The bedroom is one of the environments in which many hours of the day are spent, just think of the fact that on average you sleep for at least 6 hours and that you often spend time on the bed to relax even in the afternoon. It is therefore clear that it is necessary to keep everything clean and sanitized if you do not want to encounter allergies or health problems.

If the cleaning is not done in the right way, in fact, the proliferation of mites, dust and bacteria is favored, and you might find yourself living in undesirable hygienic conditions.

How to clean the bedroom quickly and effectively?

Here are the most effective methods for cleaning mattresses, sheets, blankets, closets, walls and floors quickly.

How to clean the bed and mattress?

Cleaning the bed is essential when you want to keep the room perfectly sanitized. To do this it is possible to start from the mattress, which can be washed with various effective natural remedies, even if the operation must be repeated only once. At that point you can move on to linen, which must be changed at least once a week, since the proliferation of bacteria is easily favored between sweat and dirt. Sheets, pillowcases and blankets should be put in the washing machine, preferably with a disinfectant, especially when there are stubborn stains. Between one wash and another, however, it would be good to leave the bed to air out every day for at least 15 minutes.

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Remedies for washing pillows

The cushions come into direct contact with the face and it is very important to always keep them clean and sanitized. Considering the fact that the skin releases oils and sweat, you must first change the pillowcase regularly and also wash the actual pillow from time to time. For those in synthetic material just a washing in the washing machine, perhaps using a sanitizing additive should be sufficient. Those in memory should be immersed overnight in a basin filled with water and alcohol vinegar. After 8 hours they must be wrung out and dried in the open air.

Tips for washing bedside tables and tables

While you leave the bed to air, you can dedicate yourself to cleaning surfaces such as bedside tables, desks and dressers. To eliminate the dust, just wipe it with a simple cloth moistened with water but, in case they need to be sanitized, a special product would be better. As for the mirror, however, it is preferable to create a mix of bicarbonate and water, by spraying it on the surface to be cleaned: the result will be flawless.

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How to clean the closet?

Cleaning the wardrobe is essential to have a perfectly sanitized bedroom. To do this, you must first empty the drawers, then move on to removing the dust with a damp cloth. At this point, sanitizing wipes can be used to eliminate any residual germs and bacteria, especially on the corners. Alternatively, you can also use a disinfectant spray, perhaps based on water and vinegar. The important thing is that it is not rinsed, so as not to wet the internal surface of the drawer too much. The same operation must also be repeated for the rest of the cabinet, both inside and outside. Once finished, it is essential to leave everything to dry in the air, leaving it open, in order to remove any residual moisture.

How to sanitize the walls?

To clean the walls of the bedroom you do not need chemicals, which could make the air unbreathable for many hours, it is preferable to use a paste to use as a sort of scrub based on 5 tablespoons of baking soda and a liter of water. Just pass it on the surface to be cleaned to disinfect it quickly and immediately afterwards you have to open the window, waiting for everything to dry completely. The solution is perfect for any type of material and coating, as it does not contain alcohol or alkaline base.

How to clean the floors?

When washing the bedroom, don’t forget the floors, on which you often walk barefoot. Depending on the material they are made of, different methods can be used, from natural products to bleach-based products, all of which are perfect for eliminating germs and bacteria in the blink of an eye. It is advisable to repeat the operation daily, also using the vacuum cleaner before proceeding with the washing. Furthermore, once every three days, it would also be good to use a bleach-based disinfectant detergent.

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The bedroom is one of the areas of the house where we spend the most time and it is essential to always keep it clean and sanitized. To do this, you need to start from the bed, then move on to the wardrobe, floors, surfaces and walls.

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