Flipkart has emerged as one of the biggest ecommerce websites in the country. From household products to self-care and clothes, Flipkart has made sure you get the best deals and offers the market has to offer.

Lately, Flipkart has brought up an online supermart that offers incredible discounts and offers for you to avail. The supermart has loads of different supplies and products for you to choose from. Their offers and promos are super reasonable and will definitely save you loads of money.

Flipkart Supermart

Queues to the supermart have gotten bigger after social distancing came into effect and therefore, folks started grocery shopping online. Just like everything else. Technology has made everything incredibly handy and with Flipkart Supermart you can get fresh, quality products delivered right to your doorsteps within minutes.

Flipkart meets all industry standards and does not stop there. It is also known to host some of the best sales and offer some of the most prominent discounts in the market. Expanding into multiple cities, Flipkart supermart has made into a lot of Indian homes recently.

Flipkart Grocery Deals at Just Rs.1

Flipkart announced their best offer yet. On an order of Rs.600 above, you can buy 1 quantity of the promotional product. Daal, rice, oil and sugar are some of the products Flipkart sells at incredibly discounted rates. On order above Rs.1200, you get free delivery. These offers are also highly limited.

Flipkart deals are some of the best in the market with offers on multiple products across plenty of platforms and departments. Flipkart deals include–

  1. Free Shipping: If your order value is over Rs.1200 while buying a product, you become instant available for free shipping.
  2. Buy 1 Get 1 Free: The infamous buy 1 get 1 free is also available on Flipkart Supermart. While buying groceries, check which products have buy 1 get 1 free offer. You could end up saving a lot of money.
  3. 50% off: Flat 50% is a rare find. You can get amazing 50% off products especially during season sales.
  4. Re.1 Grocery Deals: By far the most famous sale by Flipkart is the Re.1 grocery deal where the website offers items including daal, cooking oil, rice, and sugar at just Re.1 on a single condition. If they fight if you shop for Rs.600


Flipkart is known to be a trendy ecommerce website. Their multiple sales and quality maintenance has retained their goodwill amongst its customers. The Re.1 Grocery Sale is the biggest on Flipkart and also only lasts for a limited run. If you wish to save big money, you better get on track and start availing this incredibly deal.

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