In times of a lockdown, it is possible to make money from your hobbies from the comfort of your home. Here are the Best Ways to Make Money During Total Lockdown.

If you enjoy having a daily income, but are stuck at home with not much to do, this might be the best time to try something new. A ready stream of income will grant you some extra cash, you might help someone and even hone your own skills.

Best Ways to Make Money During Total Lockdown

People worldwide are making money staying at home. Most of them use their hobbies to entertain or help others. There are a bunch of ways even you can start making money from the comfort of your own home. We have listed some of the Best Ways to Make Money During Total Lockdown, below.

Make Money From Home

  • Blogging/Vlogging : Blogging and vlogging both have taken off and are a great way to share your ideas and thoughts with either like minded people, or with anyone who wants to hear. It may take time to gain credibility, but if your content is good enough, it won’t take long for you to start making some money sitting at home.
  • Videography/Photography : If you are great behind the camera, your credibility high, then you can easily start making some hard cash sharing your items on the internet. There is a huge market for photographs on websites like Getty Images and Adobe Stock.
  • Tuition/Coaching : Tutoring people towards learning a skill you have acquired is a great way to make some cash. It is not necessarily easy, unless you are a good teacher, but it may be the best time to find out I’d say.
  • Gaming : The gaming community is huge. Gamers rack up millions of views on a daily basis, gaining a tonne of money from streaming or posting gaming content. Find what game you’re good at and the world will see too, flocking to your channel on Youtube, Mixer or Twitch.
  • Content Production : Making funny content is easy these days, especially if you are intrinsically hilarious. Skits and shorts are the norm and you can easily get with your friends online to create some quality content for your viewers.
  • Music : If you are good at music, I’m sure people will flock to your channel easily. Invest some time on practicing harder and some relatively cheap software to make your music even better for your consumers.
  • Script Writing : Most content producers are looking for good scripts. All you need is a pen and some funky thoughts. You can start learning how to write scripts online to begin with and run from there, mixing your own ideas with the culture you need to target.
  • Consultancy : If you are good at something, say marketing or development, consultancy could be your way forward. There are dozens of businesses in need for the right guidance you could provide them with. Again, gaining credibility will be a testament to your own skill and ideas.
  • Calling Services : Calling services are also an easy way to make money sitting at home. A working calling connection will make it all the more easier. All you need is to look for a company or business that offers money for taking calls for them. Beware scammer though, there are plenty of them out there. A quick search online can provide you with ample information to make it big in this industry.


Making money at home isn’t as difficult as you might think. Investing time into your hobbies can help you make some extra cash while sitting at home. With the advent of the digital world, that proves even easier nowadays. Find something you are good at, and share it with the world. Teach someone a skill you have acquired along the years and hone your own. Listed above are the Best Ways to Make Money During Total Lockdown.

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