Metabolism is a continuous process that takes place in our body and is able to give us the energy necessary to face the days. So, let’s see what are the best methods to reactivate it.

You have certainly heard of metabolism; however, it is often considered an abstract concept related to the weight loss that few take the time to explore. But what exactly is it?

Metabolism is a set of chemical processes that take place in the human body and are the basis for the transformation of ingested food into energy ready to be used by all cells. Each function of the organism uses the energy produced, as well as digestion, which is why when metabolism is involved it is precisely to talk about weight loss.

How To Reactivate Your Metabolism

We must also necessarily mention the so-called basal metabolism, or the energy consumption of an organism at rest. It includes all those activities that our body performs even if we do not notice it such as breathing, management of the nervous system, blood circulation and so on. This reaches over 50% of a day’s energy consumption.

To calculate this figure, which varies from person to person based on age and gender, several factors must be taken into account such as the amount of lean mass and fat mass or external factors that could modify it such as stress, hyperthyroidism, pregnancy, temperature environment and so on. It is therefore very difficult to arrive at a unique value and, on the other hand, there is no need to do so since you can intervene with some practices to speed up your basal metabolism and, consequently, finally be able to lose weight.

5 Tips On How To Reactivate Your Metabolism

Eating properly

5 Tips On How To Reactivate Your Metabolism - Eating properly

It would seem like a trivial advice, however in this suggestion a whole series of activities related to food are concentrated that must be carefully considered if you want to reactivate your metabolism. First of all, it is absolutely necessary to avoid fasting, in the hope of perhaps introducing fewer calories and being able to lose weight quickly for the costume test. This is a deleterious attitude that does nothing but slow down your metabolism even more, making you regain any lost pounds as soon as you start eating normally again.

Instead of fasting it is possible to make a much healthier choice, that is, one that involves small but frequent meals, ingesting something about every two or three hours allows the body to maintain metabolic activity throughout the day. Naturally, it is necessary to avoid consuming sugary products, sweets, bread and pasta in quantities since they would only accumulate without giving the body the possibility to dispose of them so the recommended foods with which to make any snacks are raw vegetables to munch on, such as carrots or fennel , or dried fruit in limited quantities, such as almonds and walnuts, thus replacing the habit of consuming magnesium supplements sold online .

Consume lots of water

5 Tips On How To Reactivate Your Metabolism - Consume lots of water

The advice that all nutritionists and experts in the field give is to drink at least a couple of liters of water a day. The intake of the liquid must be suitably spread throughout the day, avoiding drinking a whole bottle in a few hours as it would have no use.

Water is effective on the metabolism, but only for a short period of time, so its intake must take place constantly, perhaps accompanied by fruit and vegetables. Those who do not like to drink too much can also opt for herbal teas and teas, although it would be better to avoid using sugar.

Increase Lean Mass

5 Tips On How To Reactivate Your Metabolism - Increase Lean Mass

It goes without saying that in order to burn more calories and thus speed up the metabolism it is important to have a functioning and well-developed muscular system. The fat mass burns a negligible number of calories while the muscles, continuously active, are able to consume many more. For this reason, it is recommended to develop lean mass by performing at least three hours of physical activity every week.

There is no sport or type of training that you necessarily have to practice, the important thing in this case is to move and for the purpose any type of activity is fine: jogging, cycling, gym, swimming or any other sport are more than suitable to reactivate your metabolism.

Foods that contain iodine

5 Tips On How To Reactivate Your Metabolism - Foods that contain iodine

Before following this advice, it is important to contact your doctor for more information about your health. In fact, iodine could be counterproductive in cases of hyperthyroidism, however it is also able to help the recovery of metabolism by stimulating the thyroid, a vital organ for its management thanks to the production of hormones such as thyroxine and triiodothyronine.

Foods that contain iodine are: crustaceans, fish, mollusks, cow’s milk, eggs, sea salt. For a further stimulus it is also possible to consume chili, coffee and chocolate, however they are foods that also have a flip side and must therefore be introduced in limited quantities to avoid anxiety, nervousness and insomnia.

Careful management of carbohydrates

5 Tips On How To Reactivate Your Metabolism - Careful management of carbohydrates

Bread and pasta are two basic foods of the Mediterranean diet and are nowadays consumed on a national scale by most of the inhabitants of the boot. While on the one hand they are able to provide large amounts of energy and have an unbeatable flavor, on the other they can also lead to dietary imbalance, leading to the accumulation of fat and raise the glycemic index.

If you really can’t do without it but still want to reactivate your metabolism at all costs, then we advise you to prefer slightly healthier variants such as products made with whole meal flour, spelled, barley, kamut and so on. We will not lie to you, the taste will suffer, however your body will benefit from it, also introducing a correct amount of fiber.


By following these tips, you can quickly reactivate your metabolism, it is however good to emphasize that before embarking on any do-it-yourself diet or intense physical activity you must consult with professionals in the sector, such as your own doctor to receive all the necessary medical indications.

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