If you do your own chores, you know doing the dishes is pretty hectic and not very enjoyable. Khojdeal lists some tricks on How to Make Washing Dishes Fun.

Honestly though, doing dishes is quite time consuming and trying to have fun during this chore is nearly impossible. Yet, there are certain ways to go about it and actually make the most out of your time washing and cleaning your dishes.

How to Make Washing Dishes Fun

As all of you who have worked in the kitchen know, doing the dishes is a hella lot of work. That cooker with some burnt rice is impossible to clean and don’t even let me start of frying cookwares. Spoons are easy to clean, and to a certain extent, so are plates. Otherwise, doing the dishes is a massive amount of work.

Here are some tips and tricks on How to Make Washing Dishes Fun.

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Use Sponges

A sponge is the best thing to clean with. Especially those multi-sided sponges, with the brittle on the other side. Cleaning will become incredibly easier if you just use one of those sponges, plus you end up using less soap since you get a lot of foam from sponges. Also, they are quite the stress relievers as well if you only but press into them. Its kind of fun, I mean try it for yourself when you’re at work washing dishes the next time.

Arm Yourself

Use the right tools when you are cleaning dishes. Be weary of what you are cleaning and how much effort is it going to take. For example, if its just some spoons and a few cutlery, your hands and some soap will be enough. But if you had a huge spread the last night, you’ll need more than just soap and the strength of your elbows. A scraper, and some brittle bristles are a must to have in reach.

Build a System

Make an assembly line of your chore. I feel the best practice is to soap and clean dishes first, then go about washing them. This keeps the usage of soap to a minimum, while also reducing your work and effort.

Be Smart About Cleaning Tough Surfaces

When you are tasked to clean that cooker with burnt rice, which mind you, if you haven’t cleaned, is the most difficult task ever. So when you are at it, don’t use just your brute strength to scrape it clean, use a brush or a brittle item to slowly scrape off the surface then clean with soap. What you can do is, use some vinegar, or even some lemon juice to clean the utensil. Using similar forms of “acidic” substances will make your work even easier.

Use Gloves

If you want to avoid those callouses on your fingers when you work under water a lot, or are just a little disgusted by food remains, just use some rubber or silicone gloves to make your work easier. They slip sometimes, be mindful of that while washing glass and ceramic dishes though.

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Meditate or Listen to Music, or Both

Mix some entertainment into your chore, or make it zen. Either of it will help you work smoother and you would feel the time just pass by, while your chore finishes well and within the time it should have taken you. Play some good music that helps you either concentrate or makes you work harder. It is possibly the best and most easiest way to make washing dishes fun.


I spend a good amount of time doing chores, and the worst of them all is doing the dishes, but I know how to make the most of it. Here is How to Make Washing Dishes Fun. Actually enjoyable, with not a lot of effort and making sure the chores are done with perfect productivity.

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