No one blames you for adding some extra pounds if you’re staying at home. If you want though, Khojdeal lists Exercises to Lose Weight Fast at Home.

Do you want to shed some extra weight while being at home? Yes, it is possible. With a few things to keep in mind, and exercising daily and often, you can easily lose some pounds just sticking to a few tips we bring to you.

Exercises to Lose Weight Fast at Home

How to loosing weight without much effort is the age old question. With busy city lives, it is even harder to achieve. Fear not though, Khojdeal brings to you some easy methods you can partake in to lose weight much easily than you previously thought. These might need to you be dedicated or invest in a few equipment. We assure you though, after reading this, losing weight will be a walk in the park, maybe literally.

Here are Exercises to Lose Weight Fast at Home.

Walk Often

Take a walk in the park, pace while on the phone or watching TV, walk your pet, there are a lot of things to increase your step count just being at home. You just need to put your mind to it and you’ll eventually start losing those extra pounds, more easily than you thought possible.

Take the Stairs

Taking the stairs works your core and your legs simultaneously. It burns a lot of calories and ends up losing you a lot of weight. When you go out to get groceries, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk to the store instead of taking your car. These small things add up and eventually result in quite a bit of weight loss.

Get a Jump Rope

Probably the easiest things you can do to lose weight is to get yourself a jump rope. It is a lot of fun as well, that is why kids love it too. Treat it like an activity and if you are regular enough, a jump rope will lead to your fitness glory I assure you.

Do Some In-House Cardio and Weight Training

Even if you do not own a treadmill or a cycle, you can still do a lot of cardio exercises at home. Jumping jacks, leg raises, squats and crunches all add up towards your goal of loosing weight and gaining a considerable amount of stamina and fitness along the way. Weight training requires you to invest a little in weights and bars, but if you have the option, then go for it. Do consult a physical trainer on how you should weight train, either offline or even online from legitimate websites.

Lunges, Push Ups and Plank

A few lunges, sets of push ups and a few minutes of planking can burn a hella lot of calories, resulting in weight loss. With regular practice, you can achieve a toned body doing these exercises faster than you would realize. Just keep to it and do not miss a day.

Diet Control

Controlling what you put into your system affects everything. You may exercise 2 hours a day, but you will not see any effects if you do not get your diet in order. Avoid artificial sweeteners, opt for natural ones, like fruit or honey. Eat only as much as you are required and for the love of God, stay away from fried potato chips. Once a week doesn’t hurt though. Indulge less workout often.


With Yoga you can achieve your goal towards a toned body as well as get some peace of mind along the way. There are a lot of trainers and Yoga practitioners you can refer to online and on TV. I’m sure you will find something of practical use amongst them.


Staying fit is an option you can work around staying at home. Though it might be difficult, it is achievable. There are certain things you can easily try at home to lose weight, while other might require a little more dedication, or some investment even. Khojdeal lists Exercises to Lose Weight Fast at Home.