Feng Shui is a very well known, but not quite well understood part of Chinese art and Culture. To better explain it, Khojdeal lists Feng Shui Plants for Wealth.

Despite there being people not realizing the benefits of simple changes to their surroundings, there are some who completely disregard the learnings from Feng Shui without wholly considering the fact and explanations.

Feng Shui Plants for Wealth

If you place even a single, sizable plant in your living room, right next to your TV, or beside the couch, you’ll instantly feel its aesthetics flow through your household. It might not be the magic cure to all problems, but it give you plenty incentive, positive thought and imagination to better grasp your present and plan your future. Read further to know how to better enhance your living space using plants.

Here are Feng Shui Plants for Wealth.

Lucky Bamboo

A symbol of prosperity and fortitude, the Lucky Bamboo masters air, water and wood elements beautifully. It brings in tremendous opportunities to those willing to grow and nurture this plant. Lucky Bamboo is easy to take care of and is able to grow even in indirect sunlight. It could be mistaken for a real bamboo plant, but in fact it is simply a tropical water lily.

Money Plant

The Money Plant is often considered quite auspicious, bringing in good luck and fortune to everyone who plans to nurture it. The plant itself having more than 300,000 species growing all around the world, and a much easier plant to take care of relatively. The money plant is also pretty effective in helping with the oxygen flow in your living space.

Jade Plant

In some cultures, the jade plant is actually considered the money plant due to the distinct round leaves, symbolizing good fortune and luck. They are simply hardened succulents in a sort of way. Jade plants require a bit of maintenance on your part. Never let a jade plant dry out, they are almost impossible to revive. Water them constantly to help them make a steady growth.


A diverse and widespread family of flowering plants, often fragrant and really beautiful to look at, Orchids can easily elevate an entire household. Orchids are bright and colorful and can be grown in almost all areas, due to their wealth of varieties. Orchids are generally short and like a lot of light and water.

Tulsi or Basil

Common to both the Asian communities, Basil is often considered very lucky and sacred to Indians and the Chinese. In the Indian culture, Basil is considered an earthly form of a Goddess, bringing in a wealth of opportunities and prosperity. Incredibly aromatic, Basil is grows in well drained moist soil and a warm climate, also, remember to water at its base instead of over the leaves.


There has been a lot of talk regarding the benefits of Feng Shui in the recent years. I suggest you consider the art as merely a chapter in the book of How to Enhance Your Lifestyle. Feng Shui points out that simply adding some natural elements to our living space can benefit our mood and the metaphysical, Chi, or energy in your surroundings. For the purpose, Khojdeal lists Feng Shui Plants for Wealth.