Now, you might have seen a lot of TWS on the market, and they all were pretty good too we’re sure. However, none of them provide what Boat Airdopes 131 do. You can obviously buy the same old bland TWS available in the market, or spice them up with the many DC, Marvel, and IPL themed earbuds from boAt. This boAt airdopes 131 review is like no other, since the TWS are like no other on the market. The 131 from Boat comes in multiple editions to choose from. You might like Marvel or you might like DC, now show that using your earbuds!

Let us take a look at the boAt Airdopes 131 review for a more detailed understanding of these special earbuds.

Boat Airdopes 131 Review – 2023

Boat earphones and headphones are relatively new to the market. There are a lot of brands that have showed up in the radar, however, none of them are as promising as Boat. The Indian made brand is exceptionally trustworthy and comes with great devices for their consumers. If you are looking for the best wireless earphones in India, Airdopes from Boat is a very good option to choose from.

Since there are a few different versions of Airdopes available, it will prove easy for you to find something that works specifically for you.

For now, let us look at the Boat Airdopes 141 review.

Boat Airdopes 131 – Key Features and Specifications

Playback Time/Battery– 12 hours of playback time
– 3 hours of non-stop playtime
– 650mAh (Case)
– 40mAh (Earbuds)
IP Rating– IPX4 rating for sweat and water resistance
Microphone– Voice assistant via a single touch.
Connectivity– Bluetooth v5.0
Sound Driver– 13mm sound driver
– 20Hz-20KHz
Warranty– 1 year long warranty from date of purchase.
Extra Features– Instant connect via Wake N’ Pair (IWP) technology connects the earbuds as soon as you open the case cover.
– Instant Voice Assistant

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Boat Airdopes 131 Review – In-Depth Analysis

When it comes to the Airdopes 131, they are easily one of the most reasonably priced TWS from boAt. They come with great audio quality while maintaining a great amount of durability. Its design is plain and simple and what you would come to expect from a basic earbud.

That said, the 131’s might be simple in design, but provide the audio quality of most medium-priced devices. This makes them perfect for someone who is only looking for good quality audio instead of luxurious features in their TWS.

Key Features Explained

If you are looking for some durable and frankly well sounding TWS earbuds, the Airdopes 131 are the best you can get. That said, let us look at everything the 131’s offer.

  • With 40mAh battery capacity on each ear bud and a 650mAh charging case, you get to use the earbuds for a total of 15 hours. While this may not be a lot, for the price you pay, we think this is as justified as it gets. Plus, you can easily get an entire day’s worth of music in just a single charge. Which sounds effective.
  • With an IPX4 sweat and water resistance, the 131’s really do step up the game when it comes to durability and ruggedness. Now, they might not come packed with features, but for the price you pay, water and sweat resistance is definitely a plus.
  • With microphone enabled on both earbuds and one-touch voice assistant, you can be sure your calling experience would be just perfect. The mics are really sensitive however, and come without any noise cancellation features, which means calling in public is not really a good idea. The background noise gets picked up with ease and causes a lot of issues.
  • The 131’s offer Bluetooth version 5.0 which allows you 10m of range. This would make them perfect to use in an office situation.
  • They boast massive 13mm drivers for the range they are offered at. This means the audio on these things are clear as can be. While the mid and high tones on these earbuds are incredibly effective, bass is something they lack at significantly. So do keep an eye on that if you are a bass enthusiast.
  • A year long warranty offered by boAt allows you to easily replace the item in case of any defects.
  • The IWP technology that is commonly found in TWS earbuds are a great feature to have. Sometimes when you pay less for a product, you might think the brand removed even the most basic of features to make room for the low price. Thankfully, boAt does not seem to think so and adds IWP even to their most basic devices.

Known Issues and Problems

Now, when it comes to limitations, there is one that caught our eye, well ears. The bass on the 131’s are incredibly underwhelming. The high and mid tones do save them being an absolutely no-show. But for someone who enjoys punchy bass, the 131’s might not be the best for you. Try the 441’s from Airdopes. They tend to have a better bass section.

Another issue with the 131 is its charging case or dock. The glossy finish looks great and appealing when you first buy it. However, since it is eventually a cheap device, you might find the case getting very easily scratched and loosing its shine after only a few months of use. Obviously this depends on how you use it and for how long, but overall the case quality is subpar at best.

And, similar to most cheap boAt TWS earbuds, the 131 also is plagued by a horrible microphone. Well, we mean it is good enough, but simply cannot work in a public location. The microphone is quite sharp sounding and can cause the listener quite the discomfort if there is a lot of noise around.

