Were you a little shabby on that last online video call? Well we can help you avoid that. Khojdeal lists tips on How to Look Your Best on Video Calls.

Now half of the work you have to to do here. Simply being ready for the call whenever it is about to happen, having good manners while on, count to your likability.

How to Look Your Best on Video Calls

Online video calls are a part of the professional culture in today’s world. Helping with meetings, having a one-to-one conversations and simply connecting people all around the world. Making the right alterations to how you carry yourself in these calls will benefit your credulity and help with your impression on people.

Here are top tips on How to Look Your Best on Video Calls.


Lighting is almost everything to a video call. I mean, you just cannot sit in the dark and carry out a meeting. Well that was an exaggeration, but simply turning on the right light, preferably one over your head, or in front of you works best. I suggest natural lights if possible.

Avoid Low Angles

Make sure the camera faces your face. Avoid low angles and try to keep the device higher up or if it is a laptop or a webcam, simply position it where you can make direct eye contact with the camera.

Look Presentable

Dressing for the occasion is essential for video calls. Treat it as a professional meeting, which in form, it truly is. Dress in lighter colors if the meeting is with your seniors. Full functional suits can also make the cut but a simple sweater or shirt works the best in my opinion.

Neutral Background

A noisy background only garners unwanted attention. It if looks messy, it can be especially distracting. A white wall, or any single colored wall might be the best option. But if you want to show some of your living space off, you can even position yourself in the living room beside a lamp and a couch.

Test Before Getting on a Call

Making sure that your equipment and everything else is in order is your best bet on looking good on video calls. That much is certain. As soon as you do that, you can start with dressing well, speaking on your turn and lighting and all to make your impressions.


Now there are certain manners and things you have to keep in mind while you’re on a video call. That much is obvious, you have to dress for it, be attentive and address the people there, along with a whole wealth of things that can help with your impression on the people present. For how to look great on video calls, Khojdeal lists tips on How to Look Your Best on Video Calls.

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