When it comes to buying geysers or water heaters, a lot of us try to figure out the capacity we should be aiming for. If you somehow missed to do that, your geyser might not be able to handle the requirements of your household, or be simply too much which will cost you a lot on utility bills. Therefore, it is crucial to figure out the capacity your geyser should be. If you are wondering about geyser sizes, here is a detailed article on how to calculate the capacity based on the requirements of your household.

That said, you should also try and figure out which type of geyser you should be purchasing as well. There are a few types available and depending on your requirements, one kind can prove much more beneficial than another one. So, do remember to check that out and pit them against exactly what you need from your water heater.

Geyser Sizes – Different Capacity Water Heaters

Now, the thing is, there are so many different types of water heaters available in the market that it gets quite difficult to find the best one for your usage. On top of the options in formats, you also get a ton of options in terms of capacity. There is a wide range of capacities geysers are available in, and calculating that according to your needs is literally the first step in buying a water heater.

Also, you would need to put some space aside for you to install the water heater. If you are planning to buy a larger water heater, you should first make sure you have ample space to have it installed in the first place.

So, how do you do that? How to figure out the water heater capacity for your home? Let us see how we can figure that out.

Water Heater Capacity/Geyser Sizes – How to Select Water Heater Capacity?

When you are out buying yourself the best water heaters, the first thing you do after you have selected what type you need, is to look at the capacity of your desired water heater and figure out how much would be ideal for you.

Here is a basic idea about how much water heater capacity you should aim for depending on usage.

Size of FamilyGeyser TypeIdeal Geyser Capacity
1 to 2 membersInstant Geyser2 liters
Storage Geyser10 to 15 liters
2 to 3 membersInstant Geyser3 liters
Storage Geyser15 to 20 liters
4 to 6 membersInstant Geyser4 liters
Storage Geyser20 to 30 liters
6 to 10 membersInstant Geyser5 liters
Storage Geyser>30 liters

How to calculate what Capacity Water Heater to choose?

Now, the thing is, there are a few things you would need to keep an eye out on when choosing a water heater. Yes, capacity is one of the primary factors to look for, and something that will dictate how well you can use your water heater. That said, there are other things to look for too to make sure your geysers functions just the way you intended.

These factors will also affect what capacity water heater proves the best for your usage. Make sure you give a note to these and figure out how big of a water heater you should purchase.

1. Size of your household

One of the primary things to look at is how many people would be using the water heater. If you are living alone, getting a small instant water heater can prove the most effective. However, if you live with your family, you would have to check for the overall usage and then make a decision.

As a rule of thumb, for 3-5 people the best water heater is generally around 15 to 25 liters in capacity. You can easily heat enough water to suffice the needs of most of your household in just a single run of the water heater. If you get a smaller water heater for a larger family, you will find your electricity bills rising by quite a bit.

For people living solo, an instant geyser is also a great option. You neither have to wait for heated water, nor would you have to spend a lot as utility bills. Families do better with storage water heaters.

Number of membersWater heater capacity

2. Climate of the region

This is also a crucial point in understanding which water heater to purchase. Obviously, colder regions will have the need for a geyser more than someone who lives in a hotter climate. Electricity usage to heat water in colder regions is also higher. But the bottom line is that people in colder regions might have to invest in a bigger water heater to suffice the needs of the entire household.

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People living in the plains where winters last no more than a couple months, a smaller water heater would be just alright. Buying a bigger water heater when you do not have the need for it would only result in higher electricity and other utility bills, while the heated water will remain unused.

It is crucial to figure out how much usage your geyser will see once you have bought it. It is not necessary to get a bigger geyser if you will not find the right use for it. Even if you have a bigger family, a little hot water can go a long way, especially in the really hot places.

3. Understanding water consumption of your household

One of the other important factors in choosing the right capacity for a geyser is to figure out how much usage your household sees. For example, if you need hot water in both the bathroom and the kitchen, you might have to get different water heaters for both these places. In kitchens, instant water heaters work the best since you need only a limited amount of water. While in bathrooms, storage water heaters work the best.

In the bathroom situation, you would also have to look at the type of baths you tend to take. If you shower, you might need a larger geyser. While if you take a bucket bath, a smaller geyser might suffice. Also, if you like the bath tub, you might need a much bigger water heater to take care of your needs.

What is the Ideal Capacity of a Water Heater?

Finally, we come to the question as to what is the ideal capacity for your household. The table above will give you ample idea about how big of a geyser you should purchase. Once you have figured out an average of how much water your house uses, you can easily purchase a water heater best for the uses.

