Changing the time on a smartwatch is key to keeping it in sync with your daily life. Whether you’re catching up on missed notifications or need to be reminded to take breaks throughout the day, having accurate time on your smartwatch is essential. Fortunately, adjusting the time on a variety of popular smartwatches is relatively easy and only requires a few steps. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to change time on smartwatch with step-by-step instructions. With these tips, you’ll be able to quickly and accurately set your smartwatch’s clock for all of your daily needs. Let’s get started!

How to Change Time on Smartwatch

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How to Change Time on Smartwatch Without App?

Do you own a smartwatch and want to know how to change the time on it? The process of changing the time on a smartwatch may vary depending on its make and model, but in this blog we will provide an overview of the most common steps needed to adjust the watch’s clock. Read on for more information about How to Change Time on Smartwatch.

By the end of this guide, you should be able to make all necessary changes to the time and date settings on your smartwatch. Let’s get started!

Note: The exact steps may vary depending on the specific model and operating system of your smartwatch. Be sure to consult your watch’s user manual for detailed instructions.

How to Change Time on Android Smartwatch?

If you own an Android smartwatch and wish to change the time settings on it. Here are the steps that will allow you to quickly and accurately change the time.

  1. On your smartwatch, open the Settings menu.
  2. Scroll down to and select Time & Date.
  3. Depending on your watch’s software version, you may be able to use the toggle switch to activate Automatic date & time sync or manually set a different time zone.
  4. If your watch has a manual time setting, you’ll be able to adjust the hour, minute, and seconds.
  5. After making any changes, press the back arrow or OK button to save your new settings.
  6. If prompted, confirm that you want to save the changes and exit the settings menu.

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How to Change Time on Apple Smartwatch?

  1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and click on “My Watch” tab.
  2. Scroll down until you see the option “Clock” and tap it to open the Clock settings page.
  3. Select “Time Zone” from the list of options available, and choose your desired time zone from the list that appears.
  4. Go back to the “My Watch” tab and select “General” to display the General settings page.
  5. Scroll down and find “Date & Time”, then tap on it to open the Date & Time settings page.
  6. Select “Set Automatically” to enable your watch to sync with your iPhone time settings.
  7. You can also manually change the time on your smartwatch by selecting “Set Date & Time” and entering the desired hour and minute.
  8. Finally, tap on “Done” at the top right corner of the screen to save your changes.

Your Apple smartwatch will now display the correct time according to your settings. If you ever need to change the time on your watch again, simply follow the steps above.

You can also use the Clock app on your Apple Watch to quickly adjust the time. To do so, open the Clock app and tap on “Settings” at the bottom of the screen. Select “Time Zone” from the list of options and choose your desired time zone. Finally, tap on “Done” to save the changes.

Your Apple smartwatch is now set to display the correct time. Enjoy!

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How to Change the Time Format in Your Smartwatch?

You can also change the time format from 12 hours to 24 hours, or vice-versa if you wish. If you are more comfortable with a certain format, switching it around is rather an easy feat. Here are the steps to change the time format on your smartwatch.

  1. On your smartwatch, open the Settings menu.
  2. Select the “System” option.
  3. Scroll down and select the “Time” option.
  4. Tap on the “Format” option to view available time formats for your smartwatch, such as 12 or 24 hour format.
  5. Select the time format you prefer and tap “Save”.
  6. Your smartwatch will now display the new time format.
  7. Exit the Settings menu and enjoy your updated smartwatch experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I change the time on my Haylou smart watch?

Changing the time on your Haylou smart watch is easy and fast. To begin, open the Haylou app on your phone and select “Device” from the main menu. Then, select your connected device (your smart watch) and a new screen will appear with all of its settings. Find the “Time Settings” option and select it. This will open a new page with the current time settings of your watch. To change these settings, use the arrows to adjust the hour and minute values until you get the desired time. Once you are done, press “Confirm” to save your changes and close the app. Your Haylou smart watch will now display the correct time. You can also use the app to adjust other settings like date, language, and units of measurement. Enjoy!

How do I change the time on my smartwatch boat?

Changing the time on your smartwatch is a simple and straightforward process. Depending on your watch’s model, the method of changing the time may vary slightly. Generally, most smartwatches require you to open the Settings or Clock menu by pressing a button on the side of the watch. Once in this menu, find and select “Time” and then adjust the hour, minutes, seconds, and time zone settings. Save the changes once you have finished adjusting the time.

How do you set the 12 hour clock on a smartwatch?

First, you will need to access the settings of your smartwatch. How this is done depends on the type and brand of watch you have, but typically it involves pressing a button or swiping from one side of the screen to the other. Once you have accessed the settings, look for the “Time & Date” option and select it. Once in the Time & Date menu, find the option to change the time format from a 24-hour clock to a 12-hour clock. Depending on the watch model and brand, this may be titled differently but should involve the words “12-hour” or “AM/PM.” Select this option and save the changes.


In conclusion, changing the time on a smartwatch is an easy process that can be accomplished in just a few steps. It’s important to make sure your watch is always showing the correct time, so you don’t miss any important appointments or events. Changing your smartwatch’s time only takes a few minutes and is a great way to keep your activities organized and on time. With the right steps, you can easily adjust the time on your watch and stay on top of things. Thanks for reading!