With the arrival of cold temperatures and with the transition to the winter season, the skin needs more attention and care. The lowering of temperatures and at the same time the domestic heating that produces dry air can mark the skin more.

It is the ideal time to change the face cream by choosing a more nourishing product, but also the cleanser we use for daily cleaning and to remove make-up must be chosen by focusing on delicate and nourishing products, to avoid further attacking a stressed skin.

The ideal products are oils and butters, especially for those with dry and sensitive skin. Here are all the tips for choosing the right face cleanser in winter and how to best use it.

The perfect face cleansers for winter

When choosing a facial cleanser during the cold season, you must pay attention to its characteristics, to avoid too much attack on the skin already stressed by low temperatures and dry air produced by domestic heating. In fact, with the wrong product, the skin could dry out further or even become dehydrated, appearing dull, marked and with a non-uniform grain.

The perfect face cleanser for winter must first of all be delicate, to ensure soft cleansing and avoid irritation on skin that is more sensitive at this time of year. Also pay attention to the texture of the face cleanser. Foaming products that could prove aggressive are to be avoided, while cleansing milks, make-up removing creams, oils and butters are perfect.

Nourishing cleansers are particularly suitable. They are products that within the formula contain moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients that make the skin soft and velvety even before applying the moisturizing cream.

Contrary to popular belief, in winter you can use an exfoliating cleanser to make your skin brighter and ready to receive moisturizing treatments. Choose it gentle to avoid further stressing the skin and causing redness.

How to cleanse your face in winter?

Cleansing is a critical step of the skincare routine in any season, but during the winter it needs more attention. Once you have identified the right type of product for your skin type, it is important to understand how to use it correctly.

When the skin is particularly reactive and sensitive, it is better to avoid any type of rubbing with cotton pads or microfibre cloths. Use your cleanser by massaging it on your face with your hands, making gentle and circular movements that will remove all traces of makeup and impurities.

Also pay attention to the water temperature that you will use to rinse the detergent. It must never be too hot because it could attack the skin, drying it further. Always remove your cleanser with fresh water and dry your face using a cotton towel. Pat your face dry before applying your moisturizer.


With the arrival of the cold season, your skincare routine needs a new facial cleanser that is gentle and moisturizing to deeply clean the skin without attacking it. During this time of the year the skin is more sensitive and reactive and therefore needs more attention.

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