The eyebrows are the central element of the face because they not only enhance the look and their features, but they influence our expression. To have perfect eyebrows, you can also draw them yourself at home, using special products, or proceed with treatments that require the intervention of the beautician.

In fact, tattooing and microblading have become two very popular solutions for women who want perfect eyebrows without makeup or for those who, when young, followed the fashion of thin eyebrows and went too far with tweezers. 

Let’s find out how to draw eyebrows, what is the ideal shape for your face and what products to use for natural results.

How to get perfect eyebrows?

Let’s see what are the 4 steps to follow to have perfect eyebrows and give them the ideal shape.

Start with cleansing

The facial cleansers are essential for healthy skin because they remove makeup residue and impurities, but not all. In fact, these are products that soften the skin by helping it prepare for hair removal, making it easier (and less painful) to remove the eyebrows with tweezers. The first suggestion, therefore, is to use products for cleansing the face and to rinse it with hot water.

Proceed with the mapping

After thoroughly cleansing the face, it is advisable to proceed with the mapping of the eyebrows. It is an easy procedure to perform and useful for understanding independently which is the shape of the eyebrows that best suits your face to enhance its beauty and, in some cases, hide small defects and imperfections. Through the mapping of the eyebrows it is possible to identify the 3 points that make it up and, in detail:

  • Where the eyebrow begins.
  • Where exactly is the point where the eyebrow arches.
  • Where the eyebrow ends.

But how do you do eyebrow mapping? Simply using a mirror and a pencil.

To locate the exact point where the eyebrow begins, you need to look at yourself, take a pencil and place it on the side of one of the two nostrils, making it pass near the inner corner of the eye. When the imaginary line that is created arrives at the point where the eyebrow begins, it has reached the point where it begins. Make a mark with the pencil.

To understand, however, where is the precise point in which the eyebrow arches, it is necessary to position the pencil again on the side of one of the two nostrils but, this time, it is necessary to make it cross the pupil which, obviously, must be facing frontally and draw a mark where the imaginary oblique line that is formed meets the eyebrows.

The point where the eyebrow ends finally is located by performing the same procedure, but by making the pencil cross the outer corner of the eye. Again the point where the oblique imaginary line meets the hair is the exact point where the eyebrow ends.

By combining the 3 identified points it is possible to understand what the true shape of your eyebrows is.

Removal of excess hair

After identifying the perfect shape of the eyebrows, it is necessary to proceed with the hair removal. To remove exclusively (and without making mistakes) the superfluous hairs that ruin the shape of the eyebrows, it is necessary to eliminate only those that are clearly outside the identified shape.

To do this you can use the eyebrow depilatory strips, the classic tweezers or special kits for eyebrows that contain everything you need to remove the hair accurately. Also widely used are the epilators for the eyebrows, which allow you to obtain accurate results without making mistakes.

The suggestion is to use the depilatory strips in the middle of the eyebrows and in the most distant areas, while the tweezers are ideal for defining the shape. Finally, for those with long hair, we recommend lifting them using an eyebrow comb and cutting those that go beyond the previously made shape. Those who are not very familiar should proceed slowly and, from time to time, check the result by mirroring themselves not too closely, possibly using a magnifying mirror.

Draw the eyebrows

At this point you can start drawing your eyebrows, filling the shape made in such a way as to make them thick and cover any holes. All you need is an eyebrow pencil and use it to draw small dashes, just as if they were hair. The second (and last step) involves the use of a make-up smudge, which is essential to make the design as natural as possible and possibly remove excess color. To set the make-up apply a layer of powder.

Instead of the pencil, you can use different products to have perfect eyebrows. We will talk about them in a dedicated paragraph.

How to have perfect eyebrows based on your face shape?

The shape of the eyebrows should be chosen based on what are the facial features. Let’s see which are the most suitable eyebrows shapes to enhance a round face, an angular face, an oval face, a long face and one with a high forehead. 

  • Round face: Those with a round face should opt for eyebrows that have a fairly marked browbone, useful for making the face more angular.  
  • Square face: To soften the features of a square face it is necessary, contrary to what has just been said, to round the eyebrow arch.
  • Oval face: In this case it is advisable that the eyebrows have a straight shape and a rounded and soft eyebrow arch.
  • Long face: For a long face the suggestion is the angled eyebrows, also suitable for those with small eyes, because it makes the features finer.
  • Face with high forehead: In this case the ideal solution is to opt for straight eyebrows, with a barely hinted arch.

The best products to have perfect eyebrows

What are the essential products to have perfect eyebrows? Let’s find out together.

Castor oil for eyebrows

Castor oil  for eyebrows is a natural remedy rich in vitamin E, which is widely used to thicken them. In fact, for those with not very thick eyebrows, the suggestion is to apply castor oil using a cotton swab over the entire eyebrow arch before going to sleep, in order to allow it to act during the night. Many products are sold together with applicators that help to use them correctly. The results will be satisfactory and visible in a short time.

Eyebrow stencil

For those who want to draw precisely shaped eyebrows, obtaining a natural result, the suggestion is to buy eyebrow stencils. It is a practical and economic solution to help you have perfect eyebrows without making mistakes. On the market there are stencils with different shapes, in order to choose the one that best suits the different shapes of the faces. The use of these products is recommended for women who are not very familiar with makeup.

