Bollywood comedy movies have always been a prime source of entertainment. They are goofy, filled with one liners and punch lines that later become catch phrases, and a whole slew of comedic moments.

There are also a variety of comedy movies Bollywood releases. From romcoms, to dramatic comedies, Bollywood has even worked on some horror comedy movies as well. Their appeal depends on so many factors and since Bollywood releases so many movies on a yearly basis, only a few of them sit well with audiences. Some of them, however, break records and become cult classics.

Some of the actors in the industry are very well known for their versatile comedic talents and it is obvious a list about funny Hindi dialogues have multiple quotable lines from then.

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24 Best Hindi Funny Dialogues

Most Funny Hindi Dialogues from Bollywood Actors & Famous Movies

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar is one of the most versatile actors in Bollywood. His comedic timing is second to none while his dramatic pieces are often lined with brilliant acting. Let us get to remember some of his more witty lines.

Akshay kumar funny dialogues

1. “Don’t angry me.”

One of the most memorable dialogues from the movie Rowdy Rathore, the action-comedy movie was easily one of his more famous ones.

2. “Aiyyyhh!! Kyo thak re ho?”

Houseful 2 was a huge switch in character for Akshay from his role in Houseful 1. The rowdy con man easily has some of the most screen time, as well as some of the best dialogues.

3. “Iske muu main paidaishi supari hai, yeh totla hai.”

From one of the biggest hits in the movie industry, Hera Pheri and its sequel are cult classics. Akshay’s dialogues in the movie truly tickle your funny bone. One of the many funny dialogues by Akshay Kumar.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan has been in Bollywood for a long time. His comedic tropes were in full effect in Andaz Apna Apna, while his romantic side has been praised since ages.

Salman Kahn comedy dialogues

4. “Saala, main bhi pheku aur yeh bhi pheku. Circus ka retired Bandar lagta hai.”

Andaz Apna Apna is a true cult classic. Mixed with physical comedy and verbal alike, Salman’s delivery in this particular scene is incredibly funny.

5. ‘Hum tum mein itne ched karenge … ki confuse ho jaoge ki saans kahan se le … aur paadein kahan se.”

Dabangg was a huge hit and had some incredible dialogues. Salman’s quirky police officer character was easily one of his best ones till date.

6. “Swagat nahi karoge aap hamara?”

Though Dabangg 2 did not live up to the reputation of the earlier one, Police Offer Pandey lives on and so do his incredibly delivered dialogues.

Shakti Kapoor

Shakti Kapoor is often cited as one of the funniest villains in Bollywood. His serious and villainous roles are often combined with light-hearted comedic ones, and we are all the much thankful for that. His lines constitute a whole slew of funny dialogues.

Funny dialogues from Shakti Kapoor

7. “Crime master Gogo naam hai mera aakhen nikaal kar gotiyan khelta hu main gotiya”

Another highly repeated dialogue from Andaz Apna apna. Gogo was truly one of the best parts the movie had to offer. Also, good work on the costume.

8. “Main to nanha sa pyaara sa chota sa bachcha hu”

If you remember how Shakti delivers this dialogue, gestures and all, your Bollywood pilgrimage might just be over now.

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9. “Yeh Teja Teja kya hai? Yeh Teja Teja?”

Teja was definitely hard to figure out between the two Paresh Rawal’s, but Crime Master Gogo was the star in that moment, delivering a super memorable line engulfed in his characters quirks.

Paresh Rawal

Paresh Rawal is arguably one of the biggest actors in the Hindi movie scene. He is easily a comedic genius, using gestures, expressions, accents, and more to do justice to his movie characters.

Paresh Rawal most funny dialogue from famous comedy movie

10. “Yeh Babu Rao ka style hai.”

We no doubt love Babu Rao’s style and delivery. Rawal brought true life in this forever annoyed character of Babu Rao. It is easily one of the most quoted lines from the movie and a truly funny Hindi dialogue.

11. “Kauwa kitna bhi washing machine main naha le, bagula nahi banta.”

Now this one had everything, the mood, the writing, and the delivery. Rawal simply knows how to proceed with his lines and have audiences laughing uncontrollably.

12. “Teja main hu, mark idhar hai.”

Yes, towards the end of the movie, the frustration in Rawal’s both pair of eyes (Teja’s and Bajaj’s), was true in effect and delivery. One of the funniest, most memorable lines in the movie.

Nana Patekar

Again, Nana Patekar is one of those actors that when he gets on screen, all eyes are on him and his quirks. From his incredibly serious roles to his light-hearted character in the Welcome series has made him acquainted with the young generation just as well as what the previous ones. He is easily one of the most talented actors and boasts a slew of funny dialogues.

