Exercising even when you’re at home is essential to maintain a healthy being. Khojdeal lists here the Best Ways to Up Your Daily Step Count at Home.

If you own a fitness watch that calculates your daily step count, and you haven’t been out in a while, we have for you some tips to keep that watch reading your step count. P.S. It doesn’t entail putting it on your dog.

Best Ways to Up Your Daily Step Count at Home

Walking is actually one of the best ways you can keep fit and healthy. Your body requires constant movement and walking, or running provides enough exercise to complete your daily requirement easily.

Here are the Best Ways to Up Your Daily Step Count at Home.

Increase Daily Step Count at Home

  • Simply Walk Around : Just simply walking around your home can benefit you immensely. Especially after meals, it is often a good idea to walk around your living room for a while to burn off that extra food you might have had eaten.
  • Take the Stairs : If there are any, you must simply walk up and down the flight of stairs in your house. It is more beneficial than people realize. It works almost your entire body and burn off a lot of calories. Keeping you healthy and fit.
  • Walk Your Pet : This is effectively the best incentive to increase your daily walk count. If you own a dog, it’ll be great for him/her as well. If you own a cat, just playing with it for maybe half an hour each day can increase your step count, while not even letting you feel it. Its fun, try it.
  • Dance : Essentially your entire body is worked out during a good dance session. If you are an avid dancer, or just getting to it for the fitness part, you can always go online and put on a dance routine and work away looking at it. A perfect way to increase your step count, while enjoying a ton in the process.
  • Pace While on Your Phone or Watching TV : When you’re on a meeting call, or calling your significant other, pace around the house. It is helpful, truly, makes you think more, and increases your daily step count as well. Even while watching TV, or a stressful sports match, you could easily get up, leave your snacks and get to pacing.
  • Walk to the Grocery Store : You would eventually have to get out to get essentials. There is no avoiding it. When you have to, leave your car back, walk to the store, or you could even have a dedicated cycle for that exact purpose. It keep your moving and that is one more step towards a healthier lifestyle.


Exercising is essential, and walking is the best way to lose weight and get some physical activity going. It is quite easy as well, since you don’t need specialized equipment or need to go to the gym for that. All you require is the will and a relatively large sized area to do so. Even is you don’t have a big area to move around in, Khojdeal has your back. We listed above the Best Ways to Up Your Daily Step Count at Home.

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