Every High Touch Surface You Should Clean to Help Keep Germs at Bay are listed by Khojdeal. As of now, it is essential to have a novel cleaning routine more than ever.

Making sure objects and items that are heavily used throughout your daily routine are clean can help prevent a lot of diseases, even the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Especially items like keys, phones, door and cabinet handles and most of your car need to be disinfected regularly in times of pandemics. It is essential you to get cleaning to maintain a hygienic environment, for you and the benefit of your community.

Every High Touch Surface You Should Clean to Help Keep Germs at Bay

Deep cleaning can be extremely overwhelming. With so much to do and clean, it might feel like a lot. But it is very important that you do clean these places to stop the spread of diseases and viruses.

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High Touch Surfaces in Need to be Cleaned

There are so many places and items you touch hundreds of times daily. Cleaning and disinfecting them often skips our mind, but during trying times, it is essential you actually get to it.

  • Doors and Door Handles : Probably the most touched during the day, doors and handles can house a lot of germs. Disinfecting them constantly can help against the spread of these germs and result in a healthier environment.
  • Keys : Be it car or your house keys, they can easily be contaminated. You can wipe clean with a cloth and some disinfectant easily.
  • Computers and TV Units : Keyboards and mouse are usually pretty dirty. If you clean your hands and get back to working, germs can easily get back into your system, negating your initial cleanliness. TV units and monitors also need to be cleaned regularly to maintain clean surroundings.
  • Phones and Landlines : Cellphones and landlines are extensively used throughout the day. Wiping them clean with some electronic friendly wipes can help against any germs and dust sitting atop your devices.
  • Appliances : Most people do not clean appliances as much as they should be. Air conditioners and fans especially when not cleaned and spread dust and germs all throughout your home.
  • Bathroom Items and Sinks : Toothbrushes, hairbrushes, shampoo bottles and other such items should be washed and cleaned after each use, especially if they have multiple users. Sinks and toiletries can also house a lot of germs and can cause multiple problems.
  • Furniture : Desks, couches, chairs and tables also need to be disinfected regularly since your entire family might end up using them. Wiping them clean daily is a nifty way to keep your surroundings clean.
  • Dashboard and Gear Shifts : The insides of your cars can get pretty dirty and can house illness causing germs and bacteria. Especially the gear shift that you have to use constantly. Cleaning them once each day when you get into your car can help immensely.

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There are a lot of items that you constantly touch throughout the day. Even if you clean your hands regularly, after touching said items, all the germs can return to your hands and into your system easily.

Especially in these trying times, it is necessary to clean and disinfect these objects and surfaces constantly to maintain a hygienic environment. You are responsible for your health and the collective health of your community. Follow the steps above for cleaner surroundings. Every High Touch Surface You Should Clean to Help Keep Germs at Bay have been listed by Khojdeal. Stay clean and stay safe.

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