In Amazon Seller Central, sellers have the option to create one-time Amazon promo codes. These are single use promo codes, that, as the name suggests, can be used only once. This prevents multi-use abuse or a higher-than-expected number of orders when posted on a social media platform or coupon website. This article provides a step-by-step on how to create single use Amazon promo codes.

The two main uses of promo codes

The discount codes that you create can be used in many different ways. Some types of promo codes will work better in one situation, while the other type of voucher codes will work in another situation. Below we have mentioned the different uses of an amazon india voucher code.

1. Sharing with your family / friends

You can create coupon codes and share them with your family and friends so that they can purchase your product at a discount and leave a positive review on the product page. It is pretty common for sellers to use such coupon codes especially when they start selling their products.

2. Product launches

Sellers also create amazon promotional claim codes during product launches so that they can get maximum people to buy their product and increase their revenue. This technique is usually used by sellers to get a lot of reviews and increase their ranking for their selected keywords.

Single-use codes vs normal coupons

Before we tell you how exactly to create single use coupons on Amazon, it is important to understand the difference between single-use and normal coupon codes.

Single-use codes

Single-use codes are codes that can be used only once. This means that once a promo code is applied and redeemed, it cannot be used again. Such codes are especially useful for sellers who are launching a product and want to hand out coupons to people as an incentive for purchasing their products. With single-use codes, users cannot share them with their family and friends or on any social media and coupon platform.

Regular Coupons

Regular coupons are coupons that are available to anyone. Therefore, sellers need to be really careful while creating such coupons since they can easily backfire. For example, if you’re offering Rs. 200 off on your product and someone uploads your code on a social media or coupon website, it will get mass distributed to a large number of people. Next thing you know, all of your inventory is gone for Rs. 200 less.

How to create one-time coupon codes?

Now that you know what single use codes are and how they are different from normal coupons, let’s take a look at how to create them.

  1. Log in to Seller Central.
  2. Go to the Advertising tab and click on Promotions.
  3. On the promotions page, click on create a promotion tab.
  4. There, you’ll see a percentage off option and a create button below it. Click on the create button.
  5. In the first step you will have to define the conditions.
  6. The buyer purchases option should be set to at least this quantity of item and put number 1 in the box next to it.
  7. For purchased items option select the product for which you want to create the promo code.
  8. In the Buyer gets box select percent off and in the box next to it enter the discount percentage you want to offer.
  9. Applies to should automatically be set to Purchased items.
  10. You don’t need to worry about the Advanced Options.
  11. In the second step you will have to schedule the offer.
  12. Select the start & end date and time. Time should be set to PDT.
  13. In the internal description box give a name to your offer so that you can keep track of it.
  14. Leave the tracking ID as is; don’t change it.
  15. In the third step you will have to choose additional options.
  16. The claim code option should be set to Single-use.
  17. Ensure that the box beside one redemption per customer option is checked.
  18. In the claim code combinability tab, you’ll be able to see two options – Preferential and Unrestricted.
  19. Preferential means a customer will only be able to redeem one promo code. They can add more than one to their purchase, but only the promotion with the highest value will be applied.
  20. Unrestricted means there are no restrictions. Customers can use as many active promotions as you have going.
  21. Choose whichever option you want to offer to your customer.
  22. Next click on the customized messaging option.
  23. Go to Detail page display text display option and uncheck the box next to it.
  24. Leave the other options as is and click the review button.
  25. Double-check that the promotion is set up as you want it.
  26. At least this quantity of items is 1; buyer gets is percent off; percentage off is correct, claim code is single-use and one redemption per customer is yes.
  27. Once you’re satisfied with all the information, click submit
  28. A message will be displayed – your promotion has been created.
  29. Below the message you will see the View or modify your promotion option.
  30. Click on it.
  31. You’ll be redirected to the view promotions page.
  32. Go to the manage claim codes tab.
  33. A create claim code group option will appear.
  34. In the group name option, enter the internal description you previously entered.
  35. Enter the number of codes you want to create in quantity.  
  36. Click ‘Create’ and the claim code group will begin processing.
  37. Once the status changes from In Progress to Ready, you can download the coupon codes.
  38. Upload the file into your coupon delivery tool or save the file in a location you will remember for use later.


Now that you have single use codes, you can use for a launch or to give them to your friends / family to use when purchasing your product.

All you have to do is give them a one-time code and they will enter the code during checkout to receive the discount. Using one-time codes is the safest method when creating promo codes because it will prevent users from sharing your promo code which would lead to huge amount of people buying your product on the cheap. With one-time codes, only people to whom you give the code can use it. You can also limit the number of codes available. Whenever you create a coupon code, make sure it is one-time use.

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