In our wardrobes usually some items come out that we no longer wear, perhaps because they are ruined, and that we keep because it annoys us to throw it away. However, it is useless to waste precious space in our wardrobes or drawers so you have to force yourself and eliminate the superfluous.

In the face of a messy and excessively full wardrobe, mentioned below are the mistakes not to make when arranging the wardrobe. Also revealed are some tricks and tips to organize every type of wardrobe and drawer in the right way.

How To Organize The Wardrobe In 9 Simple Steps?

Here are the 9 simple and useful steps to follow for a perfect wardrobe.

How to do decluttering?

To rearrange the wardrobe and find the right place in the wardrobe for the clothes and accessories you need, we recommend starting with decluttering, which means eliminating the superfluous. It is therefore possible to eliminate what you do not need through this simple “cabinet remediation” technique. 

But how does decluttering work? You need to take out all the clothes and accessories that you usually have in the wardrobe and drawers, emptying the entire cupboard. Then you have to put everything on the bed or where you are most comfortable and analyze all the garments and accessories that you own one by one to understand if they are objects you still need or can do without.

It is possible to try on clothes you are not sure about in order to get a definitive idea and choose with confidence whether to eliminate that particular garment. It is then necessary to remove the ruined or worn out clothes, those that cannot be repaired and those that have had their day.

In different cases, you can proceed to eliminate garments that are too damaged or give away those garments and accessories that you don’t wear because you don’t like them or are no longer your size.

How to distinguish the items to hang and fold?

The items of clothing that must be hung are the lightest and most delicate ones, such as shirts, tops and silk dresses. Cotton items or heavier pullovers should be folded and placed in drawers. For sweaters it is necessary to evaluate case by case.

The lighter ones and the open cardigans can also be hung, the heavy ones in double wool or with high necks must undoubtedly be folded and stored in shelves or drawers. The heaviest sweaters should be stored in the drawers because they take up a lot of space if hung but also and above all because if they are hung they can get damaged.

How to organize the jackets in the wardrobe?

In the wardrobe, it is good to make a distinction between jackets and coats from the rest of the wardrobe, both for a matter of space, as they are in fact very bulky, and for hygiene reasons. It is better to separate coats and jackets that you use to go out from those you generally wear at home. In principle, therefore, jackets should not be hung together with other clothes. It is better to arrange them all together in another compartment of the wardrobe.

The right hangers to arrange the wardrobe

Never use thin metal laundry hangers in the closet because they deform and ruin clothes kept on them for too long. Especially on silk garments there is often the sign of metal hangers at shoulder height. Also avoid choosing wooden hangers that are too big because, although beautiful and resistant, they take up excessive space in the wardrobe and are very heavy, therefore they are tiring to take out of the wardrobe when we choose what to wear to dress.

The best hangers are the thin ones covered with a slightly velvety surface. These variants are the best because on the one hand the slim dimensions allow not to clutter the wardrobe too much, giving the possibility of inserting more hangers on the same stand, while on the other hand the velvety fabric is useful in preventing clothes from slipping from the hanger, especially the lighter ones and those in silk.

How to arrange the garments collected in the laundry?

When you collect the garments from the laundry it is good to free them from the metal hangers but also from the plastic under which they are usually placed after washing. The clothes in the wardrobe do not need to be covered by plastic as they are already stored in a closed and protected place. The plastic covers only take up space and make it difficult to move around the wardrobe when choosing the clothes to wear.

Include natural anti-moth remedies in your wardrobe

To defend sweaters, wool and cotton garments and all the other clothes stored in boxes, on the shelves and in the drawers of your wardrobe, insert simple sheets and anti-moth bags available on the market. While an excellent natural and do-it-yourself remedy against moths are cloves that can be inserted in the pockets of jackets, coats, trousers and wool cardigans. Cedar wood is also a good remedy for moths.

Give a “trial period” to garments you are not sure about

For all cases where you are not sure you want to discard something and want to give an item of clothing a “trial period” a simple and effective trick is recommended. When you use a garment hanging on a hanger, you can turn the hanger hook towards you, turning its top in the opposite direction, so that at the end of the week or the “trial month” you understand what you actually used and what not.

If some hangers have remained like they were originally, it means that the garments on those hangers have never been used in the time you gave ourselves for the test. Those unworn garments can be eliminated and it is no longer necessary to keep them in the wardrobe.

How to organize drawers with clothes positioned vertically?

Garments folded in drawers should never be arranged in a way where if you take out a shirt or sweater placed on the bottom you drag all the rest of the folded garments with you, creating confusion, chaos and leaving everything in disorder. Try to place the folded garments vertically in the drawers.

The vertical arrangement of garments allows you to have much more space and to optimize the containers and drawers you have at your disposal. In addition, by placing the items folded in three vertically, it is easier to find them and take them out of the drawer without messing everything up and taking out other items that you don’t need. When you have to get one out, just take it and all the others stay in order in their place.

The 80/20 rule: do not fill the spaces completely

It is very important not to completely fill the cabinet stands with too many hangers and not to crowd the drawers with too many folded items. To keep everything always in order, just follow the 80/20 rule which requires not to fill a drawer or wardrobe to 100% but to fill it to 80%. All this is necessary to make room for any new items purchased and placed in the wardrobe and above all to give greater possibility of movement. This space of movement allows you to leave the spaces more orderly.

How to arrange underwear in drawers?

The most complicated part of the wardrobe to arrange, and above all to always keep in order, is the one with the drawers or shelves in which we store underwear, with briefs, socks and other lingerie items. These are items that we take from the wardrobe every day so it is easy to create confusion in the spaces dedicated to underwear.

An excellent solution is to arrange in the drawers briefs, socks and tights organized with a series of honeycomb dividers that can be easily purchased in home improvement stores or online or that can be made at home with simple cardboard cut to the right size. These grids are very useful because they keep the categories and each individual pair of socks or briefs separate.

The 1 to 1 rule: away the old to make room for the new

The ideal would be to eliminate something from our closet every time we make a new purchase by rationalizing on what we really need and understanding if the purchase just made was an impulse purchase or a purchase made out of necessity. In any case, the wardrobe should never be filled to the extreme therefore it is necessary to move or eliminate some garments or accessories when new ones enter our wardrobe.


Do you want to arrange and organize your wardrobe in a more orderly way? Mentioned above are the mistakes not to make, the right steps to follow and the most appropriate accessories to choose to organize your wardrobe perfectly in 9 simple steps.

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