Feng Shui is not about moving furniture to achieve an aesthetic living space, but an art form to achieve inner peace Feng Shui Items for Health.

Feng Shui is often practiced to bring in peace and clam into your living space, but not many people know or understand the implications of the same. More often than not, the benefits of Feng Shui work their way into your mood and eventually your mental and physical well being.

Feng Shui Items for Health

Feng Shui is an ancient art, and people who understand the implications of arranging furniture in a certain way, or bringing in fresh air and greenery into your living space, tend to be more mindful and peaceful in their surroundings. It is essential to follow these pointers to maintain a calm living space that not only looks great, but also makes you feel better.

Here are Feng Shui Items for Health.


Cleanliness is the first step towards a peaceful and calm living space. The first thing to keep in mind is to keep all the dirt and dust from the outdoors from reaching into your home. Remove your shoes outside to prevent any dirt coming in through your footwear. Yes, the old Asian technique actually helps in keeping your house clean.

A Garden or Add Plants

A garden in the backyard offers a much needed peaceful retreat when you are overwhelmed by work or your daily routine. The greenery brings in a peace of mind, and the fresh air is difficult to find, especially in cities. If you don’t have a backyard, you can compensate by adding a few plants in your home.

Move Electronics Away from Your Bed

This one is necessary. Avoid keeping clocks, mobile phones and such around your bed. A peaceful sleep is often disturbed by the ringing of your phone. If you keep an alarm clock around, maybe move it further down, or just make a habit of waking up at a certain time. It is really not that difficult to do so. Anything that removes any electronics from your bedside would be of tremendous help. Keep some books there instead, so that you can do a bit of light reading before going to bed.

Fresh Air

If you do have a garden in the backyard, make sure to open to the door, or window to it to bring in that sweet fresh air into your homes. Breathing the toxic air of the city is really not good for health, and this could be a very welcome addition. You could even go to your neighborhood park to relax a little and maybe open up the window facing the park to get some fresh air in. Make sure to open the doors regularly, but not always, since dust can easily fly in and settle in your living space.

Natural Light

During the day, turn off the lights. Move the blinds and let the sun shine right in. If you are working from home, sit where the sun actively shines and watch your mood and productivity flow like a torrential river.

Clutter Free Space

Removing needless clutter is effective. Make space for everything you own and return it back to the place when you’re done using it. This significantly reduces clutter and keeps your living space quite clean and aesthetic.

Add Elements to Your Home

Add some tables and wooden chairs to your home. The color and feel of wood is actually beneficial to your mood. Trees are often considered naturally stable and bringing some of that energy into your home can provide you with that much needed boost in disposition. Bring in some metal figurines, maybe a metallic turtle, which is the symbol of Feng Shui, it actually improves your mood. Some ceramic cutlery to have tea in can also bring some peace and calm of mind after a long day at work.


You can achieve harmony and bring peace into your living space using the ancient Chinese art form of Feng Shui. Something else to the whole idea is that it can even boost your mental and physical health if done the right way. Feng Shui is equally as good for enhancing aesthetics as it is to improving mood and tremendous health benefits. Khojdeal lists Feng Shui Items for Health.