Vodafone Idea is a widely used service in India. Especially since they merged with Idea, they expanded to become the largest telecom operator in India. Considering how large the userbase for Vi is, it is important to know how to check Vi balance and validity. They offer many services to users across India including 2G, 4G, 4G+, VoLTE and VoWiFi. We bring you all the information you need on how to check Vi balance and validity in a singular blog, so you can easily to do, any time, anywhere.

how to check vi balance and validity

Vodafone was first established in 1981 in UK and has since expanded it’s operations largely to Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania. The company is immensely successful and offers excellent service to customers, which has made it a favorite among users. Vi also offers Wi-Fi services in many regions across India, which has only increased the company’s popularity.

Apart from great customer service, Vi also offers multiple plans to it’s users so they can pick a data pack that suits their need best. If you are a Vi user yourself or looking to switch to to Vi prepaid, read on to find out how to check Vi balance and validity. Alternatively, if you are looking to convert from a postpaid Vi plan to a prepaid plan, this blog will reassure you of the decision.

How to check Vi Balance?

There are two main methods through which you can check your Vi balance – offline and online. You can also browse through the data plans available by downloading the Vi mobile app and choose to change your plan whenever you like. Read below to read about ways to check Vi balance and validity.

Using USSD Code

In order to check your balance without using internet you need dial some shortcut number offered by Vi. Once you dial these numbers, your balance information is instantly provided to you. These numbers are called USSD numbers. The number to check your Vi balance is:

  • *199*2*1# – To check the main balance for your Vodafone Idea (Vi) number along with extensive information on every single balance and validity of your Vi number.
  • *121# – Use this code if you only want to check your main balance, without any other information.

Using Vi Mobile Application

You can easily check for your balance and plan validity by using the Vi app. All you have to do is download the app from the appstore and enter your Vi number. This will trigger a one time password which you must submit. Once submitted, the Vi app will display your balance, plan validity and allthe various plans available.

You can easily discover and buy new plans using the Vi app as well.

How to check Vodafone Idea Plan Validity and SMS balance?

Perhaps one of the most essential things users must keep an eye on is the validity of their purchased plan and SMS balance. The brilliant thing about Vodafone Idea (Vi) is that they send users a message after every phone call to update them on how many hours of calltime they have left. The same applies to every message you send – you receive an SMS from Vi updating you on how many messages are left in your data plan. So if you are worried about how to check Vi balance and validity despite there being no dedicated USSD code to get this information, you can easily access it by either calling or sending an SMS.

How to check Vi 4G data balance?

Just like for checking your overall pack balance, you can use one of two methods to check your data balance – offline and online. It is easy to do so and you can keep an eye on your pack so that you can refill it any time you are running low.

Using USSD Code

*199*2*2# – In order to find out your data balance use this USSD code.

Using Vi App

Open your Vi App and login. Once you are on the home screen, click on ‘main balance’ to view your remaining data and calltime balance.

It is highly recommended that you download the Vi App as it makes it easy to check any details related to your Vi plans. Perhaps the best answer to the question ‘how to check Vi balance and validity’ is download the app!

How to check Vi balance and validity offers?

One of the reasons why customers revere Vi service is their wide range of recharge plans. They are available at various price points and often come along with many offers so you can get the maximum benefit from the money you pay. There are many price ranges to choose from starting from ₹149. Use the Vi app to find out all about recharge offers in addition to finding out how to check Vi balance and validity. Check out the various plans offered on the Vi website so you can pick the one that suits you best.

Vi also offers users an offline method to check for recharge offers, in case you are stuck in a situation where you cannot access the internet. Here are a few numbers to keep in mind –

  • *199*1*3# – Use this code to find out all bout 4G Data Offers
  • *199*1*7# – Dial this number to find the latest recharge Offers
  • *199*1*8# – Use this USSD, to know more about calltime, SMS and roaming offers.

What happens to unused Vi data?

Any unused data is made available as rollover data during the weekend starting at 12am on Saturday and ending at 23:59pm on Sunday. Once this time frame is over, the unused data from that week is lapsed.

How to check weekend data rollover balance?

You can check your weekend data rollover balance using the Vi application. Go to the the Active packs and Services section of the Vi application.

List of all Vodafone Idea USSD Codes

Below is a compiled list of all USSD codes for your reference –

Sr.NoUSSD CodesFeatures
1*199*2*1#Check Main Balance
2*199*2*2#Check Internet Balance
3*199*1*3#4G/3G/2G Internet Offers
4*199*1*6#Chhota Credit
5*199*1*7#Recharge Offer
6*199*1*8#Voice, SMS, Roaming Offers
7*199*3*1#Activate Vodafone VAS Service
8*199*3*2#Deactivate Vodafone VAS Service
9*199*4#Get Vi
10*199*2*3#Last 3 Calls & SMS Details
11*199*2*4#Last 3 VAS Deduction
12*199*3*5#Emergency Talktime Credit Loan
13*199*3*3#Activate or Change Caller Tune
14*199*5*2#Unlimited Recharge Pack Offers
15*199*5*3#Combo Recharge Offers
16*199*5*4#Data Recharge Offers
17*199*5*5#International Roaming Recharge Offers
18*199*5*6#SMS Recharge Offers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I check my Vodafone validity online?

You can download the Vi app from the appstore and easily check the validity of your plan. Alternatively you can use USSD codes. Refer to the table above to find the code that matches you request.

How to check the Vodafone Balance using USSD Codes?

Dial in the approprate USSD code by refering to the table above and find out the necessary details about your Vodafone Idea balance.


Vi or Vodafone Idea is a brilliant Telecom company offering its users a wide range of services. These are extremely accessible through both online (through the Vi app) and offline means (USSD codes). If you are looking for the answer to the question ‘how to check Vi balance and validity?’ the answer is simple. Utilize the Vi app or USSD codes and get all the information you need!