Headphones can be tricky to purchase. Since there are just so many different options to choose from, finding the right one can take a lot out of you. However, there should be two things that are clear to you right from the get-go – your budget and the one thing that is most important to you in a headphone. For example, if you have a low budget and are looking for audio quality, that might not happen. Make sure you set realistic goals and figure out what you need before you set out. The boAt Rockerz 550 review is here to help you make an informed purchase.

Let us take a deeper look into it!

Boat Rockerz 550 Review – Great Design, Tons of Options, Weak Bass

if you are in the market for the best boAt headphones, you should totally have a look at the Rockerz 550. They are only slightly more expensive than the Rockerz 450, but provide much better comfort and use. If comfort is what you are looking for, the affordable boAt Rockerz 550 are the best thing you can get at the price.

Let us probe deeper into what the boAt Rockerz 550 are all about.

Key Features and Specifications

Playback Time/Battery– 20 hours of playback time
Build– Over-ear
– Ergonomically designed ear cushions
– Lightweight design
– Tiltable
– IPX5 dust and water resistance
– Noise isolation
Microphone– Voice assistant via a single touch.
Connectivity– Bluetooth v5.0
– Dual Mode – Connect via Bluetooth and AUX
Sound Driver– 50mm sound driver
Warranty– 1 year long warranty from date of purchase.

Key Features Explained

boAt Rockerz 550 over-ear headphones are some of the more comfortable headphones in the market. There are a lot of different options for you to choose from, but when it comes to affordability, most products seriously lack in that regard. boAt on the other hand is one brand that is adamant at providing affordable products to its consumers.

At this price, the 550 is easily one of the best over ear headphones in the market. While it does not provide exceptional musical quality, it can still provide a lot of design choices and more primarily, comfort.

With a 500mAh battery, you can easily run these headphones for 20 hours without any hassle. The over-ear design is effectively the secret to the comfortable fit, and the ear cushions provide great padding for added convenience. The headphones are rather lightweight and come with the ability to tilt as well. The IPX5 dust and water resistance allows you to wear your 550’s outside and provide added durability.

When it comes to the passive noise cancellation, the headphones seriously lack the effect, so do not really give any note to that. The 50mm audio drivers are also effective at reproducing some great mid and high tones. The bass unfortunately is not as powerful, but still holds up. You can easily connect the headphones via Bluetooth, or if you want you can use the provided AUX to to that as well.

Colors and Versions Available

When it comes to variations, the boAt Rockerz 550 come in three base colors, along with 5 additional versions to choose from 2 different series. If funky is what you are after, the 550’s would really surprise you with its colorful and frankly brilliant looking designs.

Here are the different colors and versions the Rockerz 550 are available in.

  1. Basic colors – Red, Black, and Darkgreen Camo
  2. Treble Rockerz – Graffiti Maroon, and Orangered
  3. Sunburn Edition – Cosmic Black, Jazzy Blue, Techno Purple

These three versions of boAt Rockerz come with their own set of aesthetics and either is a great buy. If you really want to be funky, we suggest getting the maroon one with graffiti all over. The left one below.

Known Problems and Issues

While these headphones are known to be really comfortable and easy to use. There are some issues that have been highlighted and some that were easily missable.

We found a lot of people commenting about their durability and ability to withstand long periods of usage. However, one of the biggest problems with these headphones is its durability. While they are comfortable and look sturdy enough, you can clearly figure out the chinks in its armor. After using them for a while, you will see the padding on the earcups starts to come off, and the headphone themselves become loose and flimsy.

When it comes to audio, while all the three tones, high, mid, and low, were good enough, the bass was on the lower end. Even basic thumps were missing which only tells you where they might have cut corners. The large 50mm driver is sufficient enough to keep a stable output, which is does, but then again, the bass is completely missing or incredibly low.

Besides this, the headphones themselves can be pretty large for someone, while others might enjoy the larger form factor and the comfort that comes with.

Pros and Cons


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Over-ear headphones are very comfortable
  • Snug earcups for added convenience
  • Tiltable design
  • 20 hours battery backup is quite enough
  • Good enough audio quality
  • Dual connectivity mode (Bluetooth and Wired)
  • Tons of great designs to choose from


  • Bass is weak
  • Average build quality
  • Cannot be folded, so takes up space on desk
  • Large in size

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Verdict – Should you purchase boAt Rockerz 550?

