When it comes to headphones, there are a lot of options out there to choose from. We would give you the benefit of doubt if you cannot figure out which one to choose. Now, with all these options actually comes opportunity. The opportunity to choose the product that best fits your requirements. If you are confused, you could try out from the list of the best boAt headphones in India. The brand has really taken off and comes out with some of the most affordable and functional audio equipment in India. So, boAt Rockerz 450 review, how does these headphones hold up?

Let us take a look at that.

Boat Rockerz 450 Review – Tons of Themed Designs to Choose From

boAt has become a household name in India. Their products are competent and available at a fraction of the price other brands list their headphones and earphones at. If you are looking for good, affordable headphones, you could very well try the boAt Rockerz 450. The on-ear headphones are rather comfortable and their audio quality stand up to even the more expensive headphones in the market.

Wireless headphones can be a hassle to purchase, since there are that many things to keep an eye out on. A good pair of wireless headphones can get really expensive too, so that makes your job of finding the best one that much more difficult.

That said, for the little you pay, we feel the boAt Rockerz 450 are actually pretty good. Let us look at what they bring to the table.

Key Features and Specifications

Playback Time/Battery– 15 hours of playback time
Build– On-ear
– Ergonomically designed ear cushions
– Lightweight design
– Foldable
Microphone– Voice assistant via a single touch.
Connectivity– Bluetooth v5.0
– Dual Mode – Connect via Bluetooth and AUX
Sound Driver– 40mm sound driver
Warranty– 1 year long warranty from date of purchase.

Key Features Explained

While the Rockerz 450 are a really affordable pair of headphones, they come with some great features that make them so desirable. As outdoor headphones, we might not suggest you get 450’s, but as your primary indoor unit, Rockerz 450 are a great pair of headphones.

  1. With 15 hours of playback potential, you can be sure your headphones will last you a long time before having to hit the charging dock again.
  2. The on-ear design might not be very comfortable on your ears, but the ergonomically designed ear cushions prove really helpful if you are using them while running or exercising. The headphones themselves are quite lightweight and can be folded to reserve storage space.
  3. The microphone it comes with is quite bad to put it lightly. It does come with a voice assistant for ease of use and added convenience.
  4. When it comes to connectivity, you get a dual mode, where you can either connect them via Bluetooth or use an AUX to do the same.
  5. The large enough 40mm driver is powerful and can withstand most tones, mid, high, or low. But, it does not excel at any and only proves to be an average headphone at best when it comes to audio quality.

Colors and Versions Available

The basic boAt Rockerz 450 are available in one of three colors. However, if you wish to add more funk to your style, you can even opt for the themed versions of the Rockerz 450. Here are the different versions available to purchase.

  1. Basic Colors – Luscious Black, Aqua Blue, Hazel Beige
  2. Masaba Edition – Aztec Fusion, Black Star
  3. DC Edition – Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman
  4. Marvel Edition – Black Panther, Iron Man, Captain America
  5. Bira Edition

YES! The Rockerz 450 are even available in a super colorful Bira Edition! With these many design choice, one of them is sure to entice you.

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Known Problems and Issues

So, whenever you are buying budget headphones, or rather budget anything, you can only judge the product that far. It is much the same with these pair of headphones.

The boAt Rockerz 450 are quite good for the price you get them for. These affordable headphones provide you with all the bells and whistles that they could fit in a model so cheap. The build quality is great and all, but with them being on-ear, you know they would not be as comfortable.

The audio quality is only basic at best. But that is something of a plus, since that is what you would expect. All the tones, high, mid and bass, are clear and provide a holistic approach to good audio quality.

One of the biggest problems with the Rockerz 450 is the fact that they heat up after prolonged use. This can cause excessive sweating which means wearing them outdoors can be difficult, especially if it is hot out. While it claims they come with passive noise cancellation, it might be terrible, because we did not get any of that. Another issue that plagues the 450’s is its microphone. We will forgive you for thinking it even comes with a microphone, because it is virtually unusable.

Pros and Cons


  • Good build quality
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Good 15 hour battery life
  • Tons of designs to choose from
  • Dual connectivity mode for added convenience
  • Very good range on Bluetooth
  • More comfortable than other boAt headphones
  • Integrated controls
  • Adjustable ear cups and foldable design


  • Volume is not high enough
  • On-ear headphones can get difficult to wear for extended times
  • Sound quality is average at best

Verdict – Should you purchase boAt Rockerz 450?

Now, if you are someone who likes to listen to music all the time, and like to have headphones you can use for hours on end, well, boAt Rockerz 450 might not be the best option for you. However, if you like a little bit of casual music while boasting some really stylish headphones, these are literally made for you.

The sound quality on these headphones may not be supreme, but you simply cannot expect that from such affordable headphones. Their design on the other hand, is exceptionally desirable and they are even comfortable to keep on. On-ear headphones are generally bad with comfort, so you cannot complain. But even for on-ear headphones, the Rockerz 450 actually are rather comfortable and do not strain your ears.

With dual connectivity modes, you can be sure you will get a ton of usage out of these headphones. When it comes to battery life, they provide the 15 hours they advertise.

All that said, the primary selling point of these headphones are its price, first, then it is the tons of designs you get to choose from.

They may not be one of the best over ear headphones in India, but can compete with the ones that are priced twice as the Rockerz 450.


Design – 4/5
Comfort – 3.5/5
Sound quality – 2/5
Battery – 3/5
Value for money – 4/5
Overall – 3.5/5

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Rockerz 450 good?

Yes! If you are looking for some affordable headphones, Rockerz 450 are actually pretty good. Now, obviously you cannot expect it to run like an AKG or an Audio Technica, but in the space it stands in, we believe Rockerz 450 are actually pretty good headphones.

Is boAt Rockerz 450 good for running?

If you like to run with your headphones on, you could go for the Rockerz 450. That said, there are better headphones out there that will let you listen to music while running. boAt Rockerz 450 are on-ear headphones, which means they slip quite often, especially if you are into action sports and such.

Does boAt Rockerz 450 have active noise cancellation?

No, Rockerz 450 does not come with ANC. While they claim that Rockerz 450 come with passive noise cancellation, it is not as good as you would think. It would have no effect on its potential, even if the passive noise cancellation is removed from the product.


Overall, we think that the boAt Rockerz 450 are a great pair of headphones. They provide comfort, which is uncharacteristic of on-ear headphones. And for the price they are available at, the audio quality and the few features they provide are also welcomed. That said, there are obviously glaring problems with these headphones, but spending just this much on a pair of headphones, you cannot really expect a lot. The affordability of these headphones makes them that much more effective at their job, and the tons of design options you can get, make them that much more desirable.

So, if you are out in the market for a good pair of headphones at a reasonable price, the boAt Rockerz 450 can really be something you can rely on.