Making sure your home is clean is the best step towards a healthier lifestyle. We list the Essential Spring Cleaning Tips for Small Apartments. Bring out the Proverbial Indian Mother in you and get to cleaning, RIGHT NOW!

Evidently, the smaller the apartment, the easier it is to clean. That does not mean you do it halfheartedly though. Cleaning thoroughly is essential, especially in times of pandemics, like the ongoing COVID-19.

Dusting, wiping and scrubbing are the skills you need to acquire as soon as you become a home owner. Yes, they are skills and you can actually get good and quick at them with regular practice.

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Essential Spring Cleaning Tips For Small Apartments

Now, small apartments maybe easier to clean, but most people do miss a spot, which can lead to unsightly dust and can allergic reactions and other health issues.

Making sure you get in deep and thoroughly clean every nook and corner is essential and easy too. So get yourself a sanitizer and a cloth and get to cleaning.

Limited space can house a lot of dust and dirt from open windows and continuous movement in and out of the house. Though most people sweep and clean the floors and tables and such, a lot of them forget other parts of the house that require some maintenance.

Here are some Essential Spring Cleaning Tips For Small Apartments.

Maintaining and Cleaning a Small Apartment

  • Carpets, Curtains and Blinds : Window blinds can get especially dirty as the dust from the outdoors first comes in contact with them. Make sure to wash them weekly to maintain a hygienic environment. Carpets also house a lot of dust and debris due to the fabric holding down most of it. Vacuum cleaning the carpet gets rid of most of the dirt and thorough cleaning once a month helps immensely.
  • Fans : Ceiling fans especially get extremely dirty and when switched on they can cause all that dirt to fly off in every direction. Monthly cleaning can help a tonne.
  • Doors, Door Handles and Light Switches : As these are the heavily touched by a lot of people throughout, cleaning switches and door handles becomes all the more important.
  • Tables and Cabinets : Most people dust these regularly, but a rigorous cleaning schedule can help keep your house be that much cleaner.
  • Vents : Air conditioner vents and window silts need to be cleaned methodically. They can house a lot of dirt from the outside and can cause a variety of issues and allergic reactions, especially dust allergies.
  • Appliances : The Indian Mother cleaning habits are needed to be implemented here and now. Regularly disinfect your TV and other famously used appliances to maintain their cleanliness.

Cleaning Essentials

You can use a variety of items to get to cleaning your apartment. Make sure you keep a disinfectant handy always.

Other than that, a simple piece of cloth, regularly washed, can help with all your dusting and wiping needs.

A scrubber to clean kitchen equipment also proves supportive.

A squeegee, or wiper and a separate disinfectant can also help clean your bathroom.

Just with these few items, you will be all set to cleaning your house thoroughly and a step closer to a better, safer lifestyle.


Essential Spring Cleaning Tips For Small Apartments? Khojdeal has you covered. A small apartment maybe easier to clean, but can prove to be quite the task if you’re doing it for the first time. We suggest some form of daily cleaning, or dusting to make those monthly, rigorous cleaning schedules easier.

Keeping your surroundings clean are a true step towards a better, healthier lifestyle. So grab a disinfectant, a cloth and a vacuum cleaner and gets to cleaning your tiny, wonderful apartment.

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