When it comes to home appliances, there is one brand that Indian’s love and trust completely. Hindware is one of the older brands on the market that dabble in consumer appliances. A sub-brand of SHIL, Hindware is one of the better appliance manufacturers in the market. Functionality wise, their line of water heaters are easily some of the best water heaters in India, while their design and innovation remain high quality and mostly unbeatable. If you are looking for a water heater, check out this Hindware geyser review to know about what the brands brings for its consumers.

With top-notch products, Hindware remains one of the better brands working with consumer appliances in the country. For a better understanding, read through this Hindware geyser review to know if you should be getting yourself a Hindware water heater or not.

Quick answer – You should totally get a Hindware water heater!

Hindware Geyser Review

Hindware Geyser Review – A Detailed Review of Hindware Water Heaters

So, when we talk about water heaters, often times than not, the question comes around to which brand is better or the best. Well, while this is not as objective than you think, and Bajaj is literally one of the best water heater brands in India, Hindware provides its consumers with top-notch appliances with a lot of focus on use and practicality.

Hindware appliances, especially water heaters, are easily the best electric water heaters in the market. If you want durability and functionality from your appliances, Hindware is literally one of the best brands to choose from. Founded in 1960, Hindware is the go-to brand for tonnes of people looking to build their dream bathroom. Be it sanitaryware or bathroom appliances, Hindware will take care of all your needs without any issues.

Capacity– 3L to 25L available
Ease of use– Easy to use; Some models require some know-how, especially the gas geysers
Types available– Storage geysers
– Instant geysers
– Gas geysers
– Horizontal geysers
Durability– Great durability
Features– Intelli 5 for added safety
– Digital display
– Remote controlled; Limited to some models
Price– Rs. 3000 to Rs. 20000
After purchase support– Fast and effective customer support
Known for– High durability
– Luxury geysers

Let us see what Hindware brings to your table and see if the brand is worth it or not.

Temperature Control

Most Hindware water heaters come with a thermostat enabled. Meaning you can easily choose the right water temperature for your needs. While the instant water heaters from Hindware might not always come with a thermostat, the storage kinds generally do. Do keep in mind that more affordable water heaters do not usually come with a thermostat anyway.

Ease of Use

Hindware water heaters are incredibly easy to use and maintain. Since their build quality is really top-notch, there is little to no maintenance needed. However, a yearly check-up is something you should always commit to when using a water heater. It is generally considered good practice, and will even allow you to extend the life-expectancy of your water heater.

That said, Hindware customer care is quite active and will be easily able to allocate you an engineer who can help you in case your water heater needs some fixing, or needs the usual annual check-up.

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Ease of Installation

Installing a Hindware geyser is extremely easy. The unit comes with everything you need, including valves and pipes, which makes it that much easier to set things up. The geysers themselves are also not that heavy when compared to other geysers due to their build style. One of the best part about Hindware geysers is that their maintenance is also incredibly easy. They come with a front plate which can easily be removed to check the appliance for any ailments.

If you have basic understanding of plumbing and electronics, diagnosing a Hindware geyser might be easier than you think. Using the manual provided will only make it easier.


When it comes to durability, Hindware is literally second to none. With some of the top 10 best instant geysers in India, and highly durable storage water heaters, Hindware appliances last a very long time, and even longer if you know how to manage them well. With a titanium core shield and reinforced regulation, you can be sure your Hindware water heater will prove highly functional and long lasting.

Features and Key Technologies

Like most big brands, Hindware also brings a lot of exclusives on the table. Their water heaters specifically have tons of great features and advanced technologies that make them so incredibly desireable. One of Hindware’s primary technologies, Hindware’s Atlantic heats water 25% faster and is much more energy efficient than others in the market. If you are worried about safety and convenience, Hindware’s Intelli 5 brings to you added safety and reduces the water consumption as well.

Hindware is known from product innovation and quality control. So if you are out buying a new water heater and are worried about the features you might receive, a Hindware geyser is sure to keep you satisfied.

Hindware Geysers – Options Available

Hindware has quite a few options to choose from in wide price range. This means that no matter your needs and uses, there is a Hindware geyser available for you. Another great thing about Hindware is that their geysers are incredibly affordable as well. Specifically their instant heaters, which are great to have but cost only a fraction of what other similar products from other brands might.

You can even find Iot enabled water heaters from Hindware which allows you to connect it to your smart home and conveniently use when needed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hindware Water Heaters


  • Great build quality
  • High durability
  • Affordable prices
  • Compact geysers
  • Great customer support system
  • Very easy to install
  • Manual provided is thorough and helps you diagnose your appliance
  • Great features and technologies


  • Not a lot of options available online

Verdict – Should you buy Hindware Geyser?

So, if you are wondering which water heater brand is the best, we are here to let you know that Hindware could potentially take the cake as the best water heater brand in India. The brand has been around for more than 60 years now and their innovations with their appliances speaks volumes about their commitment to building good and true home appliances for their consumers. That said, Hindware appliances, especially water heaters, are also incredibly affordable and easy to install. A front plate makes it easy to diagnose and fix your water heater, while the features they provide really help you solidify your decision.

Yes, Hindware water heaters are totally viable to purchase.


So, as a conclusion, we would suggest you to take a look at Hindware geysers if you are in the market for a solid water heater. Hindware is an old company that has made tonnes of practical innovations in the geyser market and their line of geysers are easily some of the best in the market. Their safety features and the features they provide are really high-tech and prove much more functional than other branded geysers on the market. This Hindware geyser review explained to you all there is to know about the brand and their appliances. Hope it made sense to you and helped you make an informed decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Hindware geyser good?

Yes, totally! Hindware geysers are some of the best available in the market. They are not just affordable, the reason people tend to think they might be low quality, but their build quality is some of the best available. If you are looking for the right mix of quality, affordability and features, Hindware is the best to purchase.

Which brand geyser is best?

There are three brands of geysers that are worth it to purchase. Check out Bajaj, Hindware, Havells, and Racold. These 4 brands are the best when it comes to water heaters in India.

Which is the safest geyser in India?

Safety is a huge part of owning a geyser. Making sure you maintain them well will make sure your safety does not get compromised. While most geysers are made to be as safe as possible, we still suggest you get either Bajaj or Hindware to really make sure of it. Hindware geysers are really good and durable, and they come with added safety features.