Eyebrow pencil

The eyebrow pencil is certainly the most used product to define, fill or reshape the eyebrows because it is very precise and easy to use. It allows to obtain valid results for any need – to lengthen eyebrows that are too short, to mark them, to fill them or to define their shape. All that is needed is just a little familiarity and attention: with the pencil, in fact, the final effect is certainly natural but you must not overdo it anyway. The suggestion is to fill in the eyebrows by drawing dashes just as if they were hair.

Peel Off Eyebrow Tint

Two very popular solutions to have eyebrows always in order are tattooing and microblading, preferred by women because it gives a much more natural result than tattooing. For those wishing to undertake one of the two paths, but would first like to see what the results would be, the suggestion is to opt for a Peel Off eyebrow tint. This is a real tint that is applied on the brow arch and removed after about 20 minutes. The tattoo effect lasts for three days, leaving the brows full and thick. One of the most popular peel off shades for women is Maybelline New York’s Tattoo Brow.

Eyebrow gel

Another product that is widely used as a tattoo replacement is the eyebrow gel. It is, in fact, a make-up product that not only fills in slightly dense eyebrows, but which always makes them appear neat and combed. The gel, in fact, contributes to having perfect eyebrows and a magnetic gaze without giving up an effect that is certainly much more natural than the tattoo. Moreover, among the different tricks used to draw the eyebrows, it is one that lasts a long time, even all day. For those unfamiliar with it, the first application may be a little tricky, but it only takes a little practice to get the desired results.

Powder eyeshadows

For women who do not have sparse eyebrows, an alternative to peel off brow tint and brow gel is to use powder eyeshadows. These are make-up products that grant a more natural result and that are very useful for designing and defining them to perfection. To apply them easily, you simply need special brushes with an angled shape that can fill in all the points of the eyebrows. Their use is recommended for those who want to make the eyebrows fuller and mark their shape.

Eyebrow mascara

The ideal product for those who want more pronounced and fuller eyebrows is the eyebrow mascara. Its use is recommended for women who have sparse eyebrows or particularly light hair and who want to fill in less thick areas with a natural effect. It is applied like a mascara for the lashes and, being equipped with a brush, they also help to comb them to perfection. With a single application they order, fill and fix the eyebrows. On the market there are also waterproof ones.

Fixing gel

Women who have no problem with sparse eyebrows and who have a well-defined shape should simply use an eyebrow fixing gel. It is a product that helps keep them well combed and perfectly tidy throughout the day. On the market there are both transparent ones and slightly colored ones that help to define, even if slightly, the eyebrows. They are applied with a brush, starting to brush the hair closest to the nose upwards, while it is necessary to brush outwards as you approach the central ones and which are located towards the end of the eyebrows.

Eyebrow kit

On the market there are kits containing everything you need to have perfect eyebrows. Inside there are usually professional tweezers, scissors to cut excessively long hairs, a pencil to define them and a comb to shape and order them.

Tattoo and microblading: treatments from the beautician

Not everyone manages to have perfect eyebrows simply by using makeup. For some, the intervention of the beautician is necessary, especially if they are paying for mistakes of youth. A few years ago, in fact, fashion imposed thin eyebrows and there are many women who have not been able to manage the use of tweezers well, tearing off unnecessary hair and completely losing shape. In this case it is necessary to contact the beautician and go to a beauty center.

The recommended treatments are two: eyebrow tattoo or microblading, a semi-permanent treatment that gives much more natural results. The tattooed eyebrows immediately appear full and with a well-defined shape. The tattoo technique involves the insertion of color pigments into the dermis, the deepest layer of the skin, and does not require the use of additional products. In fact, only a touch-up may be needed when the color starts to fade.

Microblading, on the other hand, is a technique through which the hairs are drawn one by one, while the insertion of the color pigment does not go into the dermis, but into a less superficial layer of the skin. The result is much more natural.

More tips for perfect eyebrows

Here are other practical tips to have perfect eyebrows and not make mistakes.

  • Do not pluck the hair every day: Since the hair of the eyebrows must have time to grow to make them thick, the suggestion is to remove from time to time the unwanted hair that “dirty” the shape and not to intervene frequently. The result could be making the brows too thin.
  • Choosing the right color product: Be careful not to buy makeup that is too dark for your eyebrows. The suggestion is to opt for a slightly lighter color than the natural one to avoid an unsightly artificial effect.
  • Periodically change the tweezers: For those who prefer to shave with tweezers, the advice is to change them often. Too old tweezers, in fact, do not eradicate the hair but break it. In addition, they should be disinfected after each use.
  • Depilate (carefully) both arches: Often the mistake is made of removing unwanted hair only from the lower arch and neglecting the upper one. Excess hair must be removed from both arches, always with due caution. Especially with regard to the upper arch, the suggestion is not to remove too much to prevent the eyebrows from becoming too thin.


The eyebrows are a fundamental element of the face because they enhance the features, enhance the look and influence our expression. In this article you would have found out how to have perfect eyebrows in a few simple steps, how to draw them with precision and which are the best products to use according to different needs, without necessarily having to go to the beautician.

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