False eyelashes, since they were created, have become a make-up trend. There are numerous types available on the market and in this article, we will deal with the versions that allow a DIY application.

They are beauty accessories that can transform the look making it sexier and more fascinating, without having to add a lot of makeup to complete the work. Whole and wispy lashes are the best false lashes to apply on your own.

To guarantee a perfect result, however, it is necessary to know some tricks to apply and remove them in the best way, without risking compromising the natural ones. So, here’s what to do to guarantee a perfect result.

How to choose false eyelashes?

How to choose false eyelashes

If your idea is to use false lashes for the first time with glue, you have two options to choose from: whole and wispy. The first version is the one that offers a greater impact from an aesthetic point of view, even if you opt for a natural model.

In fact, full lashes cover the whole eye and are ideal for those who want an intense doe-like look. On the other hand, they are not exactly easy to put on and could cause some problems at the beginning.

Wispy lashes are designed to widen the eye and open the gaze. There are different lengths and they are preferred by those who have no experience, because they are easier to apply than whole ones, even if they do not offer the same final effect.

They are the ideal choice for those who already have beautiful natural lashes and are looking to enhance them to the maximum. From a cost point of view, it doesn’t change much between the two types, the difference is made by the brand and the material used to create the lashes.

How to apply false eyelashes?

How to apply false eyelashes

To ensure the best result it is always better not to be in a hurry, but patience and attentive, especially if it is the first or second do-it-yourself application. The first thing to do is to wash your hands well with an antibacterial soap, also cleaning the tools that will be used, i.e. eyelash curlers and tweezers.

At this point you have to curl your natural lashes with the eyelash curler, to favor a natural effect once you have applied the fake ones. If you have chosen those that need the glue, it is good to opt for a quality one, so as to allow it to hold for the whole day.

To spread the glue, use a toothpick: pass it on the edge of the false lashes and wait about 10 seconds before applying them to the edge of the natural ones. You will need to make sure that they adhere well to the outer corners of the eye and in the central part, avoiding going beyond the tear duct, when applying them towards the outer corner of the eye.

To facilitate the adhesion of the glue, hold it firmly for a few seconds along the entire length of the false eyelashes.

How to remove false eyelashes?

How to remove false eyelashes

Most women give up on false eyelashes out of fear of the glue needed to fix them: an understandable concern if you don’t have the right tools to remove it, without ruining your natural lashes.

However, not all glues for false eyelashes have the same strength: for some it is necessary to buy a special remover, with an oily base, which allows it to dissolve.

Alternatively, you can use olive oil by soaking a cotton ball, but in both cases, it is necessary to let the oily substances act for about a minute. To check that the glue has softened properly, take tweezers and start removing the false eyelashes, starting from the inner corner of the eye.

If you feel some resistance, the glue has not softened enough, so wait another 30 seconds. At this point you can remove the false eyelashes, starting from the inside to the outside: if you have applied the wispy versions it will be much easier to remove them. Also, be careful not to pinch the eyelid and do not rush.

How to clean false eyelashes?

How to clean false eyelashes

The maintenance of false eyelashes, of any type, is essential to ensure a perfect result and to preserve them in the best possible way. If they are cleaned well after each use, you do not risk any residual glue remaining attached, which would compromise the next application.

So, if you have purchased false eyelashes that can be reused, you have to be careful to get rid of the leftover glue. The best method is to soak them in a mild detergent and warm water.

You can help yourself with a cotton swab to complete the cleaning and the same can be done on the face, in case there are glue residues on the eyelids or eyelashes. Better not to leave them wet, but dry them carefully and, once finished, you can put them back in their original box, so that they can keep their shape.

It is advisable to avoid wearing false eyelashes for prolonged periods so as not to weaken the natural ones. It is a small investment in everyday beauty that, with a little practice, will become easy to wear even independently.


A list of all the steps to follow to choose, apply, remove and clean false eyelashes without damaging the natural ones has been enumerated above. Follow our tips to avoid making mistakes.

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