Exercising is crucial to maintain proper body functions. A stronger core will help you further in that regard. Khojdeal lists exercises for Core Muscle Strengthening.

With a stronger core, you can lift more, run faster, improve your posture and even stabilize your lower back. These benefits come at the cost of intense workouts. Core training is easy to do, but harder to keep doing and maintain. With time though, as your core gets stronger, these exercises will get easier as well.

Core Muscle Strengthening

Your core is used for a lot of your daily tasks, many more than you may realize. It affects your posture, your inherent strength at lifting, endurance and even movements. It is about time you started working towards a stronger core.

Here are the best exercises for Core Muscle Strengthening.


Start by lying down on your back, straightening your legs and putting your arms behind your back. Lift yourself adjacent to your lift and slowly head back into the lying position. Do this around 15-20 times in sets of three. Crunches are easiest yet most beneficial exercises you can do for a stronger core. You can even lift your knees and lift yourself up until your chest touches your knees for a much more effective, but difficult exercise.

Side and Wall Plank

We all know what planking is. The ultimate test of endurance, planking takes so much of your core strength that after even a minute of planking, your core could give up on you. A side plank is another way to go about strengthening your core. Put one arm on the ground, while lifting the other in line on the opposite side into the air. Your body must remain straight as an arrow. This is a real test of core strength, do this in short sets until you are comfortable doing longer stretches.

Leg Raise

Lie down on your back and start by slowly raising each of your legs one at a time. Lie straight and make sure your upper body stays still. Leg raising will benefit your thigh muscles as well as make your core much stronger. A great exercise to lose some weight as well.

Push Ups

Push ups are easy and everyone know how to do them. If you haven’t tried yet, straighten your body, keep your legs together and lift yourself of the ground using your hands, keeping them adjacent to each other and chest length apart. A few push ups are easy to do, but for a stronger core, make sure you do at least 15-20 in sets of 3.


Squats not only help your gluteus maximus muscle but also is a total core exercise. To do this, stand up straight, extend your arms right in front of your face and start by slowly bending your knees until your hip is adjacent to your knees. Lift yourself up and repeat for a much stronger core in no time. We suggest squat 20 times in sets of 3.


Much like the plank, but extending more into your core functionality, the superman stretches the muscles in your core. To do this, lie down on your belly straight on the ground, stretch your body out to the maximum, lift your legs slightly and slowly start lifting your head up until you cannot anymore. Stay in this position for as long as you can. You can rest for a few seconds after one set and try again.


A strong core is everything you need for a strong back and a good posture. Since when you lift something, you have to use your core, or your abdominal muscles, exercising your center of mass will bring in a lot of benefits. Your back also relies on your core muscles for support, giving you a greater efficiency in movement and total increase in strength in its peripheral muscles. Basically a stronger core even strengthens your shoulders, arms and legs. Khojdeal lists the best Core Muscle Strengthening exercises you can do at home.