Looking for ways to clean your makeup brush without damaging it? Then you’re in the right place because in this article our experts have written a helpful guide on how to clean makeup brushes.

Providing for the cleaning and sanitization of the brushes with which we do make up is fundamental. If the bristles are not perfectly clean, we run the risk of suffering from irritations, infections or allergies, caused by microorganisms that settle right there.

For this reason, they must be cleaned regularly, at least once a week. In this way, you will also avoid imperfections and smudges during the make-up application phase – often caused by excess residues – as well as an early deterioration of the brushes.

How to clean makeup brushes without damaging them?

Here are five simple steps to take care of your trusted make-up tools, suitable both for brushes with synthetic bristles, and for those with natural bristles.

1. Wet the brushes

First you need to wet the brushes that need to be sanitized with water that is not excessively hot. Although the high temperature can accelerate the cleaning, in the long run, however, the heat could ruin the bristle fibers, especially if they are synthetic brushes. When washing the brush, it is important to take a little precaution. Don’t let the handle come into contact with water. It could cause it to come unstuck.

2. Use soap

After wetting the bristles, you can proceed to pouring a small amount of soap on top. Marseille soap or a normal dish product may suffice. To obtain softer bristles, you can choose more delicate soaps, such as those for children. However, the body washes should be avoided as they would soften the bristles too much, not making the powder adhere well. Rub the soap on the brush in circular motions. It can be done on the palm of your hand or using appropriate accessories.

3. A natural remedy: baking soda

A natural remedy that you can use to clean our brushes is baking soda. Pour a small amount into a bowl, always filled with warm water and soak the brush on the bristles side. After leaving them to soak for about half an hour, you can proceed with rinsing.

4. How to dry the brushes

Once washed, the brushes should not be rubbed but only slightly dabbed. Then, let them air dry in a horizontal position, so as to prevent the water from falling where the junction between the handle and the bristles is. However, we must not leave them too long in this position, since there is a risk of making the bristles take on an unusual shape.

An alternative is to put them on a shelf, leaving, however, the bristles that protrude into the void. Any heat source, such as hairdryer or radiator, which could ruin the fibers is not recommended. The natural air will be sufficient. If for some brushes a drying time of a couple of hours is enough, for others it might take the whole night.

5. How to store the brushes

Some precautions must be used even after sanitizing the brushes. They must be stored vertically to prevent the bristles from deforming. Furthermore, placing them in special containers can help keep them tidy and cleaner, since in this way they do not come into contact with other objects.

Useful tips to keep in mind while cleaning brushes

  • Do not ever soak the brushes in water. This can compromise the sealing glue and may even cause breakage of the brush.
  • Don’t just wash your brushes, clean all the other make up tools like the eyelash curler and the sponges.
  • It is preferable to wash the makeup brushes at least once a week (if not more often). This will ensure your brushes maintain their effectiveness, make them last long and guarantee the health of your skin.

The ten essential brushes to have

There are many types of makeup brushes and professional makeup artists know them well, but if you are not an expert or you don’t do it for work, you will not need 100 types of brushes. The best thing is to have several, to be used in different areas of the face. For this reason, here is a selection of 10 brushes that cannot be missing in your beauty case.

1. Kabuki brush

There are several types of Kabuki brushes, but they all have one thing in common – a tip with dense bristles perfect for powder or liquid products. It is the most useful face brush because it is used to apply almost all face products (foundation, blush, face powder, highlighter, bronzer). The traditional one is small, perfect to always carry with you, but nowadays you can find it in different shapes.

2. Contouring brush

You cannot miss a brush in your beauty case that gives shape to the face. You can use it to apply products in powder or liquid form. You can find them angled, pointed, round or flat shapes. When you are about to choose the one that’s right for you, think about the type of product you use for contouring. If its a loose or compact powder, choose one with natural and manageable (angled) bristles. If it is liquid, choose one with synthetic bristles, shorter and flatter to distribute the product well.

3. Concealer brush

They are medium in size, with a flat and compact tip, perfect for cream or liquid concealers. It is recommended to have at least one little one for dark circles or small impetus. You can choose between a number of different kinds, from thin, flat brushes to full, fluffy ones, not to mention synthetic versus natural fiber bristles.

4. Powder brush

To fix the foundation and avoid that annoying shiny effect, you will need compact powders with a brush that reaches all areas of the face. You can use this same brush to apply bronzers and in general, all types of compact powder products. They usually have a round tip which is great for handling the brush comfortably

5. Blush brush

Even if you have the temptation to use the brush for face powder, for blush, we do not recommend it because the size and precision of the two is not same. We recommend having a large and medium, corner or round blush brush with soft and long bristles to blend well. It can also be used to illuminate the face.

6. Eyeshadow brush

It is undoubtedly one of the must haves of your beauty case. Have no doubts, therefore, that it is always better to have more than one. The most effective are those with natural, short and dense bristles. If you want an intense shot of color, an eyeshadow brush is the perfect option.

7. Brush for blending

There is no good blending result without this type of brush. A soft tip and long & very manageable bristles are perfect for smokies and the transition zone. They are used by drawing small circles on the area to be faded until a perfect result is obtained. They will also be comfortable to apply the product in the crease of the eye.

8. Angled eye brush

There are two types – those that have very short and dense bristles and with a very marked angled cut, to apply the eyeliner in a defined way; and those that have long and flexible bristles, with more rotund contours that are perfect for applying eye shadows in the arch of the eyebrow.

9. Lip brush

If you want to apply your lipstick ever more precisely, there is no better way than to do it with a lip brush. You should have one in every size, shape, and color. A long handle provides optimum control, and curved, tapered bristles provide precision. This means more even, feather-resistant, budge-proof results.

10. Oval makeup brush aka Toothbrush brush

An oval makeup brush is sometimes also referred to as a toothbrush makeup brush because the brush itself somewhat resembles a toothbrush, with a long handle and a set of bristles that appear on just one side of the brush. This design is supposed to make it more comfortable to hold, while the compact bristles help create an airbrushed finish. This type of brush comes in different sizes that can be used to apply everything from foundation to concealer to lipstick.


Although frequent cleansing can help extend the life of your brushes, there are signs you shouldn’t ignore when it comes to determining that they’re no longer capable of doing the best job possible. It’s time to toss your makeup brush when the bristles start to fray, shed, or lose their shape.

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