Who hasn’t ever found themselves with mismatched socks? Whether they got lost in the washing machine or one of them simply got a hole in it, it doesn’t matter, the only sure thing is that throwing them away seems to be the only solution. In cases like these, however, it is possible to minimize waste by recycling them.

How to recycle old socks?

Old socks, in fact, can be used in different alternative and original ways, the important thing is to set imagination and manual skills in motion.

Shoe deodorant, ice pack, pet brush: here are the most original ideas to give it a new life.

1. Shoe deodorant

To make a shoe deodorant from an old sock, you need to fill it with baking soda or ground coffee. Just leave it to act for a whole night inside a shoe to eliminate the bad smell: the next morning, in fact, it will smell fresh.

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2. Thermal insulation

When the heat doesn’t let you breathe, getting into a car is truly torture, especially since you find yourself touching hot surfaces. Metal parts like belt fasteners can be insulated with old socks. In this way, possible burns will be avoided.

3. Ice pack 

Making an ice pack can often come in handy, especially when you hit something or get bitten by an insect. In case of redness and swelling, however, it would be good to avoid direct contact of the ice with the skin, just insert it in an old sock to avoid discomfort and inconvenience.

4. To open cans

Who has never failed to open a vacuum container? Even if it seems absurd, to do it effortlessly you don’t need anything special, just an old sock. This will avoid the slippery effect and improve the grip on the lid.

5. To insulate drinks

When the heat begins to arrive, the drinks lose their freshness in a few minutes. You can use a sock to keep them cold for as long as possible, just use it to line the bottle or can, so as to create an insulating effect.

6. Sleeping mask

Sleeping masks are the ideal accessory for those who struggle to sleep when there is some source of light in the room. However, those who do not want to spend money to buy them can use an old sock. Just sew an elastic to the two opposite ends and that’s it.

7. Brush for animals

Pets shed a lot of hair at each change of season but, if brushed daily, you will avoid being left with a very dirty house. However, when a special tool is missing, a simple old sock can be used. You need to put your hand inside and run it over the coat to remove excess hair in seconds.

8. Shoe brush

The same method can also be used to create a shoe brush. The old sock will be perfect for polishing them flawlessly and afterwards, in case it is really ruined, you can safely throw it away, knowing that it will not be wasted.

9. Patch for clothes

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Children’s clothes tend to easily get torn among their thousands of wild games on the floor or in the street. It is possible, however, to avoid throwing them by patching the holes with old socks. You can create some truly original patches and, if made with a little creativity, the result could be super trendy.


Have you ever found yourself with torn or mismatched socks? From now on you won’t have to throw them away, you can recycle them in a truly original way. Use the above mentioned creative ideas to give them a new life.

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