TWS Earbuds

There are literally like 10 different kinds of Airdopes in the market. You can easily find the one that best suits your needs. That said, they often run into pairing problems which can be very easily solved actually. Simply reset them and they will be totally okay.

One of the most common problems with Boat Airdopes is that they sometimes do not pair effectively. Like one of the earbuds will pair, while the other one fail. You could also get the blinking red light problem which also does not allow you to connect the earbuds to your phone.

Sometimes, the earbuds will start working on mono mode instead of stereo, which causes all sorts of problems for users. While you might think that your TWS are broken, the thing is, they just need a reset to start functioning properly.

Performing a Reset on Boat Airdopes – Step by Step Guide

No matter which version of the Airdopes you have, they all can be reset pretty easily. Simply follow these steps mentioned below, and your earbuds will start working again.

  1. Put both earbuds back into the dock. This will put them in charging mode.
  2. Now, while the earbuds are still tucked into the dock, press and hold the MFB, or multi function button for at least 5 seconds. Doing this your Airdopes will start blinking with orange/white light.
  3. This will completely reset your Boat Airdopes.
  4. Remember this will wipe all the existing parings with any devices.
  5. After the earbuds have been reset, simply pair them to your device again and start using like nothing happened.

Here is a page from the Boat Airdopes manual that can also help. You can also check the manual that came with your Airdopes to see if there is something to be done differently.

There are a few issues with Airdopes when it comes to frequent disconnections when not in use. It could be to save battery, but the correct reason remains unknown.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I reset my BoAt 441 Airdopes?

Boat Airdopes 441 is one of the best TWS listed by Boat. It comes ready with tons of features to use and a durability to match. Resetting 441’s are quite easy actually using the same method above. If they somehow stop working, first set them back into their case, disconnect any Bluetooth pairings and wait 10 seconds. If they do not fix even then, put them back into the dock and hold the MFB button for 5 seconds. This will surely reset them.

Are Boat earphones any good?

Boat earphones are pretty good honestly. Boat has a lot of options to choose from and are available in a wide price range. So you can be sure there is something available for everyone.

How are TWS from Boat?

Boat TWS earbuds are actually some of the best and most affordable you can find in the market. With so many different options to choose from even under just 2k, Boat really shines through as the most accessible brand for TWS earbuds.


Boat is one of the fastest growing Indian brands working in the audio market. Since there are effectively hundreds of brands out there selling tons of TWS, earphones, headphones, and such, a brand that is both affordable and reliable is a breath of fresh air. Boat is one of the only brands that provides affordable products without slacking off on quality and features. Their Airdopes collection is really accessible for people looking for a good TWS to go with. They do sometimes run into issues however, for which we have explained above how to reset Boat Airdopes to make sure you do not throw them away thinking they don’t work anymore.