Not cleaning your phone screen is a nasty habit. We have listed the Easiest Ways to Keep your Touchscreen Clean thoroughly with minimum resources.

Your phone contains a tonne of germs and nasty, disease causing bacteria, and you often hold it up to your face. It is extremely necessary to have a hygienic approach towards using your phone. Cleaning it once each afternoon can help with your health and keep your phone clean and looking brand new.

Easiest Ways to Keep Your Touchscreen Clean

There are multiple ways you can clean your phone screen. Most of these can easily be achieved at home with minimum resources, while the more elaborate ones require some sort of investment. Totally justified though, you can always spend some money to keep a hygienic phone.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Techniques to Clean Your Touchscreen

You can easily clean your touchscreen phone with a few DIY techniques right at home with minimum resources. It is much like cleaning your TV or Computer Screen, as in you do not need any chemicals to get to clean screen. Also, you can practice a few methods to keep your phone germ free.

  • Wiping : Since touchscreens are coated, oily remnants and dust can easily be wiped clean with a simple cloth or paper wipes. Remember not to use strong chemicals and water as it may harm its functioning.
  • Using Disinfectant : A mild disinfectant or a mild sanitizer can remove any germs and dirt from your phone screen.
  • Don’t Take Your Phones to Toilets : I mean it is a nasty habit. Keep the phone out of the toilet, especially public ones as they tend to contain even more airborne germs. You can wash your hands, but your screen might already be infected with germs.
  • Clean Your Hands and Face : Come to think of it, you could start with the most basic and clean your hands and face after you have wiped your phone clean to make sure you don’t get any germs on it after.

You Could Also Try ..

  • Tape : I know, quite a drastic method, but it is possible to just peel away the dirt and debris off your phone using just some scotch tape.
  • Screen Protectors : You can always find some Anti-Microbial Screen Protectors online and needless to say, they help immensely.
  • UV Sanitizers : There are available in the market, UV lamps that can be used to clean either sides of your phone. These lamps emit UV light at a certain wavelength destroying all germs and bacteria.
  • Electronic Safe Alcohol Wipes : You could also opt for alcohol wipes and sanitizers that are safe to use on electronic devices.
  • Microfiber Cloth : Similar to the kind you clean your glasses with, microfiber cloths are extremely good at wiping clean your touchscreen as well.
  • Cleaning Kits : Maybe a cleaning kit is in order? You can easily find touchscreen cleaning kits online for not a very high price. They work pretty well and help your phone look brand new.


Your phone screen can house germs, bacteria and even feces. It is imperative you get to cleaning your screen immediately if you are not in the habit already. For your convenience we have listed the Easiest Ways to Keep Your Touchscreen Clean. Get into the habit of cleaning your phone screen and begin the prevention of diseases.

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