Another common issue with these earbuds are that they can, or at least one of them might, stop working momentarily. This does not happen a lot especially if you take care of your earbuds and charge them efficiently. But it can still prove to be a problem if you tend to be slightly carefree with your TWS.

boAt Airdopes 131 – What are the Themes available?

Boat Airdopes 131 are a special TWS. They come in a variety of themes for you to choose from. Here are the different versions you can purchase.

  • Marvel Theme – Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Panther
  • DC Theme – Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman
  • IPL Theme – KKR, RCB, and Punjab Kings

They are also available in CrimsonCream, ViperGreen, Black, Matte Black, Light Pink, SteelBlue, and Ivory White.

Pros and Cons


  • Good variety available
  • Themed versions available too
  • Large audio drivers for clear audio output
  • Very easy to use
  • IPX4 resistance to water and sweat
  • Stylish design


  • Weak bass section
  • Not very comfortable when worn for extended periods of time

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Verdict – Should you purchase boAt Airdopes 131?

If you are in the market for basic TWS earbuds that provide you quality sound, boAt Airdopes 131 are the best thing you can purchase. They might not be feature rich and provide only basic ones, but their sound quality is off the charts. The relatively big 13mm drivers produce exceptional sound and supreme clarity. On top of that, Airdopes 131 are also available in multiple different themes and colors for you to choose from. The 131 has tons of different varieties for you to choose from.

However, 131’s are relatively soft on features. It only comes with a few add-ons and does not provide any water or dust resistance.

If you are looking for a device that you can use outdoors and do it with style, boAt Airdopes 131 are the best you can purchase.

Rating boAt Airdopes 131

Design – 3/5
Comfort – 3/5
Sound quality – 2.5/5
Battery – 3/5
Value for money – 4/5
Overall – 3.5/5

Boat TWS Earbuds – An Overview

Boat is a great brand to choose for earphones and headphones. If you do not have a high budget, Boat could be helpful to you. Their TWS earbuds come dirt cheap with enough features, and their headphones are fantastic for the price they are available at.

  • Variety and options – Boat has a huge range of items to choose from. While you might find only a handful of earphones and headphones from Boat, their TWS ranges from affordable Rs. 1000 earbuds, to really functional ones that prove more expensive than these. That said, if you are on a strict budget, the low end of Boat headphones are potent and long lasting. However, if you are not on a budget, you can sincerely opt for some other ones instead.
  • Sound profile – While Boat does not provide anything spectacular when it comes to sound profile and audio quality, they still manage to bring in a good quality of sound drivers for their earphones and headphones. Therefore, you might not have your mind blown by using them, but surely they will provide everything you hoped and asked for at the brilliant price they are available at.
  • Features – When it comes to features, Boat can either come with tons, or with none. This all depends on the price of the headphone you are purchasing. That said, the lower end of Boat is better than any other found at that range, however, when we compare the expensive Boat earphones and headphones to other brands like Philips headphones or something, Boat is seriously under-equipped to follow.
  • Comfort and design – Now, this is something Boat does incredibly well. They understand that earphones and headphones are generally left on by users for a long time, and this is why their padding and in-ear cup is incredibly comfortable and does not tire or hurt your ears even after extended use. The 131 Airdopes even come in multiple themes.
  • Price – Boat earphones are available in a wide price range. This makes it very easy for consumers to pick up something they like and can afford as well. Boat is perfect if you are on a budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does BoAt Airdopes 131 has noise cancellation?

No, Boat Airdopes 131 does not come with noise cancellation.

Is BoAt Airdopes 131 waterproof?

Sadly, no. boAt Airdopes 131 does not come with any kind of water or dust resistance.

Is BoAt an Indian company?

Yes, Boat is an Indian brand that dabbles primarily in the audio industry. Their headphones and earphones are some of the most affordable in the market, while their TWS series Airdopes are one of the highest selling devices in India. They are known to be affordable and durable, and tend to not compromise on quality.

Which are the Marvel themed boAt earbuds?

Boat Airdopes 131 are available in multiple designs and themes. They have Marvel themed ones, DC themed ones, and even in IPL themes. If you are looking to show off some style, boAt 131 TWS are a great way to go at it.


TWS earbuds are a really convenient device. They provide all the features of an earphone without having to go through all that tangled wires issues and such. From the TWS available in India, the ones from Boat tend to be the most affordable and reasonably priced. All others tend to be really expensive without providing their worth. Boat on the other hand, brings its consumers great devices at a really low price. They do not have a lot of features attached to them, but as basic TWS, they are second to none. Above is the boAt Airdopes 131 review for you to make a decision on them.

If you enjoy the different themes they come in, might as well invest in one and show it off to your friends.