Detox Water For Flat Belly: Detox water – you have heard of it, you have seen it on popular social media channels, but you have never prepared one. In fact, this is a trend that is in vogue especially in the United States and is now becoming popular in India too.

But what exactly is a detox water or water detox? It is an infusion of water with fruit, vegetables, citrus fruits and flavors, with purifying properties.

Based on the ingredients, preferably in season, detox water can have several benefits. With an antioxidant function, it helps to counteract the action of free radicals and therefore prevent aging and damage suffered by our body due to stress. This is the case of foods rich in vitamins A, C and E.

Other types of detox water have a draining function; therefore, they help to counter or prevent water retention, which is among the first causes of cellulite.

Preparing detox water at home is easy and fun. Not only does it help deflate and awaken the metabolism, it is also tasty and refreshing, prepared without sugar.


How to make detox water?

First of all, some general tips and rules for preparing detox water, whatever your ingredients are.

  • For a well-flavored drink, the proportions should be around 200 g of fruit or vegetables per liter of water.
  • Prefer fresh, seasonal ingredients. Pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, apple, kiwi and all citrus fruits, carrot, celery are perfect.
  • Avoid the banana, both because it is a rather caloric and heavy fruit, and because it has a very dense consistency.
  • Flavor it with mint, basil, thyme, herbs of all kinds and flavors.
  • Wash the ingredients well before starting, even with a bit of baking soda, to remove all impurities.
  • Fruits and vegetables must be cut into very thin slices, while herbs and aromatic leaves must be left whole.
  • Leave the water in the fridge for at least 2 hours in a jar or glass jug and, once ready, filter well with a strainer. Drink it within a day.

Detox Water For Flat Belly

Detox water is a simple, inexpensive and completely natural way to keep fit for the summer. So, if you are curious to try your favorite infusions, here are 10 simple and quick detox water recipes.


1. Orange and blueberry detox water for flat belly

The detox water with orange and blueberries is ideal for those who suffer from swelling and for those who tend to accumulate excess liquids. Slowed microcirculation is mainly caused by a sedentary lifestyle. In addition, the heat has a vasodilator effect, so in summer we tend to suffer more.

Blueberries are an excellent ally to reactivate the microcirculation and to drain excess liquids. Orange, especially zest, rich in vitamins C, strengthens the capillaries and offers significant help to the immune system.

Cut the orange into very thin slices after washing them carefully, without peeling them. Leave the blueberries whole and pour everything into a carafe. Leave to rest in the refrigerator overnight.


2. Ginger and lemon detox water to fight against swelling

The ginger and lemon detox water is the perfect recipe for those who want to lose weight, reactivating the metabolism. It is ideal for summer and high temperatures when the pressure starts to drop. Ginger has a digestive, toning and excellent function to help speed up the metabolism. In addition, lemon gives the drink a pleasant and refreshing taste.

Cut the ginger into small pieces and the lemon into thin slices, without peeling it. Infuse in a glass carafe and leave for a whole night in the refrigerator. Filter well before enjoying it.


3. Revitalizing strawberries and basil detox water

The strawberries and basil detox water is among the most delicious ever, because it is naturally sweet. It is rich in minerals and vitamin C, thanks to strawberries which contain an even greater quantity than oranges. This recipe has a revitalizing and antioxidant, ultra-toning function, for those suffering from low blood pressure.

Wash the strawberries by soaking them in a bowl of water. Leave to infuse for a whole night with a few basil leaves. It will add a fresh and delicate taste to the detox water.

4. Anti-inflammatory apple and cinnamon detox water

The detox water with apple and cinnamon is a drink with anti-inflammatory power. It protects the immune system and is rich in vitamins. The taste is sweet and very pleasant, for cinnamon lovers a real treat. Apple favors energy production and cinnamon is rich in active ingredients – a mix that helps burn fat faster and stimulate the metabolism.

Heat 1 liter of water and pour a cinnamon stick and an apple cut into slices. Cover and let it cool completely, then put to rest in the fridge for at least 2 hours.


