In recent times, the attention towards environmental sustainability is becoming more and more rooted in our daily life, especially due to the growing awareness of the damage that the use of chemical cleaning detergents causes to the planet.

Fortunately, nature offers us valid alternatives which, in addition to being more effective than the expensive chemical detergents you buy at the supermarket, are more convenient for both health and your wallet. In this article, we will discover which are the most effective “green” remedies to keep the home environment clean and healthy, safeguarding the well-being of loved ones and the environment. 

Say goodbye to chemicals

Even if the big companies in the sector will never admit it, many scientific researches have shown the cause and effect link between the use of chemicals for cleaning and the increased risk of contracting specific diseases.

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Not surprisingly, according to the WHO indoor pollution caused by substances released by detergents is one of the main threats to human health, causing headaches, burning eyes, skin irritation and respiratory tract infections.

If, then, we add to this the unspeakable amount of waste and pollutants released into the environment, it goes without saying that cleaning the house without detergents is an ecological choice that is good for the planet, for health and also for the domestic economy.

Not only that, preparing a “green” detergent solution, as well as being cheap, is also very easy, as it does not take much time and involves the use of low cost ingredients that we probably already have at home, such as baking soda, vinegar and lemon.

Get the necessary supplies

If you want to clean your home naturally, the first thing you need to do is get everything you need to do the housework at its best. The process is, in general, always the same: once you have set up a well-established routine to reconcile work and family commitments, you need to carve out some free time to tidy up the house and free it from disorder.

If you do not have a closet in which to store the cleaning supplies, you can always use a cabinet or a wardrobe to always keep everything in perfect order and within reach. Among the essential accessories for cleaning we remember: sponges (at least one for each room to be cleaned), microfiber cloths for delicate surfaces, rags for floors and those to remove dust (which you can also get from old sheets and tents fallen into disuse), the best electric broom , gloves and a pair of buckets.

As for the list of cleaning products, on the market there are many and each with a specific function, but since in this article we will deal with “green” cleaning methods, it will not be necessary to fill the cabinet with thousands of detergents, because you will find everything you need in your kitchen.

Clean with vinegar

Excellent for flavoring salads, white vinegar is an effective and minimally invasive ecological remedy to be used for cleaning furniture and surfaces. In addition to being a natural bactericide, it sanitizes, removes the most stubborn stains, polishes silverware and eliminates bad odors. Not only that, it is also excellent for cleaning the interior of the refrigerator and can be used to prepare excellent DIY detergents for laundry.

Finally, it represents a valid remedy to remove encrustations from dishes: add a glass of vinegar in the water in which to immerse the dishes, or directly in the rinse aid compartment of your dishwasher, to obtain a quick and impeccable cleaning, while avoiding formation of unpleasant odors and accumulations of grease.

Bicarbonate to sanitize and remove bad smells

Another great ally of household chores is baking soda, a natural detergent with a whitening effect that allows you to sanitize and perfume the surfaces of the house without damaging them. Its uses are manifold, from cleaning floors to descaling the oven, including dry cleaning of carpets, mattresses and upholstery.

Furthermore, since it has excellent disinfectant and antibacterial properties, it is also suitable for removing encrustations and mold from the shower cubicle, while pouring a handful into the toilet drain together with a cup of white vinegar, it will be possible to unclog the clogged pipes.

Lemon juice as a descaler

One of the most tedious problems when it comes to cleaning the house is to remove that annoying limescale coating that covers the taps, the shower tray and the heating elements of the appliances that use hot water (washing machines, dishwashers, irons and so on. more).

Those who have already had the opportunity to use traditional descaling detergents know well that these products could damage not only health, but also bathroom chrome and more delicate surfaces over time. Fortunately, nature comes to our rescue also in this case, proposing a totally ecological and at the same time very effective solution: lemon!

In addition to having stain remover and deodorant properties, it is able to remove the most difficult encrustations and thoroughly sanitize the bathroom fixtures, leaving a pleasant citrus scent at home. Its use is very practical and rather simple: for example, if you want to remove limescale from the holes of the iron, just fill the boiler ¾ with distilled water and the remaining part with the juice of a lemon.

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After turning on the appliance, let the mixture act for thirty minutes and press the steam button until the tank is completely empty. To sanitize the washing machine drum, however, we recommend that you pour the juice of a filtered lemon into the detergent compartment and start a short cycle at high temperature, a procedure that you can also follow to remove food and grease encrustations from the dishwasher.

Finally, by rubbing half a lemon on the stains on carpets, textiles and clothing, you will facilitate their subsequent removal during the washing phase, without the formation of unsightly halos.


In addition to allowing a considerable saving of time and money, using natural remedies to clean domestic surfaces means making a choice that respects the environment and the health of your family.

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