Washing machines are already quite the convenient appliances. They come with a lot of great features and a lot of potential. Now we all know the many different types of washing machines available in the market. There are tons of brands to choose from, tons of different features to look at, and tons more that modern washing machines offer. This time around, we have something different for you. Since portable washing machines are slowly coming into the limelight, we thought of doing a DMR portable washing machine review to help you make a decision on this fairly confusing appliance.

Let us look at all that it comes with and all that it can do.

DMR Portable Washing Machine Review

DMR Portable Washing Machine Overview

So, when it comes to portable washing machines, there are only a handful available in the market. In India, that number does not even cross 10, talking strictly about functional portable washing machines.

The DMR portable washing machine is one such appliance. A completely portable washing machine that is incredibly easy to carry and does not weigh more than 6-8 kgs. There are two versions available, one in 3 kgs, and the other in 4.6 kgs.

Now, you must be wondering if this portable washing machine washes clothes, as well as a normal washing machine, would or not. The thing is, this is a small washing machine, and while it is highly functional, it is not for everyone to use. This can only be used to its full extent by someone who does not, in fact, require a lot of work from their washing machine.

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Let us take a larger look at its potential and what it comes with.

DMR Portable Washing Machine Specification and Features

As the name suggests, this is a portable washing machine with a low 3kg capacity. While this might not sound enough, if you make use of this washing machine like it is supposed to be used, you can do a lot with the DMR portable washing machine.

There are also two versions available, one in 3kg capacity, and the other in 4.6kg capacity. Both work off a similar format and look almost the same, with the only difference being their size and capacity.


  • Dryer – Seprate Dryer Basket
  • Knob – Two knob control (One for timer and other to control spin)
  • Warranty – 2 Years free spare parts supply warranty
  • Capacity – 3kg/4.6 kg
  • Dryer Capacity – 1.5/2 kg (Efficiency 60%)
  • Spin Power – 240 Watts
  • Item Weight – 6kgs/9kgs

How DMR Washing Machine Works?

The DMR portable washing machine looks like any other washing machine. The washing machine is incredibly compact and not more than 2 feet in length. It has all the necessary functions you would expect from a normal washing machine as well.

Here is how it works and how to use it.

  1. Plug the appliance into a wall socket, preferably a power socket.
  2. Take the dryer basket out and keep it aside.
  3. Connect the inlet water pipe to a faucet and fill the tub inside with the amount of water you need.
  4. Add the detergent powder.
  5. Add only a few clothes, not more than 3kgs. (A couple shirt, and jeans would be more than enough)
  6. Spin the timer knob for the machine to start spinning.
  7. Wash until clean, then tip the outlet pipe downwards and let all the water seep out.
  8. Rinse again if you wish.
  9. Then, add the dryer basket back inside the machine in its position.
  10. Add your wet clothes to the dryer basket and finally spin them for the desired time to dry.

Note: Do remember, when it says 3kg capacity, it means the clothes should not cross 3 kg when wet. This can be a common problem with this appliance, where people tend to overload the machine, and due to its rather small motor, the machine would not spin at its fastest.

What things you can wash in it?

So, when it comes to this washing machine, we realized it should not be treated like a normal washing machine. It is much more than that and much less. You cannot hope to wash a bedsheet in this, but it proves perfect for smaller items of clothing. You can easily wash your delicates, handkerchiefs, t-shirts, and socks, and other small items very easily.

Come to think of it, it is actually perfect for these clothes. Since they are lightweight, the washing machine runs at full strength when it is not overloaded.

So, yes, you can wash your jeans in it, but it would take some time. On the other hand, if you want to wash your daily usables, like underwears and handkerchiefs, the DMR portable washing machine is perfect for that!

Who should buy DMR portable washing machine?

If you live with a family, it is better that you invest in a bigger appliance that has a bigger capacity, and more importantly a stronger, more powerful motor. The DMR portable washer’s motor is not as effective as you would find in a full size washing machine.

Due to this fact, we suggest DMR portable washing machines to people who are generally living alone and do not have a lot of time on their hands to spend a lot of time on laundry.

For bachelors living alone, this washing machine is perfect for daily use. It will not only save time, but also save a ton of effort on your part.

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DMR Portable Washing Machine Benefits & Drawbacks

This portable washing machine has a lot of different advantages that it comes with. Though there are some clear cons as well, it must be said that this washing machine is not really for everyone. It is a niche product only a few people can make good use of.


  • Highly portable and easy to carry
  • Lightweight
  • Effective washing
  • Brilliant for smaller clothing items
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Functional and very easy to use
  • Best for people living alone


  • Adding more clothes will render motor useless, your clothes will not spin
  • Dryer is not effective due to slower RPM
  • The machine is not as durable

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are DMR washing machine good?

A lot of people have been asking this questions. The thing is, DMR washing machines are not like Samsung or Bosch. They are not meant for families and such. Instead, they are perfect for people who need limited use from their washing machines, and only need something to wash their daily items. So, for that, yes, DMR washing machine is good.

Are portable washing machines efficient?

Portable washing machines are pretty efficient. However, they require some idea and experience to use. Since they are not like normal washing machines, you need to understand a few things about them. Firstly, portable washers can only take a handful of clothes at a time. Secondly, their dryers are not that effective due to a low RPM. So, yes, they are efficient, you just need to use them in a particular way.

Can you wash jeans in a portable washing machine?

Yes you can wash jeans in a portable washing machine. However, since soggy jeans weigh a lot, make sure you do not add a lot of things to the washing machine over that, your washer might not be able to handle that much load.


When it comes to washing clothes, there are different ways you can go about it. However, if you do not have a lot of time in your hands, you might have to invest in a good washing machine. But, what if you do not have that much usage in the first place? If you live alone, do not have a lot of laundry lying around, and only want a washing machine for spontaneous usage, this DMR portable washing machine might have been built for you. It is perfect to take care of your daily laundry like delicates and handkerchiefs and such. It is highly functional, but would only prove useful to a small bunch of people.

Happy washing!