Now, if you want a good pair of headphones and wish to keep under budget, the boAt Rockerz 550 are easily one of the best you can get. They might not be insanely durable, but when it comes to comfort there are not many headphones in this range that can beat the Rockerz 550. With so many different designs to choose from, there is no shortage of options either. It provides a really stylish look especially if you can pull off something colorful.

For those looking for affordable headphones that provide good sound quality and comfort, boAt Rockerz 550 are one of the most feasible pair you can get for yourself.

Build Quality

One of the best parts about the boAt Rockerz 550 is its build quality. The aluminum headband stands out as one of the better ones amongst its competitors. It provides ample room for adjustment while feeling really comfortable. When compared to others in its class, Rockerz 550 really come out as some of the best the market can offer. Their price just makes it all worth it at the end. The IPX5 dust and water resistance only adds to their appeal.

That said, the earcups on these headphones are okay at best and can easily tear and rip after extended use. If you are looking for a durable pair of headphones, boAt is known for its long-lasting nature and potential as your primary action headphones.

Microphone Quality

The microphone quality on the boAt Rockerz 550 is okay at best. While it is not as bad as others in its class, we would not suggest you use these headphones as your primary ones for a meeting or something. For regular calling, these headphones prove perfectly sound to use. Also, veering too away from the microphone heavily distorts your voice and makes you essentially inaudible.

If you are looking for a headphones specifically for calling purposes, the boAt 550 Rockerz might not suffice.

Audio Quality

Now, when users realize that Rockerz 550 offers a huge 50mm audio driver, they naturally assume that the headphones are loud and provide good clarity. That however is not the case. While the mid and high tones on these headphones are great, the bass and lower tones leave a lot to be desired.

We did test and compare them to wildly different headphones, but 50mm sound drivers really had us in the bag. Yes, the headphones are loud and do not feel uncomfortable at high volumes, but if you are somewhat of a bass fanatic, you might not fully enjoy these headphones.


When it comes to features, you only get a handful of things to work with. And we know expecting too much from a basic headphone is not right, but boAt always surprises, and we thought it might again.

That said, the boAt 550 Rockerz come with a good feature, dual mode. Basically it allows you to use Bluetooth to connect the headphones and also an AUX. You can use either to connect them to your device. Wired connections are always helpful, especially while gaming when you require the least response time.

Other than that, battery wise the Rockerz 550 are good enough, providing a backup of around 20 hours. This obviously fluctuates depending on how loud you like your music, and how long you continuously listen to. Overall, the battery side of Rockerz 550 is rather good to be honest.


  • Design – 4/5
  • Comfort – 4/5
  • Sound quality –2.5/5
  • Battery – 3.5/5
  • Value for money – 3.5/5
  • Overall – 4/5

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is boAt Rockerz 550 worth buying?

Yes! Totally! If you are in the market for new headphones that provide comfort and good audio quality at a very reasonable price, Rockerz 550 might just do you the trick. That said, if you wish to get something with exceptional audio quality, the 550’s might be a miss for you.

Does boAt Rockerz 550 have 3.5 mm jack?

Yes! the boAt Rockerz 550 come with a 3.5mm jack below one of the earcups. Since you get dual connectivity features in the 550’s, where you can connect them via Bluetooth and AUX cable, you can easily have a wired connection with the 550’s too.

Are boAt Rockerz 550 waterproof?

Yes, boAt Rockerz 550 come with IPX5 water and dust resistance. Which means you can easily step outside, or get some exercise on without ruining them.


Now, boAt Rockers 550 are a great pair of headphones. We can stop review here, but you have to listen to the conclusion. We would give the 550’s points on comfort, design aspects, color options, and the IPX5 resistance. It fares well when it comes to audio quality, but it is nothing special really. The bass might be on the weaker side, but the mid and high tones are pretty acceptable. The over-ear format is the best part of the headphones since they provide a lot of comfort of use. The battery life is better than most in this range, so that is great.

Overall the boAt Rockerz 550 review was a success and the headphones proved quite fun to use.