In times of pandemics and emergencies, it is essential to stock up groceries for long enough, and use Food Safety Tips for Handling Groceries Right Now.

We as a community need to stop the spread of viruses, much like the COVID-19 or Coronavirus. One way we can do that is to make sure the daily groceries we buy are handled safely from the time of purchase to the time it ends up on the table.

There are certain practices to keep yourself safe, as well as your community. Viruses spread easier when people are ignorant and do not follow prevention strategies.

Food Safety Tips For Handling Groceries Right Now

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Now there are a few ways you can keep yourself and your immediate community safe, and you owe it to everybody to follow the right Food Safety Tips for Handling Groceries Right Now.

Making sure you get these right while shopping for groceries and using them later is essential for your health. Follow these methods to keep viruses like the COVID-19 at bay and out of your community. These methods are to be used even after the terrible has passed to ensure no pandemics can occur again.

Keep in Mind ..

  • Keep poultry and meats in different shelves from vegetables and other food items.
  • Avoid buying leaky cans, ripped or teared packages in the first hand.
  • Go straight home after buying groceries to avoid contamination and store them immediately so that nothing goes bad.
  • While shopping, keep in mind not to touch anything you do not need. Be sure of what you want and add only those items to your bag.
  • Keep distance from other shoppers to minimize the risk of spreading germs.
  • Remove all food from the store packaging and re-store them in your own bags and jars. Unload your groceries in a safe and clean environment to avoid any contamination.
  • Refrigerated foods should be kept in the fridge almost immediately after you get home. Also, buy frozen items in the end of your shopping spree so that they don’t stay out for longer periods of time.
  • Any pre-packaged goods should be wiped clean with a kitchen sanitizer.
  • Thoroughly wash fresh produce with water as soon as you get home and even before use.
  • Plan out your grocery list for at least a week or two to make your trips to stores less frequent.

Most importantly, stay at home if you even have a slight fever or cough to make sure there is no spread on your part. Eat Safe, Shop Safe and Stay Safe.


It is our collective responsibility to keep viruses at bay. Making sure you follow these Food Safety Tips For Handling Groceries Right Now is essential and can help immensely in thwarting the spread of the virus further.

Keep yourself and your community safe by following mentioned procedures. Keep in mind, you are just as safe as your least protected neighbor.

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