For the elderly, living alone can be challenging and bring in a lot of issues most others are oblivious to. Khojdeal lists the best Gadgets for Elderly Living Alone.

Elderly citizens might be afflicted in some way or the other. Joint aches, arthritis and just so much more can be plaguing them. All these can make it harder to live normally. For that we list a few must have gadgets for the elderly to make their lives a little easier.

Gadgets for Elderly Living Alone

Gadgets mentioned below are must have for the elderly. They can make your lives much easier. If you are living alone, it is a must you invest in all of these so that you can easily take care of yourself, without the need of any outside help. You have the experience, just not the bodily functions. To overcome that, Khojdeal lists these 7 Must Have Products for Senior Citizens.

Here are the best Gadgets for Elderly Living Alone.


A device for communication is a truly handy gadget to have. It doesn’t have to be a top of the line smartphone, but if it does the job, you should totally have it. There are countless senior citizen friendly mobile phones out there. So if you are visually impaired, you absolutely must get yourself one of those.

Can Opener

Kitchens are full of cans, and cans are tricky to open. Even young folk have a hard time doing that. It is a must you keep a can opener in your kitchen equipment to make sure you don’t face any unnecessary issues.

Sock/Shoe Aid

This is something for people with back problems or arthritis of the knees. We know bending over to tie your laces, wearing your socks and putting on your shoes is hard work. Make you life that much easier with this handy tool. Putting on shoes and taking them off has never been this easier before.


Now washing up is an entirely different story. It can be quite a chore to clean up properly, get every nook and cranny and wash up just fine. With a handy scrubber, you can easily reach your toes and clean your back without any issues at all.


Well hearing aids for people with impaired hearing is a must. But while watching TV or something, a headset works even better. Listening to music is great as well. Make sure you get some senior citizen friendly headsets, with cushioned ear muffs for that added benefit of comfort.

Robot Vacuums

Yes, cleaning your house can be truly a daunting task if you are elderly and living alone. A robot vacuum is your best bet. They roam around your house without any help and clean up pretty well. Investing in one is a wise choice.


Seats can also be really uncomfortable. Hard back supports offer no support either. A recliner is perfect for elderly folk. They are comfortable and come with automated buttons to raise or lower the back and leg supports.


It can be really difficult to do daily chores and follow a routine after a certain age. Most elderly people already suffer from countless joint and sensory defections. With these issues, even wearing socks and changing the TV channel may prove extremely difficult. To help out the community and make their lives a little easier, Khojdeal lists Gadgets for Elderly Living Alone. A few must have possessions for the elderly.