While developing healthy habits is on everyone’s to-do list, following through with our noble intentions is a lot harder than it seems, especially in the morning when there’s already a lot to do. However, the good thing about human nature is that the less time-taking and complex a habit is, the more likely we are to stick to it.

Though it’s good to have big aspirations, it is prudent to keep your morning routine as simple as possible. Only then will it have a bigger impact on your life as you’ll remember to follow it more consistently. It will not only make your today more vibrant and joyful but also help you stay on a healthy path in the future as well.

The Importance of a Morning Routine

Research says that people are the most productive when they wake up, and following a routine ensures that this level of productivity is maintained for longer periods of time. It gives you oodles of energy and the right mindset to tackle the challenges of a busy day.

Having a fixed morning routine also makes you more disciplined which is reflected in all facets of your life be it personal or professional.

8 Morning Rituals To Consider

Wish to devise a morning routine that will help you invest in your health, be it mental, physical, or spiritual? Here are 8 healthy habits you should consider. All rituals enumerated below can be accomplished in as little as five minutes.

1. Set An Early Alarm To Wake Up Early

Set An Early Alarm To Wake Up Early

Studies have shown that being a morning person has major health benefits. Waking up early not only makes you feel happier and healthier, but also boosts immunity, improves efficiency & productivity and helps maintain a healthy weight. According to a study by the University of London, folks who are up by 7:00 am have a lesser chance of being stressed, depressed, and obese.

2. Don’t Hit the Snooze Button

Don’t Hit the Snooze Button

As they say, ‘you snooze, you lose.’ Repeatedly hitting the snooze button results in Sleep Inertia which is a physiological state of reduced cognitive and sensory-motor performance that exists immediately after waking up. According to sleep experts, by dozing off for those additional minutes, we prepare our bodies for another sleep cycle, which when quickly interrupted causes exhaustion for the rest of the day.

3. Drink A Glass Of Lukewarm Water As Soon As You Wake Up

Drink A Glass Of Lukewarm Water As Soon As You Wake Up

H2O makes up 50 to 80% of our body weight and every single tissue, cell, and organ we have needs it to function smoothly. Not only does drinking water rehydrate your body, but it also revs up your digestive system, and boosts metabolism. It also has positive effects on your skin and brain function. If you add a dollop of fresh lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to the water, it’s even more beneficial, especially for weight loss.

4. Stretch a Little

Stretch a Little

Simple stretching exercises in the morning not only improve posture and flexibility, but also get the blood flowing to the brain, reduces chronic back pain, and revitalize you. The focus should be on the common stiff and inflexible muscles like hamstrings, hip flexors, calves, and chest. Hold each stretch for 15 to 30 seconds and repeat 3 to 5 times on each side of your body.

5. Meditate Everyday


At least 10 minutes each morning should be devoted to practicing meditation. Numerous researches have shown that practicing meditation regularly helps in reducing stress, managing anxiety, increasing efficiency, aiding weight loss, promoting emotional health, lengthening attention span and making you an overall better person.

6. Get Some Sunshine

Get Some Sunshine

Natural light promotes wakefulness by stimulating the neurotransmitters involved in waking up our brain functions. It also synchronizes our internal body clock which influences sleep-wake cycles, eating habits, metabolism, hormone release, and body temperature. That’s why getting a healthy dose of sunlight right after waking up in the morning is one of the simplest and most satisfying morning habits to get into.

7. Start Your Day With a Hearty Breakfast

Start Your Day With a Hearty Breakfast

Researches show that the ability of the human brain to make healthy food choices deteriorates as the day progresses. That’s why eating a wholesome breakfast becomes even more important. A hearty, healthy breakfast is essential for fueling and driving us throughout the day. It is advisable to stick with lean proteins like eggs, lentils & beans, fiber-rich fruits like Grapefruit, Apple &Kiwi, and even some veggies. Dieticians suggest finding a combination of fruits and veggies you like and combining it with a whole protein like eggs, cheese, yogurt, soybeans & quinoa, for a filling, power-packed start to the day.

8. Add Chia Seeds to Your Breakfast

Rich in Omega-3, fiber, anti-oxidants and micro-nutrients like potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus and manganese, Chia Seeds are beneficial for digestion, regulating blood glucose, and preventing major diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Add Chia Seeds to Your Breakfast

So, are you up for the challenge of incorporating these healthy habits in your morning routine? Do share with us what helps you start the day off right?

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