Fryin’ Saucer Outdoor Cooker

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The Fryin’ Saucer Outdoor Cooker features a small saucepan in the middle that can be used for boiling, frying, and deep frying your favorite foods. Fryin’ Saucer 25” x 25” portable grill you can take on any camping trip or let it heat up in the backyard for a small barbecue. What makes it special is that you don’t have to switch from fries to grilled veggies if you don’t want to. The 5-inch deep saucer in the middle adds more options to your camping menu. Boil some water in it and enjoy spaghetti with hot dogs cut into it for dinner.

The one and only Fryin’ Saucer. This package includes the saucer, carrying bag, stand, burner, gas regulator, wind ring and burner support bar. Snaps up in an instant, and gets you cooking in less than ten minutes. Get ready to cook eggs, bacon, chicken wings, pasta, hot dogs, corn, fish, and even burgers all with the amazing Fryin’ Saucer. The unique sloped surface allows oil to drain off food back into basin. The unique hot rim stays hot until everyone is ready to eat.

The folding Fryin’ Saucer weighs just 18 pounds and assembles in 2 minutes or less for heating and oil-ambushing anything from french fries in the backyard to fishes down by the river. A 1 lb propane cylinder will provide enough fuel for up to 3 hours of frying, and the economical 1-gallon capacity oil basket will feed 8 to 10 bellies in as little as 30 minutes.

The Saucer has a 13,000 BTU gas burner and 3 temperature settings. Its surrounding sloped rim allows excess oil from cooked foods to drain back into the basket, plus stays hot and keeps fried shrimp, fried onions, fried chicken, fried mozzarella sticks, and fried oysters warm until everyone is ready to grub. The fry basket can also be filled with water for boiling foods such as pasta and eggs.

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