If you are looking to go local with your purchases and wish to make sure the appliances you get are of the best quality, check of Candes. One of the newer brands to come out of India, Candes has really grown since the time it was launched in 2010. While not a lot of people might know or have heard about this brand, Candes is actually not a bad appliance manufacturer at all. Here is a comprehensive Candes geyser review to help you understand what they bring to the table and if they are efficient or not.

It will not be fair to compare Candes to mega brands like Bajaj and the rest, but their appliances still hold the test of time and are actually pretty good to use.

Let us see what Candes is all about, and get a detailed Candes geyser review.

Candes Geyser Review

Candes Geyser Review – Are Candes Water Heaters Worth it?

Candes is one of the fastest growing consumer brand in India. They manufacture home appliances including kitchen appliances, geysers and the rest. Founded not so long ago in 2010, this home-grown brand has seen tremendous growth due to their affordable and effective range of appliances. With tons of features and options to choose from, Candes really has made a mark on the Indian market.

If you are out buying one of the best electric water heaters in India, Candes might be the way to go for you. Candes geysers are not just affordable, but also made from quality components which allow them to last a very long time. Maintenance is also quite easy on Candes geysers, and since its an Indian brand, getting hold of customer support is also quite straightforward.

Candes has also recently moved in the smart home market by adding to their catalogue quite a few easy-to-operate appliances available at a very reasonable price. This is easily one of Candes’ biggest strengths, providing exceptional appliances at a minimal cost.

Capacity– 5L to 50L available
Ease of use– Easy to use; Basic functionality with installation kit
Types available– Storage Geysers
– Instant Geysers
Durability– Average durability
Features– Good safety features
– Additional DIY installation kit
Price– Rs. 3000 to Rs. 15000
After purchase support– Slow customer support
Known for– Very good instant water heaters
– Tons of instant water heater varieties

Let us see what more there is to the brand in this Candes geyser review.

Temperature Control

While temperature control is not actively present in all Candes geysers, you can still find a few options that do come with this option. Also, some models might have three presets to choose from, while others might allow you a much deeper customization. If you are looking for the option for personalized hot water, Candes has your back with its range of thermostat enabled water heaters.

Ease of Use

One of the best parts about using Candes water heaters is its ease of use. While geysers are actually quite basic appliances, they can still be difficult to manage and maintain for the general consumer. Candes however, is actually super easy to use and maintain. Yearly checkups will easily allow your appliance to last a much longer time, while its basic functionality means anyone can use it without any issues.

Smaller Candes geysers are also very easy to install. If you have a basic idea about the fundamentals of plumbing, you can easily install a Candes geyser all by yourself, especially the smaller, low-weight ones.

Ease of Installation

As mentioned, Candes geysers are incredibly easy to install. Their basic functionality means that there are not a lot of wires and hoses sticking out of the appliance. Basic understanding of plumbing can easily allow you to DIY install your geyser without any issues at all. Smaller Candes geysers are actually very lightweight and can be easily handled with just one person. You can and should take some help to avoid any damages or injuries. But, yes, Candes water heaters are very easy to install.

The product also comes with a fastener kit that helps you install the geyser.


When it comes to home appliances, ideally one should last a good 8-10 years of service. Geysers tend to last even longer if you take care of your appliance well. Well, Candes might be really easy to maintain and such, but requires regular checkups to make sure it is working well. While the appliance itself is quite long-lasting, extended use has been shown to damage it quite a bit.

This means while your Candes geyser might last ages, you would have to put in some time and effort to make sure it is functioning like it is supposed to. It comes with a blue diamond coating tank which means it is build to work with hard water. So, if you live in a place where hard water is common, try getting yourself a Candes geyser.

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Features and Key Technologies

Candes might not be a huge brand as of now, but this does not keep them away from innovating and adding some great features to their geysers. One of their models, the Glanzo water heater is capable of handling 8 bars of pressure along with capabilities to work effectively with hard water. Most Candes models even come with blue diamond coating which extends the life and efficiency of any geyser by quite a bit.

Tons of safety features and the like also make Candes a highly useful and effective water heater. The element itself is also blue diamond coated which means that you wouldn’t have to get it replaced as soon as you would have if it were anything else but Candes.

Overall Candes offers a good amount of features at a very low cost. You obviously do not get the ultra feature-full appliance, but with Candes, you are sure to get something particularly effective.

Candes Geysers – Options Available

Candes has a good variety of geysers available. While there are not a lot of options to choose from, generally, you will find storage and instant geysers from Candes. Their prices are also highly affordable and much lower than what is provided from the other brands. Candes also has some of the immersion rods, so if you wish to save a little more money, you can even opt for one of the top 10 best immersion rod instead of a geyser.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Candes Water Heaters


  • Really affordable appliances
  • Good quality build
  • High quality components used
  • Good customer service
  • Blue diamond coated tank and element
  • Durable design


  • Not many options available
  • Design wise they are nothing special

Verdict – Should you buy Candes Geyser?

So, if you are in the market for an affordable water heater which can last you a while, it is best to look into Candes and see if you can make it work for yourself. Candes geysers are great for people living alone and wanting to save a bit of money on your geyser purchase as well as in lowered electricity bills.

While you might not find a lot of options to choose from, Candes does have something that you can make work. Candes geysers do not require a lot of maintenance either. That said, if you do not maintain them, you will find them slowly degrading over time.


So, here is out Candes geyser review. We checked out all aspects of Candes the brand, and the different products it has listed on the market. While the brand itself is quite new and hasn’t been around for long, it still manages to put up some great appliances with good durability options. While it may not stand up to the big names on the market, Candes still pushes hard towards innovation and excellence. For that, we suggest you do buy a Candes water heater and see how it works for you.

There are some negative comments online about Candes and their products. However, we tested their geysers and they turned out to be totally worth it. Their customer service is pretty slowed down, but effective at the end.

Happy shopping!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Candes geyser a good brand?

Yes, Candes geysers are actually pretty good. They work well enough and come with ample features and durability options. While it is not hugely known and widely used at this point in time, due to their effective appliances, we are sure Candes will move into the market with ease. Some of the best instant geysers are those by Candes.

Which brand geyser is best?

When it comes to geyser brands, the best is hands down Bajaj. If you want a little cheaper appliance, check out Havells, and if you really wish to save a bunch of money on your purchase, Candes is the way to go.