It is scientifically proven that regular physical activity is good for health and the body, helping to keep fit and keep body weight under control. What, however, most people do not know is that there is a type of gymnastics designed specifically for the face, with the aim of giving tone and firmness to the skin, preventing relaxation of the facial muscles and the deleterious effects of the much feared skin aging.

These are simple exercises that can be practiced at all ages, easy to perform and that do not require a lot of time or special manual skills. If, then, we also add to this that they are free, it is worth putting them into practice every day to transform the mirror from enemy to friend, without being forced to resort to long and very expensive cosmetic surgery treatments.

Facial gymnastics: what it is and what are the benefits

Facial gymnastics (also known as face yoga) is a practice that, if done regularly and correctly, helps prevent wrinkles and skin sagging through specific muscle contraction exercises.

Depending on the problem you want to combat, there are techniques aimed at obtaining an instant lifting effect on the skin, restoring its natural balance and giving the face a fresher and smoother appearance.

In addition to smoothing and smoothing imperfections in a natural way, these exercises also perform an effective draining action aimed at reducing the stagnation of liquids in the extracellular spaces that generates the appearance of unsightly blemishes.

Among the effects of face building there is also the strengthening of the facial muscles, which will be more resistant to sagging caused by the force of gravity and the inexorable passing of time. Furthermore, if practiced daily, it will be possible to notice the first results within a couple of weeks, giving the skin a practically immediate plump effect, without any contraindications or distressing lightening of the wallet.

Some tips before starting

As already mentioned, doing the facial gymnastics exercises does not take much time – since it only takes ten / fifteen minutes a day – and does not require any particular skills. To enhance its effects, however, it is also necessary to carry out a complete daily beauty care, which includes the use of a good moisturizer and specific products for facial cleansing.

We also advise you to pay particular attention to the cleansing phase, removing all traces of make-up before performing face building and replacing the traditional foundation with one of the best-selling CC creams online, so as to guarantee the right nourishment to the skin, protecting it from at the same time from external agents and actinic attacks.

As for the procedure to follow, the procedure is always the same: after having thoroughly cleansed the face and before moving on to the next step of skincare, you need to stretch the facial muscles, open your eyes wide, hinting a smile and pinching slightly cheeks to perform a sort of stretching aimed at increasing vasodilation and blood supply to the areas of interest.

It then ends with a delicate but decisive massage to promote muscle relaxation, tone the oval of the face and reduce the signs of aging, with immediate effects also against stress.

Exercise 1: relax the eye area

Since the eye contour is an extremely delicate and sensitive area of ​​the face, which more than the others is affected by external attacks and oxidative stress, the first face building exercise that we recommend is aimed at relaxing and toning the eye muscles.

It starts by placing the thumb and index finger on the forehead, then gently push the eyebrows down, simultaneously lifting the cheeks upwards with the help of the palm of the other hand.

After performing the exercise for at least ten times, take a small amount of eye cream and apply it to the entire area around the eyeball with small circular movements, without neglecting the eyelids and the browbone.

Exercise 2: Firming the upper part of the face

To smooth out the wrinkles that form on your forehead, place your index fingers on your temples and apply light pressure as you try to raise your eyebrows. By performing this simple exercise ten times every day, you will not only tone the skin in the frontal area, but also stimulate the blood supply to the face, preventing the appearance of expression lines and the weakening of skin tissues.

Exercise 3: lift the sagging cheekbones

If your cheekbones have already succumbed to gravity, it will be possible to lift them and make them more defined with this simple exercise aimed at refining the contours of the face. Here is how to proceed: push your lips forward as if you want to pronounce a very open “o”, remain in this position for ten seconds and then replace the “o” with a large “a”.

At the end of the exercise, suck your cheeks inwards trying to imitate the face of a fish, count to ten and relax the facial muscles by gently massaging the cheeks with your fingers.

Exercise 4: Plump the lips

If you want to firm the contours of the mouth and make the lips fuller and fuller, the next exercise will help you prevent not only the formation of wrinkles, but also the sagging of the skin of the perilabial area.

After relaxing your facial muscles, slowly lift the corners of your mouth upward to expose your teeth, and then push your lips forward as if you want to give someone a big kiss.

Remain in this position for five seconds and, after relaxing your mouth, press the index finger to the center of your lips and try to resist while trying to smile. Repeat the whole sequence at least ten times.

Exercise 5: tone the neck and eliminate the double chin

The décolleté is an area of ​​the face that is often neglected, but like the others it needs targeted care and attention to reduce the unsightly double chin and improve blood circulation at the same time.

To always walk with your head held high, the exercise to be performed is the following: stand in front of the mirror with your back straight and lean your head back, trying to relax your shoulders as much as possible, and hold the position for thirty seconds. Finally, to relax all the muscles of the lower part of the face, open your mouth wide like a yawn and repeat the operation ten times.


To keep the skin young, in addition to following a proper beauty routine, you can help yourself with face building, which allows you to look in the mirror with pride and look a few years younger.

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