The beauty sector offers numerous treatments that promise a more toned and smoother skin, giving an instant lifting effect on the whole face. Recently, this trend has also made its way into alternative medicine, known above all for its therapeutic properties and used to treat many ailments, without the use of drugs or substances potentially harmful to the body.

Among the most famous therapeutic methods of traditional Chinese medicine there is certainly acupuncture, a technique of oriental origin which, through the insertion of very thin needles in specific points of the body, acts on the energy flows to treat many psychophysical disorders.

What most people do not know, however, is that this practice is also used as a beauty treatment to fight skin aging in a natural way and have a more toned-looking skin.

Although cosmetic facial acupuncture (ACF) currently lacks any scientific basis, it is one of the favorite treatments for beauty addicts around the world to stay young and fight the signs of aging. In today’s post we will try to shed some light on the issue, trying to understand how this “alternative” lifting actually works and what its benefits are.

What is cosmetic acupuncture

As anticipated, acupuncture is a technique also used to prevent and combat skin aging, acting as a non-invasive treatment and almost completely free of side effects, capable of improving the elasticity and turgor of the skin.

The facial one, specifically, aims to activate blood circulation to stimulate cell turnover and the production of elastic fibers, reactivating the skin metabolism without altering the delicate epidermal balance of the area of ​​interest. In addition to promoting the relaxation of wrinkles, it promotes the repair of acne scars and the regularization of sebaceous production in the case of oily and sensitized skin.

Since the treatment does not involve the administration of drugs, it ensures a natural revitalization of the face without any particular adverse reactions occurring, with results that can be seen from the first sessions.

How does it work

In the cosmetic field, treatments dedicated to face care are really numerous, but often they do not prove as effective as hoped for and are also quite expensive. Those who prefer a less invasive approach than painful botulinum injections can resort to facial acupuncture, which in addition to promoting relaxation and general well-being of the body, offers an immediate tightening effect that promotes the attenuation of wrinkles and skin imperfections. caused by skin aging.

During the sessions, very thin needles are inserted in specific points of the face and left in place for about thirty minutes, although the timing tends to vary according to the extent of the problem on which you want to intervene. Before proceeding with the treatment, the expert assesses the patient’s general state of health, analyzing the skin characteristics and the overall clinical picture to establish how and to what extent to intervene.

However, since we are talking about an alternative holistic therapy not yet recognized by the Western medical-scientific community, the results are not comparable to those of a real face lift and could vary significantly from person to person.

Nevertheless, the good news is that it is a treatment that is well tolerated by the epidermis and that it does not involve particular contraindications, effectively helping to improve the appearance of the skin, making it healthier and smoother.

Treatments and benefits

Acupuncture as an aesthetic treatment proves to be a valid ally for those who want to act on specific problems that affect the face and body: in the first case, the goal of the therapy is to rejuvenate the skin by stimulating the energy points of the face to encourage natural production of collagen and elastin.

Acupressure exercised in critical areas, in addition to restoring the body’s energy flow, increases blood and lymphatic circulation to ensure the epithelial cells have a greater supply of nutrients that promotes their health and spontaneous regeneration.

In addition to the face, aesthetic acupuncture can also be performed on the legs and buttocks to treat imperfections caused by water retention, such as cellulite and orange peel skin. The technique is very similar to the facial one, with the only difference that the needles are inserted in pairs in the areas where adipose tissue accumulates, to stimulate cellular metabolism and the elimination of excess fat.

Furthermore, thanks to the electric charge transmitted by the needles, normal circulatory function will be restored to favor both the disposal of toxins and liquids present in the interstitial spaces and the correct energy exchange between cells.

Risks and results

When practiced correctly, facial acupuncture is absolutely safe and free of side effects. This is because the needles used during the sessions are aseptic and characterized by a diameter of a few millimeters that does not cause any pain to the patient, although during insertion there may be blood leaks and the appearance of hematomas in the treated area.

However, these are contraindications that tend to resolve spontaneously within a few hours, and even if the needles remain in place for at least thirty minutes, during this time there is no discomfort, if not a slight sensation of itching in the areas. under pressure.

Furthermore, after the treatment it will not be necessary to follow any pharmacological therapy, although it is always advisable to use cosmetics free of aggressive chemicals, which could sensitize the damaged skin.

If you can’t do without make-up, try to prefer organic make-up products formulated with ingredients of natural origin, perhaps opting for a mineral foundation or the best CC cream available on the market so as not to compromise the delicate balance of the skin microbiota. .

If you want to enhance the effects of the treatment, you can ask the acupuncturist to give you a Gua Sha massage on the face to stimulate the microcirculation and the lymphatic system, so as to improve the texture and appearance of the skin without having to resort to traditional cosmetics for the beauty care.

Generally, a complete facial acupuncture treatment takes place in about ten sessions and, although the results are not immediate, already after the first sessions you will notice effective benefits, with an evident reduction of more marked wrinkles and an immediate revitalizing effect on the areas. facial criticism.


Famous for its therapeutic properties, acupuncture is also enjoying great success in the aesthetic field, as it is capable of counteracting the effects of skin aging.

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