Summers are right around the corner and some homemade coolers might be needed to maintain temperature. Khojdeal lists Healthy Homemade Drinks for the Summer.

The best part about drinks is, you can make them at home with limited ingredients, with the surety that they are going to be great. Healthy drinks are within reach and easily made too, be it coolers, juice or even some cold lassi.

Healthy Homemade Drinks for the Summer

Healthy homemade drinks are within reach. You can make these coolers and juices easily at home, with ingredients and produce found in almost every household. It is helpful to maintain a cool temperature during the summers, plus the health benefits you might receive are going to be a great plus.

Here are Healthy Homemade Drinks for the Summer.


Lassi is relished during the summers, and the health benefits are undeniable as well. They are basically a healthy serving of yogurt. To make at home, start with crushing cardamom seeds to a fine powder, whip up some yogurt until smooth, add some sugar for taste, add some milk to make it a little more light, then add the cardamom with some saffron strands for the perfect summer beverage.

Strawberry Beverages

Strawberry is a fun and really versatile fruit, able to be had with a lot of other ingredients and in different ways. Some of the best ones, are to either make a strawberry, lime and cucumber cooler,some strawberry iced tea or mix with some basil and lemonade for a perfect mid summer sweet dream beverage.

Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane juice is a healthy revitalizing drink you can make at home with a little bit of effort. Carefully peel the sugarcane, avoiding any wastage, use a big container to collect the juice and add some ginger, mint and lemon to the mix. If you do not have a proper juicer, and can see visible pulps in your juice, use a muslin cloth to strain. And there you go, a healthy, natural sugar loaded juice right at home.

Fruit Juice

Some fruit juice can always be made easily at home, and their health benefits are unquestionable. You can mix and match different fruits to your liking and make something that suits your taste buds. The customization are endless. During summers though, we suggest adding strawberries, watermelons and some citrus fruits for a proper, healthy beverage.

Cherry Mint Lime

Add some cherries and berries of your liking to some mint and add some lime for a perfectly healthy and delicious cooler for the summer. Highly customizable, this drink can be made your own by adding berries you enjoy. So have fun with this drink, it is easy and can be made at home easily.


Store bought buttermilk is great and all, but making it at home isn’t very difficult at all either. Add a tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar to regular milk and let it sit at room temperature for about 15 minutes. Add some salt or cumin to greatly enhance the effects of this healthy beverage.

Coconut Water

You can easily get coconuts in the market, pop them and use the juice inside as a proper summer cooler. Coconut water is extremely healthy and a well known hydration source. You can strain using a muslin cloth to get the pulp out, and it can also be made into a great breakfast by pouring over some oats, add a bit of vanilla and salt to enhance the taste.


Summer drinks can be healthy, yes, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. We all enjoy sodas and cold lemonades, but sometimes adding some good old fruits to the mix can have cooling effects as well as health benefits. Khojdeal lists the best Healthy Homemade Drinks for the Summer.

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