Among the shelves of the perfumeries it is possible to meet the scrub bottles many times: face scrub, body scrub, lip scrub and so on. But what is the scrub? What is it for? How many times do we have to do it? These are all questions that we have asked ourselves at least once and to which we want to answer today, trying to clarify the multitude of information that we often get from the internet or the media. 

So let’s see in detail what it is and how to use it accurately and specifically, taking care to choose the product that best suits our needs and evaluating the characteristics to keep in mind at the time of purchase and use.

The scrub

Scrub is a simple to use and ancient remedy, which adapts to many parts of the body and for many purposes. As you may already know, it is made with a fluid and a solid component: the first can be a soap, a cream or an oil, while the second is made up of small solid parts, of natural origin or not, essential for the mechanical action and exfoliating on the skin.

The scrub in fact works by eliminating dead cells thanks to these microspheres which have the task of taking away and eliminating all the elements that are deposited on the upper layers of the skin and that make it generally dull and gray.

Not only that: the same action can also be performed on the feet, to eliminate the hardest parts such as calluses, on the scalp, to restore the correct production of sebum, or on the body, to eliminate imperfections to the touch and to promote circulation.

The scrub is therefore a versatile and useful product in many circumstances, as well as a formidable ally for aesthetic problems and more.

The face scrub

The function of a face scrub therefore is to make the skin smoother and more compact, eliminating imperfections and dead cells and giving a bright and rosy complexion. It cannot be done every day, because such a frequent action of the microspheres on the skin would make it too thin and therefore more prone to irritation and redness.

If there are no special needs and your skin is in good health, then the face scrub can be done once a week. To get the best out of this treatment, however, it is important that it is combined with a deep and thorough facial cleansing.

In fact, in order for the microspheres to be able to eliminate as many residues as possible, it is important that these residues are brought to the surface by different phases. The first of these requires that the pores are well dilated and therefore that the face comes into contact with steam for at least 10 minutes. 

The lip scrub

Always within your face routine you will also have to place the time for the care of your lips. In fact, have you ever worn a lipstick that after a short time created unsightly creases or made annoying cuticles emerge? 

If your answer is yes, you probably need a lip scrub. The cadence is once again weekly and the formulation is slightly more delicate than that of the face products, because the skin of the lips is even thinner and therefore more subject to possible irritation.

The mechanism is always the same: you will have to make circular movements in order to make the lips soft and ready to wear any type of lipstick.

The scalp scrub

This is a very important pre-shampoo phase, ideal both if you suffer from itching and if you feel an excessive production of sebum between one wash and another. In both cases, the scalp scrub is a very effective system to solve these and other problems, a treatment to be carried out, once again, on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Exaggerating with the scrub is a mistake, but exaggerating with the scalp scrub is even more so because it is a very delicate part of the body and one that must be taken care of. 

Then make rotational movements for a few minutes, preferably upside down and rinse thoroughly with water and shampoo, as usual. However, you may need an extra step as any residue may remain in your hair more than it should.

The body scrub

A final feature of this product is that of a body exfoliator: the skin of the legs and arms is decidedly thicker than that of the other parts of the body. In this case, if necessary, the frequency of the scrub can be several times a week. It lends itself to all those problems related to the texture and appearance of the skin, such as small subcutaneous bubbles or even the orange peel effect.

In these cases, in fact, the scrub will have a dual function: on the one hand the microspheres will smooth the skin making it smoother, on the other hand an energetic circular massage from the bottom upwards will restore the correct microcirculation of the blood, helping to decrease the unsightly orange peel effect, very common in the buttocks and thighs area. 

As you have seen therefore, the scrub is a very powerful ally from different points of view and for different purposes. Therefore, orient yourself on the best scrub for you and evaluate which of the needs we have listed are attributable to your body, in order to benefit the most from a product of this type and to obtain clearly visible results in a few weeks. 

In fact, remember that it is an aggressive treatment if carried out too often and that it is advisable to evaluate its characteristics well to avoid redness and discomfort. 


With this guide we want to deepen some useful information on the scrub, a fundamental element for our beauty routine, but often overlooked.

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