Now, this is going to be a competition. Both Havells and Usha are two of the biggest names in the Indian consumer appliance market. Based out of India, both these brands have some of the best room heaters in India without doubt. Brilliant designs, durability and features allows both Havells and Usha a great sense of trust throughout the Indian subcontinent. When talking about Havells vs Usha room heater, the choice would boil down to more or less aesthetics. You will see what we are talking about shortly.

Let us take a look at both these brands and see what they have to offer, and finally answer the question Havells vs Usha room heater – which is better?

Havells vs Usha Room Heater – Which is the Better Brand?

Now, both these brands have great appliances to offer. Havells is one of the best brands in the market and has easily the most brilliant room heaters available. With great features and high durability, Havells has become a mainstay in the Indian consumer market. On the other hand, Usha is a brand synonymous with trust and quality. You would be right to choose either of the two in this epic Havells vs Usha room heater duel.

Some of the best room heaters in India are manufactured by Havells and Usha.

Havells Room Heaters – An Overview

Havells India Ltd, is an Indian multinational electronics company. Based in Noida, the brand manufactures home appliances mainly, and also domestic lighting, industrial appliances, water heaters, room heaters obviously, and more. The brand Lloyd is actually owned by Havells as well.

If you are looking for a room heater, Havells has some of the best in the market. They are not just durable, but also design-wise they are brilliant too. With sleek modern builds, Havells room heaters blend seamlessly in their decor, some would say even enhance it. In terms of durability and life-expectancy, it is slightly lower than that of Usha appliances, but Usha is an exception due to their time in the industry and experience.

Havells room heaters are a great investment, even their more expensive OFRs and bigger tower heaters. A good mix of features, design, and performance, Havells is a totally viable choice. Do remember, they do ask for maintenance.

Havells Room Heaters – Types of Room Heaters Available

So, when it comes to Havells room heaters, there are just so many options to choose from, you might have a hard time taking a pick. Havells room heaters are also some of the best in the market, so no matter what you choose, you can be sure they will be of great quality.

  • Halogen/Quartz Room Heaters
  • Radiant Room Heaters
  • Fan Room Heaters
  • OFR Room Heaters
  • PTC Room Heaters (Available in OFRs, radiant, and fan room heaters)

Havells Room Heaters – Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Great designs
  • Good number of options
  • Good price ranges
  • Expensive models have a good amount of features
  • Durable and long lasting


  • Maintenance can be a pain
  • Mid-range does not have a lot of features

Usha Room Heaters – An Overview

Usha, the brand has been around for more than 50 years. It has been an Indian staple and has garnered a lot of respect and trust from its users. Safe to say, there was definitely something in your household growing up that was made by Usha. Be it fans, room heaters, geysers, or other electronics, Usha is one of the best brand in India, and it shows by the trust people have on it.

When it comes to Usha room heaters, they are easily some of the most durable we have found on the market. Their primary USP is their durability and ease of maintenance. While other branded appliances might break down easily, Usha appliances last you an incredibly long time even if you fail to maintain it well. This is not an invitation to stop maintaining your appliances, but in case you have a heater made by Usha, chances are it’ll last you quite the long time.

They sadly lack in terms of options however. Their design aspects are also quite simple and not very aesthetic. Usha has retained most of its early 70’s look and feel on their appliances which does not mix well with modern furnishings. They are utilitarian however, so if you have that kind of décor and functionality in mind, you can definitely use an Usha room heater to

So, finding the right kind of appliance from Usha might be difficult. From the appliances they have listed, it is an easy choice to make. When it comes to Usha room heater price, you will find them quite affordable.

Usha Room Heaters – Types of Room Heaters Available

Usha has some of the most durable room heaters in the market. With a few options to choose from under each category, you can easily find something that catches your fancy.

  • Halogen/Quartz Room Heaters
  • Radiant Room Heaters
  • Fan Room Heaters
  • OFR Room Heaters
  • PTC Room Heaters (Only available in radiant heaters)

Usha Room Heaters – Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Highly durable appliances
  • Affordable to purchase
  • Great build quality and components
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Effective and efficient appliances


  • Designs lack innovation
  • Not a lot of options to choose from

Havells vs Usha Room Heater – Comparison Table

When comparing the two, Havells vs Usha room heater, the problem is that they are rather opposites of each other. While Havells is a great brand for modern styled room heaters, Usha room heaters are highly durable and kind of old fashioned. You might not find Usha providing a lot of features, or being very good at design aspects, however, they are incredibly long lasting and provide great functionality.

Here is a comparison table between the two.

Feature PointUsha Room HeaterHavells Room Heater
Heating PotentialGreat heating potentialGreat heating potential
Durability and Life ExpectancyHighly durable and long lastingDurable and long lasting
Energy EfficiencyNot many features related to energy efficiency. Only a few PTC room heater options to choose from.Pretty energy efficient. PTC models available that allow improved energy efficiency.
Ease of Use and MaintenanceVery easy to use and maintain.Very easy to use and maintain. Expensive models can be tricky to get fixed.
FeaturesBasic featuresGood number of features to make use of
Variations AvailabilityOnly basic models available.Tons of variations to choose from.
PriceVery affordableFairly affordable

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which company is best for room heater?

If you are looking for a room heater to keep yourself warm for the winter, there are three brands you can choose from – Usha, Bajaj, and Havells. These brands provide the utmost performance and longevity, plus they have some room heater models that also help you save some electricity. Look for PTC room heaters.

Which kind of heater is the best?

That is rather dependent on the kind of requirements you have. On a broader scale, we suggest you look for PTC room heaters. They are available in many different formats including fan heaters, tower heaters, OFRs and more. They are really energy efficient and can help you save a ton on your electricity bills.

Which is better electric heater or fan heater?

Well, fan heaters are also electric, but if you meant which is better, radiant heater or fan heaters, it really depends on the situation. Radiant heaters are great for heating small spaces and they do not really affect their surroundings too harshly. Fan heaters are quick to work but you shouldn’t really leave them on for long.

Which type of heater is cheapest to run?

PTC heaters by far are the cheapest to run after OFR room heaters. OFR heaters work primarily over heating oil, so electricity usage naturally declines. PTC heaters are much more energy efficient than most other kinds of heaters, so quite cheap to run.


So, when it comes to Havells vs Usha room heater battle to consumer-ship glory, there is no clear winner. Usha has its trust and experience on its side, while Havells provides a more modern and performance driven approach. If you are looking to save some electricity, Havells could be the better choice. Or, if you are looking for durability and wish your appliance lasted longer, Usha is the clear winner, plus maintenance is rather easy. It can be tricky to figure out which brand to go for, but here, either choices are right.

Stay warm!