When your business is competing with a ton of others on large ecommerce platforms like Amazon, it can be useful to entice them towards your product or service by providing them with coupons. Amazon has released this self-service for sellers to help boost their sales using marketing tactics.

If you are a seller on a large marketplace such as Amazon, coupons can be a deciding factor for customers to visit your store over any other. “Coupons” is a tool to enable sellers create completely customized coupons with respect to their target audience. This not only allows sellers to get ahead of competition but also allows customers to save a few hundred bucks on the go.

This way you get to create your own digital coupon that offers specific promotions that cater specifically to the audience you want to focus on. Designed as a self-service tool, sellers can use this opportunity to promote their products and services while making sure their sales only go up in numbers.

Create Coupons on Amazon for Your Customers

Resembling physical vouchers that we used to receive as part of marketing techniques back in the day, Amazon Coupons are hardly any different. Now, Amazon has provided you with the opportunity to create your very own coupon for your totally customized by you on your product. With the addition of a ton of Amazon today offers and Amazon sale offers, customers will be able to save a ton of money.

Slowly and steadily physical markets are getting obsolete while online stores are seeing a rise in sales and profits. For customers, there is literally no better time to shop then today. With its ease, availability of discount codes, and a whole bulk of options to choose from, online marketplaces have become tremendously sacred.

The Benefits of Creating Coupons

Coupons can really help your business by bringing customers to your doorstep. Since folks often ask for discounts while shopping, a well-crafted coupon can really bump up your sales.

Here are a few benefits of creating coupons,

Increase visibility of your products

Offering these discounts can attract customers to your store without any excess marketing. Folks are constantly interested in deals on products they are looking to purchase, and a good coupon code can really help get them interested. This eventually boosts your sales.

Increase chances of making a sale

Providing coupons can help increase customer flow to your products and services. Think of it as a promotional offer that a customer can avail which in turn counts towards positive sales for your business on Amazon.

How to Create Coupons on Amazon?

Getting your very first coupon out in the market might be easier than you might think.

To create a new coupon on Amazon,

  1. Go to “Advertising” tab and click on “Coupons”.
  2. If you have not yet created a coupon, click on “Create your first coupon”.
  3. Choose the products on your page you wish to generate coupons for.
  4. Enter the product SKU or ASIN and add coupon for desired product.
  5. Enter the discount as money off or percentage off.
  6. Select restrictions on coupon redemption.
  7. Give your new coupon a title.
  8. Limit audience if you want to.
  9. Schedule for how long the coupon would run for.
  10. Review once finally and click submit.
  11. Once done correctly, the coupon will be live on Amazon.in.


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been shopping more from home than ever before. The upside with online shopping includes plenty of discounts and deals ready to be availed. A high-quality product coupled with convenience, sheer options, and discounts all mutually make online shopping a super desirable option. There are a huge number promos and sales already going on Amazon. You can easily receive Amazon Today Offer or Amazon Sale Today Offer.