Nana Patekar Famous Funny Dialogues

13. “Bhagwan ka diya hua sab kuch hai, daulat hai, shauhrat hai, izzat hai.”

Welcome is one of the best comedy movies there is. With the incredible mix of Nana Patekar, Akshay Kumar, and Paresh Rawal, there was no doubt Welcome would be as successful as it was.

14. “Main bhi nacha, mereko bhi do.”

If you remember this scene from Tum Milo Toh Sahi, you do. If you do not know this scene, you might want to watch it right now. Type this dialogue in Google and be greeted by one of the funniest scenes I have ever witnessed.

15. “Achha hai, bahut achha hai.”

One of the most memorable dialogues by Nana Patekar from an otherwise serious crime drama, this has also become his most quoted lines as well.

16. “Aaj kal to biscuit ko bhi parle-g kehte hain. Aap to doctor hain. Itna nek kaam karte hain.”

Another superb dialogue from Welcome, Nana Patekar scores greatly delivering this line to the parle-g loving audience. His role in the movie was truly a breath of fresh air, and coupled with the tropes of Anil Kapoor, Welcome just had to be a hit in the box screen.

Funny Dialogues from Famous Hindi Movie

There have been countless movies, comedy or otherwise that feature some of the most memorable lines in cinema. From semi-comedy movies like Sholay and classics like Hera Pheri and Ishq, there are some amazing dialogues that leave the audience in tears.

Famous funny dialogue from Sholay movie

17. “Tumhara naam kya hai Basanti?” – Sholay

Sholay is no doubt one of the biggest movies in the history of Bollywood. A mix of drama, comedy, and action, Sholay had everything to offer, including this super funny flirting sequence between Dharmendra and Hema Malini.

18. “Saat saal dur raha iski maa se, tab jaake paida hua yeh shaikhu.” – Ishq

Ishq is undoubtedly a hilarious movie. Amir Khan’s and Ajay Devgn’s comedic friendship in the movie allowed Ishq to rise through the charts and become a super quotable, super fun movie.

19. “Yeh Baburao ka style hai.” – Hera Pheri

Baburao has become an endearing character in Indian cinema. Paresh Rawal’s comedic timing and delivery allows the character to reach its true potential with regards to the setting.

20. “Main toh keheta hu, aap purush hi nahi, maha purush hai!” – Andaz Apna Apna

Can we stop quoting Andaz Apna Apna ever? Do not think so. A wonderful movie with tropes of both physical and sarcastic comedy, Andaz Apna Apna really stands out amongst its peers. Not to mention the incredible cast and characters of Gogo, Teja, Bhalla, and Robert.

21. “Utamamm dadh-dhadhatt paadham. Madhyam paadham thuchuk thuchuk. Khanishtham thud-thudiya paadham. Sur-suriya pran ghatkam!” – 3 Idiots

If you were not bursting with laughter during Chatur’s speech in 3 Idiots, you may want to get yourself tested. It is one of the funniest scenes in movies till date and has a great message for the viewers as well. Not essentially a funny Hindi Dialogue, but Sanskrit is close enough right?

Comedy dialogue from 3 Idiots

22. “Paneer to beta, kuch dino mein itti itti thailiyo mein sonaar ki dukaan pe bikega.” – 3 Idiots

3 Idiots is an incredible movie that touches on some taboo subjects as well as the state of students in the country. Also, it comments on the prices of paneer, and does it accurately.

23. “Agar tu mere samne aaya na, toh gobar mein jhadu dubo dubokar peeton tujhe.” – Malamaal Weekly

Another cult classic, Malamaal Weekly was otherwise an underrated movie. Paresh Rawal shines through again and delivers this incredible dialogue, and many more.

24. “Kuch aisa hona chahiye jo phataak se muh se nilke. Thuk? Uttar aaye na aukaat pe? Apni paan ka dukaan ka nam rakhna, Thuuk.” – Dhol

Dhol was another classic that did not see the love it deserved. However, the movie is one of the funniest and did quite well on the box office. The friendship aspect of the movie makes it that much funnier and exciting to watch.

Funny dialogue from Dhol Hindi Movie


Bollywood launches tons of movies on a yearly basis and a whole lot of them are comedies. While most of them are sub-par, using outdated tropes and frankly unfunny lines, there are so many movies that will have you dying with laughter. The comedic talent in the Bollywood industry is graced by wonderful actors like Paresh Rawal, Javed Jaffrey, Rajpal Yadav, and Arshad Warsi. Even the past generation had a lot to offer in actors like Johnny Lever, Nana Patekar, Shakti Kapoor, and Govinda. The writing also matters and some lines reach list of funny dialogues pedestal after being picked up by the viewers.

There is a whole slew of Bollywood movies to add to your watch list if you want to listen to some incredible hilarious dialogues they have to offer.