5. Invigorating kiwi and peaches detox water

The kiwi and peaches detox water has a stimulating and invigorating action for the body. Kiwi is a fruit rich in vitamin C and therefore very nutritious. It helps the immune system and prevents seasonal influences. Peaches helps eliminate toxins and get rid of impurities.

In 1 liter of water infuse a peach and a kiwi cut into thin slices. Leave to rest in the refrigerator overnight. For an even more effective action, add a few grapes cut in half.


6. Anti-cellulite pineapple detox water

The fact that pineapple is an excellent ally for digestion and to combat cellulite is now well known, so much so that it is often included in slimming diets. Pineapple detox water is super effective, because it allows you to assimilate a lot of water at the same time. In addition, it is very refreshing and tasty. If you love tropical taste, you can no longer do without it.

For a draining detox water, leave four pineapple slices to infuse in 1 liter of cold water and leave to rest in the fridge. For an even more effective action against water retention, you can add a celery stalk cut into pieces.


7. Lemon and cucumber detox water for flat belly

This detox water has a detoxifying and draining function at the same time. Thanks to the presence of cucumber, it helps the diuretic function, eliminating impurities and toxins. In addition, it helps detoxify the gastrointestinal system specifically. Lemon adds a fresh and refreshing taste.

Cut half cucumber into very thin slices, add it to 1 liter of water, with some lemon slices and, if you like, a few mint leaves.


8. Carrot, lemon, celery and thyme detox water for flat belly

This detox water is an excellent ally for tanning, a concentrate of energy excellent for the skin and for the whole organism. Carrot contains beta carotene, for an enviable complexion, lemon strengthens the immune system and celery helps eliminate toxins. Thyme adds a fresh taste and has an antioxidant, which helps the skin protect itself from sun and free radical damage.

It is a non-fruity detox water, but if you are a lover of vegetable cucumbers, you cannot do without it. For a replenishment of vitamins, cut a carrot into thin slices and place them on the bottom of a carafe. Cut half a stalk of celery into pieces. Squeeze a lemon using only the juice and cut another into pieces. Cover with 1 liter of water and add a sprig of thyme.


9. Invigorating green tea detox water

Thanks to its diuretic properties, green tea helps fight water retention. It is also a belly deflation remedy that reduces abdominal swelling and eliminates gas. Green tea detox water has an antioxidant, purifying and toning effect on the body.

Make green tea by pouring 250 ml of boiling water over the filter and leave to infuse for 3 minutes. Cut the lemon, ginger and apple into slices and put everything in a glass bottle complete with a stopper. Pour 250 ml of natural water onto the fruit slices; then add the warmed green tea. Finish with the fresh mint leaves, close with the cap and leave to rest overnight in the refrigerator. The following morning your flavored detox water with green tea will be ready

Ginger it has a high digestive power and is very useful in preventing abdominal gas formation. It also strengthens the immune system and has analgesic & antibiotic properties.

Lemon has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It lowers blood cholesterol levels and helps digestion. The high concentration of citric acid helps the body to dispose of fats which makes it ideal as a support for weight loss.

Thanks to the menthol contained in its leaves, mint has calming and disinfectant properties, perfect in case of gastro-intestinal disorders and excellent in promoting digestion. Rich in vitamin B1 and B2, apple has the power to keep glycemic peaks at bay, thus regulating the absorption of sugars.

10. Anti-water retention birch sap detox water

The birch sap has strong draining action. It prevents and helps to combat the accumulation of liquids and swelling, the first causes of cellulite formation. Its lymph, if taken on a regular basis, helps to deflate the most critical areas such as thighs and belly, eliminating the sense of heaviness, typical for women. By promoting diuresis, it is an excellent remedy to prevent cystitis and kidney stones. In short, a real cure-all.

Infuse 20 grams of birch leaves in one liter of boiling water. Cover and leave to infuse for at least 5 minutes, so as not to disperse its precious essential oils. Strain without adding sugar, leave to cool and put in the fridge to enjoy it fresh.


Detox water has been claimed to help remove toxins, help with weight loss, balance your pH and boost your immune system. However, many of the health claims for detox water can be attributed to the water itself, rather than the ingredients it’s flavored with. That’s because you don’t get that many nutrients from the ingredients in detox water, especially not compared to eating them in their whole form.

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