As a rule of thumb, the top 10 best instant water heater are great for any kitchen situation, and they can also be used as your primary bathroom water heater if only 1 or 2 people would use it. If you have a family larger than that, the best idea is to get yourself a storage water heater.

The ideal water heater capacity is around 25 liters. This will obviously change if you have lesser people or more people in the household. But on an average, 25 liters is plenty to take care of most of your needs. Instant water heaters with a 4-6 liter capacity are also perfect for most situations, be it kitchen or your bathroom.

What, then, is the ideal capacity of a water heater?

The ideal size for a water heater is one that can generate enough hot water for maximum instant use. This depends on the size and requirements of your household.

Ideal Water heater Size for a Family of 2?

If your household has only two people, an instant water heater or a storage heater, either can provide ample hot water for use. If you plan to get an instant water heater, check capacities around 2-4 liters. A storage water heater for a family of 2 would need a capacity of around 15 liters for the best usage.

Ideal Water heater Size for a Family of 4?

For a family of 4, instant water heaters might not work as well. Even if they do, you would find your utility bills skyrocketing due to overuse. We suggest getting a storage water heater with a capacity of around 15-25 liters for the best form of usage.

Ideal Water heater Size for a Family of 6?

For a family of 6, storage water heaters over 30 liters are the most useful. You will find smaller geysers running for far longer if there are more people in the household. It is best to get a larger geyser and hope the entire family would find the capacity enough to work all their requirements without any hassle or by keeping the geyser on for extended periods of time.

Advantages of Choosing the Right Geyser Size

There are plenty of advantages of choosing the ideal water heater size for your household. Optimizing your geyser according to your needs is literally the first step of buying these convenient appliances. As a user, you should totally aim to purchase the best kind of geyser to maximize potential and lower utility and operating costs.

Here are a couple advantages that come with choosing an ideal geyser size.

  • No need to keep the geyser running for extended periods of time. Having the right format of geyser is essential to make sure you get the desired use out of it. For an example, if you buy a smaller geyser for a larger household, you will find the appliance stays on for a long time, increasing operating costs significantly. On the other hand, if you get a bigger geyser for a smaller household, the overall operating costs will remain high, even if you do not get much use out of your geyser.
  • A bigger tank will only cost more to heat the water inside. This means a waste of electricity heating an amount of water that you don’t even need.

How much water is required by an average household?

When it comes to how much water is required for different uses, here is a list that can be helpful to you during your purchase for a desirable water heater.

  • Bucket baths – 15 liters (one bucket) per person
  • Shower baths – 25 liters per bath
  • Tub baths/Extended shower baths – 35 liters per bath
  • Washing clothes – 10 liters per wash cycle
  • Washing utensils – 5 liters per meal

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What sizes do geysers come in?

Geysers come in a variety of formats and sizes and capacities. If you are looking for an instant geyser, they go up to 6 liters, while storage water heaters can easily go up to 30+ liters. If you have a large family and the need for so much hot water, invest in a bigger geyser. On average, a 4 people family would need a storage geyser of around 25L.

Is 15 liter geyser enough for 4 person?

A 15 liter water heater might not actually be enough for a family of 4. For bathing purposes, an average bath usually takes about 15 liters of water. So, if you have 4 people in your family, get a geyser with at least 25L capacity.

What size geyser do I need for a family of 5?

For a family of 5, a 25-30L water heater proves enough. Anything more than that will only be more helpful. Anything lower than that would not be enough for your entire family.

Is 25 liter geyser enough?

Yes, a 25 liter geyser is quite enough for a family of 4-5 people. Even if there are 3 people, a 25L geyser works really well. Do be aware that a 25L geyser will cost a bit much to purchase.

Why does my geyser use so much electricity?

If your geyser is using too much electricity, there might be a few reasons for the problem. Firstly, check for any requirements in maintenance. If you have not maintained your geyser properly, chances are it will take more electricity to heat up the water. Another issue could be the size of the geyser. If you bought a really big geyser, it only makes sense that it takes more electricity to heat the water inside. The final issue could be with the build itself, therefore, it is necessary to buy only branded appliances with at least 3 star energy rating.


So, figuring out the different geyser sizes is crucial. You would have to make sure you get a water heater with enough capacity to suffice the needs of your family and household. Understanding capacity is also quite straightforward and does not require any rocket science to figure out. We have listed a table above to help you make the decision. Getting the right geyser will not only prove convenient to your home, but will also potentially save you money as utility bills and such. Also, do remember to get only the best water heaters in India to get the best features, build and design options.