There are certain do’s and don’ts you need to keep in mind during Video Conferences. Khojdeal lists the best Etiquette for Video Conferencing.

Of the modern business world, video conferencing has become a major part of the whole idea. There are definitely times where you need to connect to someone remotely, where just a phone call wouldn’t suffice. But there is a certain Etiquette you need to follow for a Successful Video Conference.

Etiquette of Video Conferencing

From wearing work-appropriate clothing, to restricting movements and making sure all your equipment works properly, there is a certain etiquette you must be following while engaging in a video conference or a remote meeting. Business meetings must be treated like such, even if it is done over the internet. Do not slack them over and appear unready for them.

Here listed is the best Etiquette of Video Conferencing.

Tips For Successful Video Meetings

  • Be on Time : Don’t make them wait. That leaves a bad initial impression. Make sure you’re on time, or even early for that matter.
  • Mute When You’re Not Speaking : Background noise can be annoying, try and reduce on it as much as possible, find a quite room, but if nothing helps, simply mute yourself when you’re not speaking.
  • Don’t Interrupt : When other’s are talking, let them. Wait for your turn to speak and speak clearly into the microphone.
  • Make Sure Your Equipment Works : Nothing is worse than realizing your microphone or your camera doesn’t work at the end moment. Have a trial run and make sure everything is in working order.
  • Be Engaging and Pay Attention : Make sure you are being yourself and having fun while doing so. Its quite charming to see someone make ease of their surroundings. Mind you though, don’t overdo it now. Also, pay attention to what’s going on, don’t get into side conversations and lose your concentration.
  • Frame Yourself in the Camera and Look into It : Make sure your camera is rightly positioned and you’re constantly looking into it. Much like maintaining eye contact while speaking to someone in real life, this affects your credibility in the virtual world.
  • Have the Right Light : Make sure there is enough and plenty of light in the room so that everyone can see you clearly. Use a table lamp, or move to another room if the light just isn’t enough.
  • Posture and Reduce Body Movements : Make sure you sitting straight up and not lying down while doing video meetings. It leaves a bad impression. Also, make sure you are not moving too much, it can be incredibly distracting and your participants can easily get agitated as a result.
  • Dress Accordingly : Don’t be in your pyjamas for a meeting. Dress well and accordingly. Dress like you are actually having a proper meeting with your colleagues or business associates. It leaves a better impression.


We have all been there, at a video conference, thinking if we are handling ourselves properly or not. With newer technology it has become so much more easier to connect with people, video conferencing is imminent in a business environment. Now there are ways you can be a little more respectful during these remote meetings, following the right etiquette and making yourself into a respectable individual. Khojdeal lists the best Etiquette for Video Conferencing and Tips for Successful Video Meetings.

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