Work can prove extremely tiresome sometimes. The deadlines, expectations and not getting enough time can burn you out. Khojdeal talks about How to Prevent Work Burnout.

Extreme work pressure isn’t good for your mental or your physical health. To combat the fatigue that follows, you need to drastically alter your daily routine. We are here to let you know that that might not be necessary. Just preventing that fatigue in the first place will get you through your work routine with ease.

How to Prevent Work Burnout

Even if you are used to working long hours, sometimes it can really take a toll on you. With multiple deadlines to meet, functions and responsibilities to adhere to, work burnout is almost inevitable.

Here is How to Prevent Work Burnout.

Avoiding Work Burnout

  • Set a Schedule : Setting and keeping to the schedule you commit to makes it easier to take some time off for yourself. Free time, alone time and time spent with friends and family is crucial to your mental well being. Keeping to the schedule not only makes sure you will finish you work on time, but also have a time left to do with whatever you please.
  • Unplug Entirely : After you complete that important assignment, take some time off. I mean take a vacation. Reboot and reset. It’ll help you come back to your normal senses and will drastically affect your focus, in a good way. Make sure unplugging doesn’t affect your work flow though. Moderation is key.
  • Know Your Breaking Point : Understand how much you can do per day, per week, per month. Schedule you work hours likewise. Don’t overdo things, and try not to under do things either, to prevent any lapse in deadlines.
  • Enjoy Free Time : Take a few short breaks from work, and have fun. Do the things you like. Talk to friends, cook, play music, listen to music or play with your pet. There is so much that can be done to temporarily rest your mind from all that work, and you deserve it.
  • Have Fun : Even when you are working, remember to always enjoy yourself. Your work doesn’t have to be sadistic. Have fun while working, listen to some soothing tunes you like or constantly engage with you colleagues. Though not to a point where your work suffers.
  • Pursue Your Passion : Probably the most essential thing. Your work won’t seem like work when its the thing you really enjoy. Choose your profession close to the things you actually have fun doing, and see the fatigue disappear.
  • Connect With Your Team : While you work, it can be a really good idea to talk to your colleagues. They can provide you with answers, ideas and even a bit of carefree chat you might require to pacify your fatigue.


Work burnout is a real thing. With desk jobs especially, with minimum movement and extreme deadlines, you might just get too worked up to ultimately focus on anything. For that reason, Khojdeal lists methods on How to Prevent Work Burnout. Tried and tested methods to make sure you don’t lose out on your personal time, meet deadlines and in the end, prevent any stress on your physical or mental well being.

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