There are a few problems your geyser might run into. The most common form of issue is the geyser light indicator not working. While it may not seem like a big issue, it can mean disaster since now you will not be able to guess when the geyser is done with its heating. The indicator light, for those who might forget, is the little red and green light that lights up according to the status of the geyser. If it is heating, the green light stays on, and once it is done heating the water inside, the green light turns off. This tells you that the water is heated and ready to go.

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How to Fix Geyser Light Indicator Not Working?

Geyser light indicator not working can be due to multiple reasons. From a user perspective, you should first call in a technician just to be sure. If you try fixes by yourself, you might just ruin your appliance even further. It is essential to make sure you get proper help in case there is something wrong with your appliance. That said, do not get a local plumber or electrician to take a look at your geyser, they might not have proper equipment or the right expertise to fix your geyser.

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Also, if you get your water heater fixed from outside sources, it also voids the warranty. So in case something goes wrong, you might not be able to avail that warranty. Check only authorized personnel, potentially from the manufacturer of your geyser. All the best water heater in India for bathroom have extensive customer support programs that you can easily call up during times of need.

So, here are the few reasons why your geyser light indicator might not be working, and what to do in case it isn’t. From the simplest ones first, to the more serious ones later on.

Not connected to electricityThe most basic reason for your geyser not working could be that it is not connected to any power. Or in case it is, check the connection and make sure it is well stabilized. The socket itself might be faulty, so check for that too.This is an easy fix. You only need to plug the geyser in a separate socket. In case this makes the geyser work again, it means the socket it was in previously is faulty. Fix the socket or permanently plug it in to another socket.
Light does not work, but the geyser functionsAnother common problem that could potentially occur is the indicator light fails to function, but the geyser works and provides hot water nonetheless. To solve this issue, simply call in the manufacturer of the appliance and have a professional take a look at it.
Problem with the elementThis could be something serious. There is a possibility the light isn’t turning on is due to the fact that one of the elements in your water heater has either broken down, or completely been damaged. In this scenario, the light does fail to turn on. While this is not true with every geyser model, most of them might have this problem. To fix any element issues, you would need to inform the manufacturer of your appliance. They will send in a professional with a new element and have it installed. If your geyser is under warranty, you might not have to pay any upfront cost, but if it is out of warranty, geyser elements tend to a little expensive.
The geyser is not workingIf the geyser fails to function while the indicator light isn’t turning on either, first rule out the potential that it is not getting electricity. If the socket is fine, then the reason might be some faulty internal circuitry. If you face this issue, check with your manufacturer and they will have someone sent to look at the problem.
Geyser keeps drippingThere is also a chance that every time you switch on the geyser the MCB of your house, or the geyser itself, keeps dripping. This could be due to some faulty internal circuitry or an open wire which simply fails to start up when necessary. Again, you would have to get professional help to take a look at your appliance and figure out what the problem may be.
Geyser leaks waterAnother common problem with older geyser models is the leaking problem. With age, the valves might break down, or deteriorate with time. This causes the water to leak, either from the inlet valve, or the outlet valve. To fix this issue, check all the valves going in and out of your geyser. Reattach them, and use washers in case they have broken down. If they are beyond damaged, simply call in support and have them change all the piping in your geyser.
Geyser shows red light for long timeIf your geyser simply does not stop showing you the red light, it might mean that the temperature is too hot and the valve might be malfunctioning. In either cases, check the temperature valve, if you have a thermostat, check that. If everything works fine, but the light won’t go, call in customer support for the best resolution.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my geyser light not working?

There are multiple reasons why your geyser light is not working. First, check the electrical switch and see if it is rightly plugged in and the socket itself is functional. Your geyser might have an open wire which is causing a drip as soon as you turn it on. In that case, get professional help.

What is green and red light in geyser?

The green and red light on a geyser are called indicator lights. The red indicated power supply, meaning red will be on if your geyser is getting power. While the green light means that the heating action is on. When the green light turns off, it means the water inside has reached the proper temperature and is ready to be used.

Why is my geyser showing a red light?

If your geyser does not show a green light, but only a consistent red light, it might mean that the element inside is now non-functional or damaged beyond functionality. You would have to get it replaced as soon as possible if you wish to use your geyser again.


So, there are multiple reasons why your geyser might not be working, or why the geyser light indicator not working. If you have some idea about plumbing and electronics, you can take a look at the appliance and figure out what could be wrong. However, if you are not into that sort of thing, we highly suggest asking an authorized professional to come take a look. They will be easily able to help you out. Also, in case your appliance is under warranty, do not forget to mention that.